Breaking News: Granada Tile’s Fez Takes Manhattan

We promised you lots of fun new Granada Tile installation photos and new tile installation photos you shall have. To recap, last week we shared a stunning open-plan kitchen tile installation with you that featured our Fez tile design. In a space with multiple elements at play, Fez held its own and added flair to the entire area. Today, we’ve got something of a polar opposite kitchen tile installation featuring Fez.

Behold a chic, petite kitchen! Located in Manhattan, it’s sort of the perfect urban hub for cooking. While pint-sized, every piece of the puzzle (furnishings, fixtures, and other details) works hard to make the most of the space. In a starring role, of course, is our Fez tile design, in dark gray and white, lining the tile backsplash.

Granada Tile’s Fez tile design adds to the graphic appeal of a compact Manhattan kitchen. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Not only does Fez blend perfectly with the minimalist palette (just some white, a few grays, and the warm, dark wood of the wide-plank floor), it adds a singular pop of pattern. The result is graphic, yet not overpoweringly so given the small room. Even better, its own distinct texture, visible even in photographs, joins the rough-hewn wood to temper the otherwise sleek surfaces of the cabinets, countertops and stainless-steel appliances.

We love the rest of the kitchen too. The central island, one of our favorite tricks to make the best use of space, has an ingenious bump-out that houses shelves for books and display and creates a perfect nook for two industrial-looking bar stools (we love the ever-so-slightly exaggerated scale of their legs—like they’re about to scurry across the floor).

The kitchen truly is a master-class in great design for a small space. We’re thrilled that Granada Tile could be part of a creative design solution.


Living History: The Vibrant Cement Tiles of Cuba

Cement tiles. Concrete tiles. Encaustic tiles. All three are used interchangeably to describe Granada Tile‘s reason for being. Here’s another one for you—Cuban tiles, anyone? Yep, even that’s synonymous with cement tiles and gives you a sense of the material’s popularity in the country starting in the last decades of the 19th century, not long after its first appearance in Europe.

These days, cement tile styles, from Art Nouveau tile designs to Art Deco ones to stunning Modernist creations from the mid 20th century, still exist around Havana, a testament to the beauty and variety of the country’s cement tile. So get ready for some great tile pictures from Cuba!

In an Art Nouveau vein, here’s a lovely floral tile design covering the floor in a room in Havana. An added touch, the pastel palette that immediately suggests the hues found on buildings around the city.

A cement tile installation with an Art Nouveau feel on a Havana, Cuba, floor. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Here’s a wonderfully elaborate tile installation also from Havana—a tile carpet with, by our count, at least three different tile designs. The slightly off-center center tile installation is a neat touch, and we love how the geometric border frames both medallion tile designs.

Multiple tile designs create a stunning tile installation in a Havana, Cuba, hallway. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Given how much cement tile Cuba produced, it’s not surprising how varied the tile designs end up being. A tile installation, also from Havana, features an unusual heraldic motif of eagles. They really stand out against the terracotta ground, and the framing device of black diamonds outlined in yellow really makes them pop.

Eagle motifs are an unexpected design element for a Havana, Cuba, floor tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We’ve got even more fantastic cement tile photos over on our Web site that show the breadth of cement tile design in Cuba. And, if you go to Florida, where vintage cement tiles are commonly referred to as Cuban tiles, you’ll find another testament to the lasting beauty and popularity of Cuban cement tiles..

Breaking News: Another Fez Tile Installation Steals the Show

Here’s a special treat to go with your Thanksgiving celebrations! We’re thrilled to share a brand new cement tile installation featuring Granada Tile‘s Fez tile design. This concrete tile design is really is a gem and comes to us courtesy of the minds at Mandil Inc., a Denver-based firm that utilizes color in strategic and magical ways.

A kitchen tile backsplash featuring Granada Tile’s Fez tile design holds its own in a dynamic kitchen created by designers from Denver-based Mandil Inc.

For this project, the tile installation had to harmonize with the colors and textures not just the interior spaces—itself a particular challenge given that the open-floor plan offers glimpses into adjacent living and dining areas—but an outdoor area to boot. The designers from Mandil opted for our signature Fez tile design for the backsplash, which, while it has a strong presence itself, has an amazing ability to mix comfortably with diverse styles and materials.

The rustic yet chic look of our Fez tile design syncs perfectly with the rest of the interior spaces. Tile photo courtesy Mandil Inc.

And harmonize it had to, since the designers chose a robust mix of colors and textures to create a space that’s contemporary, warm and brimming with personality. From the sleek, electric blue of the kitchen cabinets, to the dark wood, wide-plank floors, to the rough hewn wood of the column at the far side of the kitchen, to the eye-catching bird’s nest chandelier above the dining table, to, of course, the sensational Fez kitchen tile backsplash, all of the elements work together.

Like what you’ve seen today? We’ve got a bunch of juicy new tile installations to share with you over the next few weeks—think of them as early holiday presents. There might be some other fun surprises up our sleeves as well, so keep checking back right here!


Living History: More Cement Tile from Casco Viejo, Panama

A few weeks back, we shared some magnificent cement tile designs that Granada Tile‘s Marcos and Melanie ran across while on a trip to Panama’s Casco Viejo, or Old Quarter, a stunning and recently revitalized district that dates all the way back to the 16th century, when its citizens decided to rebuild after a sacking at the hands of a notorious pirate. The place and the story are too good to leave to just one post, so we thought we’d share a few more stunning tile photos with you.

First though, a little context. Over the years, Casco Viejo, Panama, fell into serious disrepair, but with its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, the old quarter’s fortunes began to look up. Now, Casco Viejo is the second most popular tourist destination in Panama after the Panama Canal—truly a stunning reversal of fortunes!

Over the years, Casco Viejo fell into ruin. Structures such as this dilapidated building were sadly more than rule than the exception. Photo, Granada Tile.

The area is now brimming with shops and restaurants, including this charming bar, with a lovely pastel-hued floral pattern cement tile installation. We love the great quatrefoils the tile design forms and the interesting use of the border. Rather than outlining the perimeter of the cement tile installation, the border runs through the design, so the same tile pattern appears on either side of it.

A lovely floral tile design and clever use of a cement tile border in a Casco, Viejo, Panama, bar. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Strolling around Casco Viejo, Panama, there are cement tile installations can be spotted at every turn and behind many doors. A classic star tile design, reminiscent of an American quilt pattern, was behind a worn door. Unsurprisingly, given the durability of cement tile, the concrete tile itself was in much better shape. The lovely three-dimensional border is an elegant touch.

Behind a time-worn door, a beautiful glimpse of cement tile in Panama’s Casco Viejo. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re planning a trip to Casco Viejo, Panama, any time soon, be sure keep an eye out for the stunning cement tile the lines the floors and walls of the Old Quarter. Take photos and share it with us. We’d love to see it.

Breaking News: Granada Tile Featured on Houzz

Houzz has become the go-to spot on the Web for all things home-design related. Need some modern inspiration for your kitchen? Browse through hundreds of high-res images to find the perfect paint color or sink or window treatment. Need a recommendation for an architect or interior designer—or for the perfect ottoman for your den? Houzz has you covered. Have an idea for your tile backsplash and need to bounce it off some fellow design lovers? The Houzz community can help.

Here at Granada Tile, we’re big fans of Houzz and have been sharing some of our tile installation photos there. It’s a great chance for their readers to learn more about us. It also gives them a chance to see the many new and exciting ways our clients are incorporating concrete tile into all sorts of tile design projects. Needless to say, it was thrilling to see some tile installations featuring Granada Tile’s Echo Collection designs on Houzz this week, in writer Samantha Schoech’s paean to versatility and beauty of tile.

Tile photos of two of our cement tile designs make an appearance. First up is the stunning bathroom tile installation by Hope Alexander that uses Alhambra on the floor, in the shower and for the backsplash. We’ve always loved the way the cement tile seamlessly runs throughout the room—truly a brilliant tile design idea, since it organizes and unifies the space so effectively. We’re delighted Samantha liked it too!

Houzz picked two tile installations featuring Granada Tile for a feature on decorating with tile. Here, Hope Alexander’s stunning bathroom design features our Alhambra tile design. Image via

The second tile installation that caught Samantha’s eye is the great bathroom project by Adrianna Lopez, who covered the space’s walls and floor in our blue-and-white Fez tile design. With greenery on all sides, the tile installation shouts tropical getaway.

Adrianna Lopez’s Fez-clad bathroom design caught the eye of a Houzz writer this week too. Image via Houzz.

Be sure to visit Houzz and take a look at the tile post. Samantha has included some really wonderful projects that have some really great tile installation ideas—and Granada Tile would be perfect for them. And, don’t forget to visit our own tile installation pages for more cement tile design ideas and tile pictures.


Checking In: A Busy Fall on Granada Tile’s Share Designs

If you’ve taken a peak at Granada Tile‘s Share Design page recently, you’ve noticed that folks have been busy coming up with stunning cement tile designs for their next tile installations. Seriously, these people have some amazing ideas. Some of the color combinations they choose for our concrete tiles really blow our minds and get us thinking about our cement tile designs in new ways!

The pattern found on our cement tile Ardoz is a simple and effective zigzag. It looks great in strong contrasting colors, of course, but we were really intrigued by what Sharon Marcus came up with last month—a scale of white, yellow and ochre. We always thought Ardoz had a bit of a Missoni vibe, and Sharon’s tile design really brings that home. We hope she uses it for a kitchen tile backsplash!

Sharon Marcus chose a subtle gradation of yellows for her take on our Ardoz cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Joan Kincaid recently came up with a really nifty interpretation of our Istanbul tile design. The tile design itself suggests the graceful patterns found on traditional tile found around its namesake city. Joan’s use of ochre and blue, though, totally changes things up. The result has a cool, mod vibe we’d love to see as a large-scale wall-tile installation.

We were smitten with Joan Kincaid’s mod interpretation of our Istanbul tile design. There’s something very Mad Men about the whole thing. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another tile design in blues and ochres caught our eye on Share Designs. In this case, it was Stacey Szabo’s experiment with Santander, a simple tile design incorporating strips of color. We took the design a step further using our layout tool and created a tile design of diamonds of varying sizes. We love how the four-color palette is at once warm and inviting but sophisticated. The tile design would also work well in a large scale tile installation—such as a entry way floor.

Santander creates a diamond pattern. The rich palette of ochres, blue and chocolate Stacey Szabo chose is beyond chic. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Have you created a tile design that you want to share with us? Let us know by leaving a comment here at the blog. In the meantime, keep designing and sharing at the Share Designs page. Or just keep checking in at Share Designs for more tile pictures and inspiration!

Living History: A Tile Tale in Panama

We’re suckers for a good swashbuckling story—and cement tile, and today we have both for you! Casco Viejo (the Old Quarter), Panama, owes its start to a pirate named Henry Morgan. In typically piratical fashion, Morgan laid waste to the city of Panama Viejo in 1671, looting and destroying it. When the citizens started to rebuild, they chose the a location that would be safer and easier to defend and Casco Viejo was born. In 1997, UNESCO named Casco Viejo, with its stunning 16th- and 17th-century Spanish Colonial architecture, a World Heritage Site. Since then, it has become a destination, drawing visitors from around the world. As is the case with many historic areas around the globe, there’s also an abundance of cement tile, which, since we’re Granada Tile and we love cement tile, we’ll share with you today!

Let’s start our tour of Casco Viejo at a small tourist shop, while not exactly a design marvel (although it does feature Panama hats!), the cement floor tile installation is simple and lovely, with a field of green and white squares and stars surrounded by a border with simple circles.

Panama hats and a simple cement tile installation appear at a tourist shop in the Casco Viejo section of Panama City. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now this photo isn’t marvelous, we agree,  but we thought the tile design was just too interesting to pass up. Melanie and Marcos spied this down a dimly lit corridor. We thought it was stunning. The graceful, feather shapes on the tiles create a dynamic sense of movement on the floor.

Spotted down a dimly lit corridor in Casco Viejo, a lovely cement tile installation featuring a feathery design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

There are plenty of more elaborate and traditional tile installations in Casco Viejo. In a small lobby, Melanie and Marcos came across a great tile design in shades of red, green and yellow. Set against the stone walls and classic architectural details, it provides just the right amount of excitement for the space.

A more traditional and elaborate tile installation in a bCasco Viejo uilding’s small lobby. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For more tile installation photos from Casco Viejo, head over to our historic tile installation page. While you’re at it, check out our Echo Collection‘s interactive catalogue and see similar tile designs perfect for your next kitchen tile or bathroom tile installation. Happy looking!


Get Inspired: A Checkered Path of Cement Tile

The sweet checkerboard tile design Melanie and Marcos spotted on a floor in Ronda, Spain, got us thinking about the pattern. Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection has a classic version that we call Alicante. In basic black and white, it’s a knockout, but tweak it a bit—try three colors instead of two or reorient the pattern—take a look at some tile pictures and see for yourself just how complex and versatile a simple checkerboard pattern can be.

Our Alicante tile design in black and white—you can’t beat a classic look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Let’s start simply. Instead of using the standard black and white color scheme, how about using two shades of blue? The checkerboard look is still in full effect, but the feel has changed. There’s contrast but less of it—making it a great choice when you want to make a slightly quieter graphic statement. It could be a great choice for bathroom tiles.

Alicante cement tile in two shades of blue makes a strong yet subtle statement. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Finally, let’s try incorporating five colors into our checkerboard pattern. It makes a bold tile design even bolder. In bright, poppy shades, it’s a fun, playful look and would make a fabulous choice for bathroom tiles.

Using a palette of five colors gives your cement tile design a whole new dimension. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Color isn’t the only way of playing up the versatility of our Alicante tile design. Tweaking the orientation of the tiles opens up a host of tile installation possibilities. You can always go for the classic installation, which packs a graphic punch and is always incredibly chic.

Alicante looks terrific installed in a classic checkerboard pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Take your Alicante cement tiles, re-orient them a bit, and the change is dramatic. The tile installation immediately becomes more complex and eye-catching. It becomes something of a work of art, reminiscent perhaps of the work of M. C. Escher. The tile design would make a marvelous statement in an entry, we think!

Changing the orientation of the cement tiles ups the complexity of the simple checkerboard design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Want to see more of just how versatile our Alicante tile design can be? Take our design tools for a spin. You can change up cement tile colors and play with tile installations to create your own unique take on Alicante.