Get to Know: Our Echo Collection’s Solid-Color Cement Tile Options

Spend some time on Granada Tile, and you’ll see that we love pattern. The Echo Collection, our flagship collection of cement tile, offers a wealth of different tile designs—from classic takes on age-old looks to thoroughly contemporary styles to fit the most modern of interiors. Even our other collections of concrete tiles offer a range of shapes and sizes. But what if you want some pure color? What if you just want some rich, deeply saturated cement tiles to make a statement either by themselves or to enhance a cement tile installation?

Have no fear. We’ve got that base covered. We offer solid color concrete tiles in seven sizes. There are cement tile squares ranging in size from a generous by 12-by-12-inch down to petite four-by-four-inch. Then there are the rectangles, available as 12-by-eights or eight-by-fours. All are available in any of our 32 standard shades (of course, if you’ve got your heart set on a custom color, we can help with that too).

Say you’re looking for an unbroken expanse of blue for your bathroom tile installation. Just visit the Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue and you can choose among a rich midnight shade to a barely-there mist. Then consider the size. Are you thinking along the lines of wall tiles? Opt for one of our rectangular shapes to get a subway effect. Want a lovely cement tile installation on your floor? Then go for one of our larger-sized squares.

Solid in Blue

Granada Tile’s Echo Collection of cement tiles offers richly saturated solid-color cement tiles in a range of sizes including a versatile eight-by-eight square. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Want to create a chic concrete tile carpet effect? Our solid tiles work perfectly. Take a tile design you love and then decide on a solid for a polished look around the border. You can experiment with matching the solid tile to a shade in the tile design or go more dramatic and choose a complementary on contrasting hue. It’s up to you.

Boston with border

Take our Boston tile design, surround it with a solid border in the same shade. Voila! You get the feeling of a flat-weave carpet. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

How about mixing and matching to create a dynamic cement tile installation? You can really let your creativity soar if you go this route. Try alternating solid and patterned cement tiles to create a lively tile installation for your kitchen tile backsplash.

Serengeti takes on a whole different feel when mixed with solid cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Serengeti takes on a whole different feel when mixed with solid cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

With so many sizes and colors to choose from, you can amp up your cement tile installation so easily using our solid color cement tiles. It really gives you yet one more tool in your concrete tile toolbox.



Get Inspired: What’s Happening on Share Designs in June

The year is flying past—can you believe summer has already begun? Since the month is just about over, you know what that means: A chance to check in on Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page to see what our clients and other concrete tile lovers have been playing with this month. As you’ve probably guessed, there has been a lot going on. As always, we’re delighted with the creativity and vision you bring to the table, and we hope these ideas will spark an idea for your next concrete tile installation project.

A fun take on our Europa cement tile design by Theresa Hanson really delighted us. She opted for white circles set against a dark blue cement tile ground, giving the tile design a nautical flair (maybe we’re just still giddy over the nautical-theme layout our Stripes group appeared in). We could easily see these cement tiles used for bathroom wall tiles. We could also imagine pairing it with one of our stripe tile designs for a really dynamic tile installation.


The interlocking circles of our Europa tile design would lend a fresh, nautical flair to a wall tile installation. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

We loved the sun-baked hues that Zeidy Hall chose for a riff on our Santander concrete tile design. The mustard and terracotta hues especially proclaim lazy summer days and using three colors instead of two really ups the visual ante. Santander is a great choice because it offers so many versatile tile installation options. Place it to create interesting diagonal lines—the colors create a hypnotic, unexpected striped pattern. You can also alternate the cement tiles to create bold diamond shapes.


Create stunning, hypnotic parallel lines of color with our Santander tile design. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

Finally, no early summer round-up of cement tile designs would be complete without some fresh, summery flowers. For that, we turn to Erin Hoffman, who chose a seasonally apt palette of watery blues and pale green for our 10-by-10-inch Siena tile design. It’s a classic tile pattern, with a design that suggests Renaissance motifs. It would make lovely kitchen tile installation in a more traditional space.


In soft pastels, our Siena concrete tile design captures the feeling of early summer. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

There’s sure to be more inspiration on Share Designs. And there’s more too! This summer promises to be a busy one for fans of Granada Tile’s cement tiles. We’ve got some exciting announcements in the coming months, so, as always, check back here often to get the latest concrete tile news. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, so you’re always in the loop. Happy tiling!


Breaking News: Our Cement Tile in Print and on the Air!

If you’re keeping score, cement tiles from Granada Tile have been popping up all over the pages of regional and national magazines over the last few months. We’ve had our new concrete tile introduction—the Stripes Collection—covered in Architectural Digest and House Beautiful. Concrete tiles from our existing collections have gotten their fair share of love too. Angeleno ran a great article featuring a wonderful cement tile installation composed of our Cannes and Monaco cement tile designs, and Dwell and Better Homes & Gardens‘s special kitchen and bath issue both took a liking to our Rabat tile design. (Track down copies if you can—the tile photos in each are fabulous!)

Coastal Living Cover

Cement tiles from Granada Tile’s new Stripes range appear in the new issue of Coastal Living. Look for it on newsstands today.

Now add another publication to the list. The editors of Coastal Living have also chosen Granada Tile. We appear in their July issue, and couldn’t be more thrilled as you can imagine. They also have chosen cement tiles from our new Stripes range to include: namely our Boston tile design with its pattern of equally sized and spaced stripes. The cement tiles just pop off the page, and we hope they inspire lots of people to include a little something striped in their next cement tile installation.

In case you missed it, Granada Tile made its national TV debut on Fox & Friends this Tuesday. We’re so thrilled that our products were also chosen by Coastal Living’s editors as a beautiful—and hurricane safe—choice for outdoor tile installations. You can see the video here and learn about some of the latest information when it comes to making hurricane safe outdoor-design choices. Of course, it’s not just a good idea if you are in a hurricane-prone area. Safety and durability are key no matter where you live.

We love online love too, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about our coverage over on the Houston Chronicle’s blog. As you might suspect, they’re pretty partial to our Houston concrete tile design.

If you’re dropping by the blog because of some of our recent coverage, thanks for stopping by! And don’t forget to check out more about our wonderful cement tiles. Get to know us and see why our concrete tiles are the perfect choice for bathroom tile, wall tile and kitchen tile.



Get Inspired: From Morocco With Love

Few places are more synonymous with tile—all types of tiles—than Morocco. Your mind (at least our cement-tile-obsessed minds here at Granada Tile) immediately conjure up images of stately riads with their dreamy interior courtyards and surfaces covered with jewel-like tiles.

Over the years, Marcos and Melanie have made several trips to the country, traveling throughout for inspiration for our own collection of cement tiles. (You can take a look at some of their wonderful cement tile photos here.) The colors and patterns they’ve discovered have informed many concrete tile designs in our collection and the stunning cities have even lent their names to a few.

There’s Fez, of course, our Echo Collection‘s flagship cement tile design. It’s a simple pattern of small squares and diamonds that looks sensational just about anywhere. Installed in a kitchen tile backsplash it strikes just the right note of sophistication and fun. It also looks amazing placed just about anywhere else, from bathroom tiles to floor tiles lining an exterior entrance—when you want to make just the right statement.


With our Fez cement tile design, your next tile installation will brim with chic. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

Rabat is another wonderful cement tile design that takes its name and much of its inspiration from Morocco. The trellis pattern is low-key but elegant and fits just about any cement tile installation need you might have. Looking for some cement tile for your bathroom tile or for your kitchen tile? It’s a great choice and can be customized to match your preferred palette (as you know all of our cement tiles can).


A trellis pattern, such as our Rabat tile design, is always a great choice for your next concrete tile installation. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little bolder that can capture the intensity of color and pattern that overflows in Morocco, look no further than Tangier. For this concrete tile design, dynamism is the name of the game. With its swooping, graceful curves, it’s a complex cement tile design worthy of center stage in your next tile installation.


You can get much more bold and animated than our Tangier concrete tile design. It’s a look that calls for a prime location in your next project. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

Our other concrete tile collections also bring some of the flavor of Morocco. Both our Minis collection, with its zellige-like small cement tile tiles, and our Mauresque collection have a feeling for Morocco. Explore them all as you plan your next cement tile installation.

For some further reading about Granada Tile and our wonderful concrete tile, be sure to check out this coverage of our Stripes collection in the Houston Chronicle. They’re big fans of the cement tile named after their city!


Installation Equation: Good Things Come in Small Packages

We’ve talked about Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection‘s 10-by-10-inch concrete tiles for large-scale tile installations and often show you examples of our 8-by-8 collection of cement tiles—a perfect, versatile size that works for floor tile installations as well as wall tile installations. Our four-by-four-inch tile designs are small but mighty (not to mention versatile and lovely) in their own right.

Of course, they are a great choice if you’re looking for a just a splash of something different in your overall tile design. When you combine them into a tile backsplash, though, they pack a great punch, especially when the space calls for something a little smaller in scale. One great option is our Maldon tile design. A simple pattern of triangles, you can play with color to match your space and play with the orientation to create a fun, mod wall tile backdrop in your kitchen or bathroom.


Alternating orientation of our Maldon cement tile design creates a lively, animated tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a complete 180, there’s always our Regal Clover tile design. This great cement tile pattern is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a small-scale tile design that has great visual flair and a traditional look. We can just imagine it as the kitchen tile backsplash behind a classic Aga stove.

Regal Clover

A traditional tile design, Regal Clover is a great choice for a space with a classic feel. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re tastes run toward the more transitional as we sometimes like to day, Santiago is a good bet. The quatrefoil pattern harkens back to medieval designs, but it’s a pared-down interpretation set against a generous solid ground. There’s just enough going on for it to be visually compelling, yet it’s simple enough to fit in a more modern space.


Santiago, another four-by-four tile design, offers a perfect balance of the modern and the traditional. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Be sure to check out more of our four-by-four-inch tile designs from our Echo Collection and experiment with tile installation ideas. One other thing: Don’t forget to set your alarms (at least your DVRs) for Monday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends. Coastal Living’s editor will be talking tile—and including some cement tiles from Granada Tile. Don’t miss our national TV appearance!


Breaking News: Granada Tile in Better Homes & Gardens

K+B Ideas

Granada Tile appears in the summer issue of Kitchen + Bath Ideas from Better Homes & Gardens. It’s on sale all summer long.

Granada Tile‘s Rabat tile design, from our flagship Echo Collection, is a perennial favorite. Our clients love its elegant treillage pattern punctuated by small stars. There’s enough going on in the tile design that you can play with lots of different color combinations—allowing you to go bold or stick with something more muted depending on your taste and the project at hand.

We’re pleased to share that the editors at Better Homes & Gardens thought so too. Our Rabat tile design is featured in their special Kitchen & Bath Ideas issue (on sale now and throughout the summer). The magazine is full of tips on how to liven up tired spaces and infuse them with color and character. Rabat was chosen to illustrate Granada Tile’s offerings, which were selected because of our wide of range of stunning tile designs and wonderful palette.

To experiment with Rabat (or some of our other cement tile designs) for your next concrete tile installation, be sure to visit any of our online collection catalogues, including our interactive Echo Collection, where you can choose from dozens of tile designs and colors. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Kitchen + Bath Ideas too, so you can begin plotting your next home design project. We promise you that the issue if full of great ideas that will fit just about every design need.

We’ve got some more exciting news too: Granada Tiles are scheduled to be a part of a special feature on next Monday’s edition of Fox & Friends, presented by the editor of Coastal Living magazine. Mark your calendars and set your DVRs to record. We’re so excited; we can hardly wait!


Installation Equation: Cluny Cement Tiles for a Sunny Kitchen

Nothing gets our tile-loving hearts racing faster than getting an email with photos from a new tile installation featuring cement tile from Granada Tile. You can imagine how thrilled we were then when some new tile photos appeared in our inbox recently. For this particular kitchen tile installation, our clients chose our Cluny tile design in chocolate and cream. The space itself is a chic mix of modern and traditional—we just love the midcentury-modern-perfect rounded countertop with the open shelves below (we also love the dog, but that’s another story). Against the sunny yellow of the cabinets, the earthy hues of the cement tiles really stand out.

Cluny in the kitchen

Our Cluny tile design adds a lovely, traditional element to the more modern components of a small kitchen. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Our clients carried the concrete tiles through the kitchen into a small dining nook. Here, the palette changes, switching to gray and white with a burst of yellow. The look of the built-ins and furnishings retains a very modern vibe that’s perfectly complemented by the graceful pattern of the Cluny cement floor tiles.

CLuny nook

Our Cluny tile design looks great in a small dining nook adjacent to the kitchen. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

By the way, we love how these clients chose a custom color combination rendering the ground in color and the design in cream. It’s a great reverse of the usual interpretations we see—and makes the tile design that much more personal.

Are you finishing up a tile installation project or have completed a tile backsplash or bathroom tile installation using our cement tiles? If so, we would absolutely love to see some photos and have the chance to share them here and on our tile installation pages. It’s so exciting to see what magic our creative clients make when they use our cement tiles.


Toolbox: Thinking Big

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. So do cement tiles from Granada Tile. Since we’ve got a lot to choose from, shape- and size-wise, today we thought it would be nice to highlight some of our larger-scale tile designs—namely our 10-by-10 concrete tiles from our Echo Collection. They’re the perfect choice when you’re looking for something to make the maximum impact in your next tile installation project.

Our bigger tile designs offer something for every project—from minimal geometric looks to elaborate floral and strapwork patterns. Tile designs such as Alarcon and Asturias rely on a simple patterns of squares for their visual impact. They’re lovely to look at but don’t overtake a space. To make them pop or have them be a bit more muted, you can experiment with color.


Simple, yet effective, our Alarcon tile design is a perfect choice when you want a large-scale tile design with a minimalist feel. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Our 10-by-10 options also include some great diamond patterns (Cadiz and Borga spring to mind). We think these are fantastic to cover a large area such as an entrance hall or living room floor. You can also play with the layout to create a square effect or even diagonal stripes for a bit of fun.


With our Cadiz tile design, your next tile installation could have a chic diamond pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, if you really want to make a splash, the best way to do it is to choose a 10-by-10 cement tile design in one of our really dramatic patterns. Malaga and La Rochelle are great, traditional strapwork-and-star tile designs that can be played up or down depending on the palette you select—and can add a level of stunning formality to a space.


Combining boldness and tradition, Malaga is a wonderful choice when you want your tile design to make a statement. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

See something you like? You can experiment with and refine your tile installation ideas using our interactive catalogue and layout tool. And be sure to explore all of our 10-by-10 inch cement tile options for your next tile installation project.