Get Inspired: What’s Happening on Share Designs in October

Another month, another very busy time on Share Designs. It never ceases to amaze us just how creative and inspired Granada Tile‘s clients and fans can be when experimenting with color ideas using our Echo Collection‘s interactive catalogue. From riffs on our large-scale designs to takes on our small, decorative tiles, the level of thought is really something—month after month. This month is no exception, so we’ve got a few cement tile photos to help you get inspired.

When we spied Rhonda Rasmussen’s interpretation of our Bilbao cement tile design, we were smitten. Often we see it done using more high-contrast colors, but this subtle take was remarkable. We love how the barest hint of light blue inside the cross pattern gives it just a touch of color, making what could be a very strong pattern more ethereal. It’s a sophisticated choice that would be outstanding when used for the floor tiles in an entryway.

Rhonda Rasmussen Bilbao

A subtle addition of a color makes Rhonda Rasmussen’s take on our Bilbao cement tile design pop. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

From subtle, we head to bold and Cynthia Sweeney’s compelling Lille idea. With a pattern that abstracts more elaborate European-style motifs, it stand to reason that the tile design can stand up to a big dose of contrast—in this case dramatic black and white. While it’s a traditional enough look that would look great in a classic interior, say a country-inspired kitchen, it would also be a great counterpoint as a tile backsplash in a more modern space.

Cynthia Sweeney Lille

Looking to make a splash? Cynthia Sweeney’s brilliant, bold Lille is just the ticket. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Of course we didn’t forget our more mod cement tile designs. In particular, we loved Elise Flashman’s groovy Vegas idea. The great thing about this particular cement tile design, which we think is well-suited for the wall tile in a bathroom for example, is its amazing three-dimensional effect. With the addition of blue, it changes the look just a little, adding a fun degree of contrast.

Vegas Elise Flashman

Elise Flashman’s three-color idea for our Vegas cement tile design gives it an added kick. Tile photo, Granada Tile.


This is quite honestly just the tip of the iceberg on Share Designs—the ideas for colors and patterns you can discover there are truly remarkable. For more great cement tile design ideas, head over to Share Designs and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

Breaking News: Spotlight on Our Atlanta Cement Tile Design

Atlanta Home Improvement

Our Atlanta tile design makes an appearance in the October issue of Atlanta Home Improvement.

The last six months or so have been pretty exciting: Editors all over the United States have featured Granada Tile‘s delightful new Stripes range (from our Echo Collection) in their publications. From Architectural Digest to Coastal Living to House Beautiful, these wonderful, versatile new cement tiles have been popping up in all sorts of places.

This month, we’re pleased to report, Atlanta Home Improvement is featuring a cement tile from Granada Tile’s Stripes range. It will probably come as no surprise that the tile they picked to feature is none other than our Atlanta tile design.

If you haven’t gotten to know this extraordinary cement tile design, we’re going to introduce you to it today. The basics: It’s an eight-by-eight inch cement tile with a design of six wide, parallel stripes. Here, we show it in a mix of caramel, mustard, yellow, white and silver. Don’t let that stop you. This concrete tile design lends itself to all sorts of palettes for all sorts of different tile installations.


Six wide parallel stripes define our Atlanta tile design, recently featured in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine.

One of our favorite ways to install this great cement tile is in a basket-weave pattern. It takes the tile design to a new level and is a great choice, we think, for any spot where you really want to make a statement with your tile. Floor tiles in an entry? Great idea? A cement tile backsplash in your kitchen? Perfect! It’s really the right tile for the job.

Atlanta tile installation idea

A basket-weave installation is a great way to showcase the fantastic parallel stripes of our Atlanta tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Don’t take our word for it, though! Visit our Interactive Catalogue and take Atlanta out for a spin. Play with color—it’s one that really allows for some fabulous experimentation. Explore cement tile installation ideas using our layout tool and then give us a shout. You will be delighted by the results.


Cement Tile Spotlight: Getting to Know More of Granada Tile’s Sensational Cement Tiles

If you’ve been reading Granada Tile‘s Cement Tile Blog for any length of time, you’ll see that our clients have some favorites from our Echo Collection. Fez, of course. Serengeti springs to mind. So do Cluny and Normandy. Of course, these are patterns that are in-stock, meaning something akin to instant gratification for your next tile installation project. But we have dozens of other cement tile design to choose from, from modern to traditional that may be the perfect choie for your next tile backsplash or bathroom tile installation. Today, we thought we’d introduce you to some of these other concrete tiles. Sure, they’re not in stock, so gratification will have to be a bit delayed, but their beautiful looks and versatility will be well worth the wait.

First up, we have Istanbul. A graceful arabesque concrete tile design, it traces its roots to the graphic sensibilities of the Middle East and its namesake city. It’s a pared down take, however, meaning it has a level of flexibility suiting it for all sorts of spaces. Have a modern kitchen in need of a bold tile backsplash try it there. It would also be a great choice for bathroom tiles. Customizing its palette will give it added zest—you could go high or low contrast depending on how bold you want to be.


Though its name, Istanbul, suggests its Middle Eastern design inspiration, the tile design has a modern, pared down quality that makes it a great choice in a range of interiors. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Interested in going even more graphic, with something that would work in everything from a kitchen tile installation in a house with a Tudor flair to something wildly contemporary? Look no further than Vigo. When installed, this cement tile design offers a pattern of zigzags that’s so popular right now. It’s another great one for experimenting with color combinations, but we’ll have to admit, basic black and white really takes the cake in our opinion.

Vigo tile design

A chic zigzag pattern, Vigo is a stellar choice for pretty much every type of tile installations. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a more traditional look, Bilbao can be just the ticket. A pattern featuring a foliate design inside medallions, it also has a compelling, abstract quality. There’s something about it, actually, that suggests Missoni designs. If you’re looking to make a splash, say in an entrance, try covering it in Bilbao floor tiles for maximum dramatic impact.

Bilbao tile design

Bilbao offers a stunning blend of the traditional with just the right kick of modern flair. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Over the coming months, we’ll introduce you to some more of our tile designs, highlighting just how many options you have for your next tile installation project. And, if you’re interested in the newest designs, we promise we’ve got some of those planned as well. Stay tuned and keep checking back here frequently.


Get Inspired: Great Cement Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen

Are you looking to spice up your kitchen? Did you recently move into a place that hasn’t had a kitchen update since they heyday of avocado and harvest gold? Or are things just a a little blah? Hands down, one of the best ways to perk up your kitchen, where, let’s face it, we tend to spend a lot of our time, is by installing cement tiles from Granada Tile. Today, we thought we’d share two very different kitchen tile installation photos that bring pattern and color into the space.

First up, a floor tile installation. The kitchen itself is pretty serious—and made for some serious cooking. The cabinets are finished in a rich, dark stain, while the tile backsplash is covered in a creamy subway tile installation. Our cement tiles bring the color to the space. There’s a field of coral-colored tiles, which bring a great dose of color themselves. The look is amplified by the border of our Monarch cement tiles that ring the perimeter of the central island, giving a bit of contrast and pattern. It’s subtle but very effective.

Monarch in the kitchen

A border of our monarch cement tile design adds a fun, subtle dash of pattern in a kitchen tile installation. Tile photo, Brian Sanderson.

Pattern pops up in another great tile installation, this time a cement tile backsplash in a kitchen that has a rustic/traditional feel. The sage-colored cabinets have an antiqued finish and are paired with a concrete tile backsplash in our Alhambra concrete tile design—a pattern that takes its inspiration from classic tile designs of Spain and North Africa. It’s an unexpected combination, but it looks fantastic, especially bordered by a border on the top and bottom of a cement tile in a similar sage shade.

Alhambra backsplash

Inspired by vintage Spanish and North African tile designs, Alhambra brings an exotic element to a kitchen with a more traditional feel. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Are you planning a tile installation project in your kitchen? Make Granada Tile your first stop! Take a look at our interactive Echo Collection catalogues, along with our other catalogues. Try playing with different colors. Then, test out tile installation ideas using our layout tool. You can browse others’ ideas on our Share Designs page too. There are so many ways to get inspired!


Installation Equation: Alhambra Outside Seattle

Yesterday, we shared a fantastic tile installation featuring our Santander tile design. Today, we’ve got another wonderful cement tile installation featuring Granada Tile. This time, though, color, in addition to pattern, takes center stage.

This tile installation idea comes to us from David Schneider, who chose to use Granada Tile in his own home near Seattle. The materials and the palette are by and large simple and neutral—pale walls and blond wood, for the most part, in a house that suggests Craftsman architecture. There’s a bit of pattern in the stained glass window in the door (one of those Craftsman touches), but it’s minimal. Instead, the real dynamism comes in the form of our cement tiles.

Alhambra near Seattle

Our Alhambra tile design covers the entry in David Schneider’s home near Seattle. Tile photo, David Schneider.

Schneider chose to cover his home’s entry in our Alhambra concrete tile design from our flagship Echo Collection. It’s a great, complex pattern that’s reminiscent of classic mosaic tile designs found in Spain and North Africa—with a palette of vivid shades to match. In the space, the concrete tiles provide a vivid splash of color that welcomes guests. The tile design’s palette also complements the bright contemporary artwork found in the entry and just beyond. Together, the strong colors of the concrete tiles and the paintings also serve as a lovely antidote to the frequent gray of the Pacific Northwest.

Alhambra tile design

Color for the space comes from the owner’s contemporary art collection and the vivid cement tile floor. Tile photo, David Schneider.

Have a great tile installation featuring our cement tiles? Let us know! We love to see what you’ve come up with and would love to feature here. Contemplating a tile installation? Then, head over to our catalogues to find the concrete tile design that’s just right for you.


Installation Equation: A Patchwork of Santander in San Francisco

Have we got an amazing cement tile installation for you today! It’s the work of Tim Balon, a San Francisco–based multi-hyphenate (he trained as an architect and has created amazing spaces that blend pattern and color in fresh, unexpected ways). The project was a gut renovation of a San Francisco Victorian that happened to include an addition of a new kitchen and dining room.

Balon, it should be note here, is always on the look out for tile having developed a particular affinity for cement tile on travel abroad (he also collects the stuff). He ran across Granada Tile‘s cement tiles the way a lot of our clients do. “I went to Intellgentsia and saw the tile.” he says, recalling our Fez tile design in the Barbara Bestor–designed LA cafe.

Santander San Francisco

Granada Tile’s Santander cement tile design lends pattern and texture to a kitchen addition in a San Francisco Victorian. Tile photo, Tim Balon.

After being a fan, he got a chance to use them in the Bay Area project. The new kitchen is deeply contemporary, belying its Victorian roots, with sleek, bright white cabinets and a center island covered with a pale, minty green stone top. “It was clean and stark, so I wanted something bold and graphic to break it up,” he says.

That’s where our concrete tiles come in. He opted for our Santander tile design, a pattern of wide diagonal stripes. However, he did not opt to install them with a rigorous geometry. Instead, the tile backsplash features the concrete tiles installed in a dynamic patchwork. They even reflect against the stainless steel countertop below so the pattern repeats, contributing still more visual interest to the space as well lending a layer of more rustic texture in contrast to the smooth surfaces elsewhere.

Balon’s experience points to the versatility of our cement tile designs. “You can get so much out of one simple pattern,” he says.



Get Inspired: Diamonds Are a Cement Tile’s Best Friend

Diamonds look great in jewelry and diamond shapes look great in cement tiles. At Granada Tile, we offer a host of cement tiles that feature diamond designs. From subtle to bold, we’ve got a diamond for every occasion and every tile installation. Just look at some of these outstanding tile photos.

Up first is an old favorite and one of our Echo Collection‘s stars. We’re talking about Fez. Countless clients have installed this wonderful tile design in everything from cement tile back splashes to bathroom wall tiles—it’s that versatile. You can’t miss the diamond design in the concrete tiles. They run throughout the pattern and give its graphic, bold pop.


A can’t miss tile design, our Fez pattern is brimming with diamonds. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Want something with even more carats? Our Pamplona tile design is just the ticket. It has an all-over diamond pattern that offers nearly infinite opportunities for customization. Go with three shades of the same color, opt for a gray-scale look, go bold with bright contrasting colors, you can do so much with this diamond tile design. You’ll be thrilled with it and can have it look amazing for your kitchen tiles or your bathroom tiles.


You can get endless iterations of diamond shapes in our Pamplona tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now don’t think that our other fabulous ranges of concrete tile don’t get into the diamond act. Our Rustico Collection of cement tiles (we love this collection, with its rich colors and texture that suggest antique terracotta tiles) features diamond shapes too. There’s a hexagonal pattern that can be combined with diamond-shaped tiles to create a lovely tile installation. Choose contrasting shades for the two cement tiles, and you’ve got even more visual charm.

Rustico diamond shape tiles

Bring some diamonds into your Rustico tile installation with these great options. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re still looking for the perfect diamond-shaped tile design, head over to our online catalogues. You’ll be sure to find the perfect concrete tile for your next tile installation.

If you’re a designer, architect or other design professional, don’t forget to visit Interior Designs and vote in their Best of Year Awards. Our new Echo Collection addition—the Stripes Group of cement tiles—is in the running in the Flooring: Tile and Stone category. You can send these sensational cement tiles into the BOY Award finals!

Installation Equation: Cement Tiles Brighten up a Pacific Northwest Home

Hi Lisa,  Here are a few images from the entryway to the home of David Schneider in Bellingham, WA.  Please give photo credits to David Schneider.






—-Mensaje original—–

De: David Schneider []

Enviado el: Monday, October 07, 2013 11:52 AM


Asunto: finished photos Bellingham, WA


Attached are some pics of the finished installation for our entrance. We are

very pleased with the result. We are in Bellingham, WA. The contractors did

a great job. I would recommend them if you have clients in this area.

Contractors name is Roger Privette (360) 661-5552.




118 Bear Creek Lane, Bellingham, WA.

Melanie Stephens

Granada Tile

Sensational Cement Tile

tel: 213.482.8070

Breaking News: Don’t Forget to Vote for Granada Tile in the BOY Awards

Vote for Granada TileBig news! From now till October 11, if you’re a designer or architect or other design professional, make sure you head over to Interior Design and vote for Granada Tile in the magazine’s Best of Year Awards. Our brand-new Stripes Group—the latest addition to our flagship Echo Collection of cement tiles—and already totally beloved, is up in the Flooring: Tile and Stone category. Your vote could propel our cement tiles into the finals, where the winners will be chosen by Interior Design’s editor-in-chief Cindy Allen and a jury of design professionals. The awards will be announced live on December 5.

Vote for Granada Tile!

Granada Tile’s Stripes Group is up for a Best of Year Award from Interior Design magazine. Vote today! Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Why vote for our Stripes Group? Well, it’s pretty fantastic. The range is bold, graphic and totally versatile. Whether your project calls for something contemporary or a bit more traditional, our Stripes Group of cement tiles can’t be beat. With nine different patterns to choose from, there’s something for everyone, from thin stripes of Boston to the wide stripes of Atlanta, and everything in between. And, as with all of our Echo Collection concrete tiles, you can customize your cement tiles’ colors, so your guaranteed the perfect look for your project. Of course, if you need a custom color, we can help you with that too, just give us a shout—we’re always happy to help.

While you’re over at Interior Design’s site, don’t just limit yourself to voting in the Flooring: Tile and Stone category. There are loads of other fabulous products in dozens of categories to vote for too. From technology to furniture to wallcoverings to textiles, you can vote for the most exciting, innovative and downright stunning products to be introduced this year. Even better, if you vote in every category, you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of three iPad Minis.