Get Inspired: What’s Happening on Share Designs in August

To say that August has been a big month for Granada Tile would be an understatement. The September issues of Country Living and Martha Stewart Living hit the newsstands this month and both included projects with our sensational cement tiles. Then there were the projects with our tiles we covered right here—in particular Rubix, which features our concrete tiles in classic and more unexpected tile installations. With so much creative energy on view, it’s not surprising that the tile lovers who frequent Share Designs were busy too.

Sara Elliott’s take on Montalcino caught our eye immediately. We love how she went for a big, bold blue ground. Typically, our clients choose two different, contrasting shades for the concrete tile’s ground. In Sara’s case, though, she opted for a single shade. It makes the delicate foliate pinwheels look like they’re floating—adding more lightness  to an already delicate tile design. Of course, the strong blue ensures that this tile installation is no shrinking violet.


Sara Elliott opted for a solid blue ground for our Montalcino tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For sheer sophistication and geometry, not to mention a little midcentury flair when you get right down to it, Athens is a solid choice. It’s a versatile design that can be dressed up or down with color depending on your needs. We really adored Margaret Kinnaird’s way with Athens when we spied it on Share Designs. The color combination she chose is understated and sophisticated—it would be the perfect choice for a small bathroom tile installation, making a statement in a tiny space.

Athens/Margaret Kinnaird

Chic gray and blue combine in Margaret Kinnaird’s sophisticated rendition of Athens. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

As we head into fall, we can’t help but be drawn to rich, dark colors. That was why Kirsten Moody’s interpretation of our Catarina concrete tile design grabbed our attention immediately. With a rich, dark red ground, the cement tile design just shouts “autumn.” Like Sara Elliott’s Montalcino, Kirsten transformed Catarina, bringing the the tendril-like elements to the forefront. Small splashes of yellow brighten the design and keep some of the floral feel.

Cararina/Kirsten Moody

A perfect combination of contrasts, Kirsten Moody’s version of Catarina packs on punch. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Check back next month, when we’ll have more from Share Designs to share. And, over the coming months, we’ll have plenty of new projects and surprises in store for you. Keep visiting often and don’t forget to spend time on Share Designs. You never know—your tile design idea might just appear here.


Breaking News: Cement Tiles Shine at the New Rubix in Hollywood

Hands down, the best part of making cement tiles has to be seeing Granada Tile‘s products installed in finished projects. We’re always in awe of the creative, dynamic ways our clients use our concrete tile. You can imagine how excited we were to see Ariel Fox‘s amazing use of our cement tiles in a new project in Hollywood.

For the outdoor spaces around the pool at Rubix, a new luxury apartment building, she turned to our concrete tiles for needs big and small. On the bigger side, she faced the bar fronting the pool’s community barbecue area with our Fez tile design in black and white. It’s really a classic use of our flagship cement tile design from our Echo Collection and looks amazing, adding just the right dash of pattern to the space—there are plenty of big colors and bold forms all around.

Fez bar

Fez cement tiles in black and white face the barbecue bar at Rubix, a new luxury apartment building in Hollywood. Designer Ariel Fox came up with some fabulous tile installation ideas. Tile photo courtesy Ariel Fox.

Ariel didn’t just stop at the bar. Granada Tile features into her scheme in two other ways. In the first, she covered particle board cubes in Fez as well. They resulting tables are sturdy and waterproof and make the perfect poolside addition. Her client can rest easy knowing that these adorable tables can stand up to the elements—and a cold drink or two.

Fez little tables

For a bold pop of pattern by the pool, Ariel covered cubes with our Fez cement tile design, creating more great pattern—not to mention a very durable surface. Tile photo courtesy Ariel Fox.

Finally, Ariel also used our cement tile, in Fez yet again, to cover a table top by a lovely fountain. She didn’t stop there. The benches on either side of the table, scaled down versions of the table itself, are covered in our Parla tile design. The slightly off-kilter squares of the tile design are a great contrast to the more regimented geometry of Fez. In black and white for both, the tiles are all of a piece.

Parla and Fez

For a secluded dining area, a table gets covered in our Fez tile design; our Parla tile design covers the flanking benches. Tile photo courtesy Ariel Fox.

There’s a reason why Ariel returns to our cement tiles time and again. She recently told us, “Granada Tile is number one for design, quality, lead time, pricing and customer service. I rest easier knowing my budgets and deadlines will be met. Their customization options allow me to dream big, so the application has been limitless.”



Get Inspired: A Lovely Idea for Leftover Cement Tiles

Leftovers get a bad rep but the truth is, some things can be even better. Turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving spring to mind. So does cold pizza for breakfast. Leftover tiles present challenges of their own. If you’ve gone to the trouble of finding the perfect cement tile design from Granada Tile, maybe even ordered a custom colorway, then what do you do with the inevitable leftovers? We recently came across a really fantastic idea courtesy of the good folks at Potted, a garden store in Los Angeles’s Atwater Village neighborhood.

The brainchild of Mary Gray and Annette Goliti Gutierrez, the shop was just named the Best Garden Accessories Store by Los Angeles Magazine. It’s reputation is well-deserved. You’ll find an absolutely fantastic selection of items for the outdoors—everything from seating (think the oh-so-chic Acapulco chair), firepits (ModFire’s delightful, cone-shaped piece), fountains, even bird feeders. They also do amazing custom work, which is where Granda Tile comes in.

Ardoz table

The tile-philes at Potted in Los Angeles created a cement tile–topped table using leftover concrete tiles from a tlie installation featuring Granada Tile’s Ardoz pattern.

Their Boho Tables feature cement tile tops on sturdy metal bases—inspired by the pair’s love of tile and tiling. They’re available as coffee tables and side tables, and there’re even custom size options for dining tables. We recently ran across one of their tile-topped tables, which they created for a client of Carla McMorran Interiors. The request was to design an accent table for a garden. We’re thrilled to report that the leftover tiles used were in a custom blue-pine-and-white color combination from Granada Tile in our Ardoz tile design. (If you’re not familiar with Ardoz, you should be; it’s a chic Echo Collection tile design in a very of-the-moment chevron pattern.) The result is fun and fresh and is a great addition to a garden.

Have you come up with a way to use up your own leftover cement tiles from Granada Tile? We’d love to see what you dreamed up.


Breaking News: Our Serengeti Cement Tile in Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart LivingIn the last few weeks, we’ve shown you some inspired cement tile installations with Granada Tile. Echo Collection favorites have appeared in the form of Fez in Country Living‘s House of the Year, and Vogue covered a sweet beach bungalow with a show-stopping outdoor firepit clad in our Serengeti concrete tile design. Apparently good things must come in threes, because we’ve got another great tile installation to share with you today—this time it appears in the pages of the September issue of Martha Stewart Living.

The project is a house in a hilly Los Angeles neighborhood. Originally designed in 1953 by Gregory Ain and James H. Garrott, the place has been restored and updated by its new young owners. While remaining true to its midcentury roots, the couple has updated and refreshed finishes for a more contemporary feel.


Our Serengeti tile design, a bold, graphic pattern, covers the terrace at a hillside Los Angeles home originally designed by Gregory Ain and James H. GarrottImage via Martha Stewart Living.

In particular, and what delights us to no end, is that they chose our Echo Collection’s Serengeti tile design to cover a terrace. For the cement tiles, they opted for a custom colorway of cream and olive. The singular choice was made to complement the landscape and adds visual and textural dimension to the house. It’s perhaps an unexpected choice for a classically midcentury house such as this, but it works perfectly. And you can bet, even outside, that the concrete tiles will still look incredible year after year.

To experiment with your own custom tile design, visit our Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue. There you can choose from dozens of colors to create a tile design that reflects your own unique style. Then, try our layout tool to create a fantastic tile installation.



Installation Equation: Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Fireplace with Cement Tile

By now, you know it’s nearly a given that Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles are a great choice for pretty much any project that requires a durable, long-lasting, fabulous-looking surface. We’re always thrilled to share with you great tile installations that play up all the great features our wonderful concrete tiles have to offer—spaces and structures that feature our concrete tiles in new, innovative ways, from unexpected color and pattern combinations to unusual uses.

In the pages of the June 2013 Vogue, we may have found one of our favorite tile installations ever using Granada Tile. It’s simple but oh-so-effective. Here’s the scoop: It springs from the mind of jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth. She created it for her bungalow on the canals in Venice, the fun and funky beachfront community of Los Angeles.

Vogue Serengeti

An outdoor fireplace covered in Granada Tile’s Serengeti tile design is a part of a cozy outdoor retreat on a Venice, California, rooftop. Image via Vogue.

It’s an outdoor firepit, a rectangular box covered everywhere in our Echo Collection‘s Serengeti tile design and inset with a fire element. Neuwirth alternated the orientation of the concrete tiles, so the look is visually complex. With the bold black-and-white color combination, it makes a stunning focal point for the rooftop deck—a cozy spot for friends to congregate. The bold tile pattern also adds an exotic element, pairing perfectly with the bold colors of the ottomans and sculptures she has included in the space.

To see what some of our other clients have done with Granada Tile’s concrete tiles for their own fireplace designs, take a peak at our installation pages. They show just how versatile Granada Tile’s cement tiles are—inside or out, they make a stunning statement. Also, be sure to check out Neuwirth’s jewelry. It’s every bit as stunning as her home—and her Serengeti-clad firepit.


Breaking News: More on Granada Tile in Country Living

By now, we hope you’ve gotten a chance to check out Country Living‘s 2013 House of the Year. As we told you last week, the house in Breezy Point, New York, had been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Country Living tapped designer Emily Henderson to restore it. Her efforts are stunning, and so we’d thought you’d like a bit more about Emily and her work on the house.

For fans of HGTV’s Design Star, Emily’s probably a familiar face: She won and shortly after became the host of her own show, Secrets from a StylistSince then, she’s been designing and blogging about design in addition to serving as a contributing editor at the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. For the House of the Year, she brought her lively signature mix of old and new to the project, creating a chic retreat for it its owner, Marian Lizzi.


Fez bathroom

Emily Henderson used cement floor tiles in our Fez pattern for the bathroom in the Country Living House of the Year. Image courtesy

The bathroom, where she incorporated Granada Tile‘s Fez tile design is just lovely. The concrete tiles cover the entire, even lining the bottom of the shower. It creates wonderful unbroken line, and adds the illusion of space to the small room. Our tiles blend seamlessly with the mix of rustic country touches (the sink on a reclaimed wood pedestal) with the more industrial elements such as the sconces flanking the mirror.

We’re also happy to note that from the sounds of it, this isn’t the only time Emily plans on using cement tiles from Granada Tile. We’re delighted to see that she’s thinking of using our sensational concrete tiles in her own home.

To learn more about Emily’s design for the House of the Year, be sure to visit her site. There are plenty of tips and behind the scenes photos that might just inspire you.




Breaking News: Granada Tile’s Fez in the New Country Living

The love just keeps coming and coming for Granada Tile. As you might recall, Granada Tile’s cement tiles have been featured in pretty every major shelter publication out there this year: Architectural Digest, Dwell, House Beautiful, the list goes on. Now add Country Living to the list—we’re delighted to report that our concrete tiles appear in the magazine’s September issue.

Even better, we’re thrilled to tell you that our cement tiles are part of the magazine’s 2013 House of the Year. The story behind this year’s HotY is a great one, and one we’re really pleased to be a part of. You see, Country Living tapped designer Emily Henderson to restore a house on Breezy Point, in New York, that was flooded by Hurricane Sandy.

Country Living

Granada Tile’s cement tile appears in the September 2013 issue of Country Living.

To say that the cottage has been transformed is an understatement. Water had come up several feet, and the damage done was so severe that the house had to be gutted—even the kitchen that had been renovated just a year before. The newly restored house is a revelation. It’s light and bright, with a fresh, beach vibe everywhere.

We, of course, might just be partial to the petite bathroom. That’s where Henderson used our Fez tile design, the signature concrete tile pattern from our flagship Echo Collection. As is always the case, it makes a statement, adding a brilliant pop of color and pattern to the crisp, mostly white space.

Of course, it’s not just the bathroom that’s outstanding. Be sure to pick-up a copy if you don’t already have a subscription to Country Living to see the amazing changes and don’t forget to check out all the great extras on the magazine’s Web site. There’s an interview with Emily Henderson, behind the scenes photos of the construction and a great resource list, if you’re inspired.


Breaking News: Our New Video Shows You How to Install Cement Tile

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to install Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tile. It’s a great one, because, after investing the time and thought into selecting cement tile for your project, it goes without saying that you’re going to want to install the concrete tiles perfectly so they’ll look great now—and in years to come.

For a quick and dirty rundown on the basics of installing cement tile, we’ve had an FAQ on our Web site that goes over the basics. That being said, a little additional guidance is never a bad thing. So, we’ve listened to your requests and are thrilled to share a new video with you showing the nitty gritty of concrete tile installation.

To create the video, we reached out to the folks at Design Vidal. If you’ve spent some time looking at our tile installation photos, then that name will be familiar. Karen and Guy Vidal, the faces behind the Los Angeles–based firm, have included our concrete tile designs in many of their bathroom and kitchen tile installations.

It was a natural fit to team with them for a concrete tile installation video. In the clip, Guy Vidal walks you through every step of a bathroom tile installation featuring our Echo Collection‘s Sofia tile design. The video provides you with not just a great visual explanation of the process—you also benefit from Guy’s tips born of his long experience with our cement tiles. As an added bonus, Melanie makes an appearance, giving you a rundown of the history of concrete tiles and of Granada Tile.

We hope to bring you more videos in the coming months. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new tile installation clip. You can also watch a video of the cement tile–making process on our Web site. If you’ve got suggestions of Granada Tile–related videos you’d like to see, let us know!