Get Inspired: What’s Happening with Cement Tile on Share Designs in November

Even with the holiday season fast-approaching, Granada Tile‘s clients and cement tile fans have been hard at work. They’ve been experimenting with color and pattern and posting them for fellow tile-philes to see on our Share Designs site. As an aside, this was a particularly great month on Share Designs, with folks going for really interesting and unusual color combinations and a wide range of tile designs.

This month, the name of the game was contrast, with lots of tile design ideas that play up a range of shades to create some serious visual pop. First up is a take on one of Granada Tile’s newer cement tile designs, Firenze. Designer Jennifer Hamelet came up with this intriguing combination of colors, blending contrasting neutrals with a bit of aqua to create just a bit of color. It’s the perfect balance for a tile design that’s heavy on pattern.

Jennifer Hamelet Firenze

Designer Jennifer Hamelet’s take on our new Firenze cement tile design features neutrals punctuated by blue. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

MaryKay Pisciotta incorporated a range of colors into her interpretation of Chantilly, a cement tile design that blends geometry with some more free-form elements. Here, a sage ground provides a stunning backdrop for the gridded pattern of stars and quatrefoils. This would be a fantastic combination anywhere you want to stand out, such as a focal point-tile backsplash.

Mary Kay Pisciotta Chantilly

A sage green ground provides a lovely contrast to the pattern in MaryKay Pisciotta’s interpretation of our Chantilly tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Moving to something a lot more modern in inspiration, we have Kathleen Franza’s Leda cement tile design. We love the mod, space-age feel of this concrete tile—and love its versatility. Just about any combination of colors will look stupendous, like Kathleen’s idea to use aqua inside a white circle all juxtaposed against a gray ground. Its mod presence would jazz up a bathroom effortlessly, creating a dynamic wall tile installation.

Kathleen Franza Leda

A lively and animated concrete tile design, Leda looks great when a bright color is added for the inner circle. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you still haven’t checked out Share Designs, be sure to do it today. It’s a great source of inspiration for all things cement tile–related, and a great way to get amazing tile ideas take your next cement tile installation to the next level. 


Cement Tile Spotlight: Scaling Up and Down with Cement Tile

Have you decided on a cement tile design? Do you love it but wish it came a little smaller or a little larger? At Granada Tile, we offer some of our most popular Echo Collection cement tile designs in several sizes.

On the smaller end, Granada Tile has six-by-six inch cement tiles. A few of the patterns are exclusive to the size, but a few are scaled-down versions of old favorites. For example, you can go for our flagship Echo Collection concrete tile design, Fez, in a smaller size. It’s a great choice for a cement tile backsplash or a concrete wall tile option when you have a space that needs something on a tinier scale.

Sage Fez 6 by 6

One of our most beloved cement tile designs, Granada Tile offers Fez in a scaled-down, six-by-six inch size. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Granada Tile also offers our Cluny cement tile design in a smaller edition too. Another very popular choice, it’s also a great call for a cement tile backsplash or wall tile, say in a powder room where space is at a premium.

6 by 6 Cluny black and white

You can get some of the flavor of medieval France in a smaller scale, too, with our six-by-six inch Cluny cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

At the other end of the spectrum, you find a range of our popular cement tile designs scaled up to 10-by-10 inches. Borga is just one of the great cement tile designs from our eight-by-eight inch range offered in this larger size. You can’t beat its classic design of squares and diamonds. It’s a wonderful floor tile choice, in particular, when you want to make a chic statement.

Borga 10 by 10 white teal turquoise

Simple and elegant, Granada Tile’s Borga cement tile design comes in a 10-by-10 inch option, perfect for when you want to cover a lot of ground. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Of course it’s not all geometric patterns. Ronda also comes in a larger size and, we think, really works well at this scale. It’s a bold pattern to begin with and when it’s done bigger, it really captures the vibrant beauty of the tile design.

10 by 10 ROnda mist, aqua, turqoise, teal

Scaling up Granada Tile’s Ronda tile design creates a bold and dramatic concrete tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Don’t limit yourself to eight-by-eight inch cement tiles—explore our cement tiles in other sizes as well. You might just find they’re the right fit for your next tile installation project.


Cement Tile Spotlight: Bring a Little Bit of Italy into Your Next Tile Installation

We love Italy. The food. The fashion. The cars. The architecture. Given our fondness for the things Italian, it’s not surprising that several of Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection cement tile designs incorporate a bit of the country’s fabulous decorative traditions. These concrete tiles are just the ticket, if you’re interested in bringing some Italian flair into your next cement tile installation, be it a wall tile installation in a bathroom or a kitchen tile backsplash.

One of our newer tile designs happens to be Firenze, named for the city that most consider at the heart of the Renaissance. It’s a classic cement tile design that has great flexibility. Using several colors, it’s a terrific choice for a cement tile backsplash where you want to add some visual interest and pattern. In a more monochromatic palette, it could even work in a more contemporary decor, lending just a touch of period authenticity.

Firenze cement tile design

Firenze captures some of the flavor of Italy in a Renaissance-inspired tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Moving east, our concrete tile design Venezia captures the drama and majesty of its namesake city. A more complex tile design, it incorporates both foliate and geometric elements to create a bold pattern sure to make a splash in a tile installation. Try it on the floor in an entryway for maximum impact.

Venezia tile design

To make a dramatic statement, Venezia is the perfect choice for your next tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Italy’s not all palazzos and cathedrals, though. For something a little more modern, that captures some of the 20th-century vibe, look no further than Torino. It’s simple and geometric and can be dressed up or down depending on the colors you choose. A pattern of circles inset with diamonds is a great option, when you want some color and pattern but don’t want to go too wild. It too is a great kitchen tile backsplash idea. It would also look great in a bathroom tile installation.

Torino cement tile design

With a more contemporary feel, Torino still gives you a sense of Italian decoration. Tile photo, Granada Tile. 

Love these cement tiles? Want to make them more personal? Experiment with colors using our interactive catalogue to recreate the feel of Italy in your home. You simply can’t go wrong.



Installation Equation: Cement Tiles Transform Spaces in a Los Angeles House

One of the best parts about our job is when we get to see Granada Tile‘s fabulous cement tiles installed in projects. Not only that, but we get to hear the hows and whys behind the process—from what drew our clients to our concrete tiles in the first place to the process they went through deciding on designs and palettes.

For our clients Lauren and Chris Isola, the story begins with a 1924 Spanish style fixer. Lauren Isola reports, “We looked at other tile ideas, but when we saw this tile in Granada, we fell in love!” The couple quickly set about tracking them down and discovered they were available in Los Angeles.

Savvy tile-phile that they are, Isola reports “we took pictures of all the tile we saw around Granada and one of those gave us the inspiration for the palette in the kitchen (a warm coral, green and yellow). We were planning on a more neutral palette in our bathroom (black and white) so we played around with Granada Tile’s online tool to choose a black, gray and white pattern.”

Normandy cement tile kitchen installation

For the kitchen tile in her 1924 Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, Lauren and Chris Isola opted for our Normandy cement tile design in a warm, sunny custom color combination. Photo courtesy Lauren and Chris Isola.

In the kitchen, the concrete tiles in our Cluny tile design (in a custom color combination) add a stunning dose of color and pattern to the floor, playing off the white cabinets and ceramic subway tile backsplash. “Many people think the tile is original,” she says, “but it also adds a definite modern feel.”

The Isolas opted for Normandy in the bathroom. Here, though, the palette is more muted, with a range of grays. A more contemporary-feeling space than the kitchen, the concrete tiles still bring a level of period authenticity to the room—something they were very keen on playing up as they undertook the renovation. The pattern, though, is a bit more understated than Cluny, allowing for a more pared-down and modern look.

Normandy bathroom tile installation

For the bathroom, too, the Isolas went with our Normandy cement tile design in another custom color combination. In a range of grays, white and black, the look of the cement tiles is crisp and bold Photo courtesy Lauren and Chris Isola.

For the Isolas, choosing cement tile from Granada Tile was the perfect decision. “I love that it brings so much color and interest to those rooms,” she notes. “It is definitely the first thing people notice (and compliment)! They are also surprisingly versatile. Finally, they are so easy to upkeep. We have dogs and wanted something that wasn’t going to be hard to clean (because of the colors we chose and the natural patina of the tiles, they don’t show dirt) and wouldn’t chip or scratch easily (since used in the kitchen and other high traffic areas). We really couldn’t be happier how they have worked out!”


Cement Tile Spotlight: Cement Tile Borders Add Sophistication to Your Tile Installations

As Granada Tile‘s Marcos and Melanie travel the world, always on the hunt for sensational cement tile inspiration, one thing stands out—in some of the most beautiful and stunning concrete tile installations, it’s the ones with borders that often make the biggest impact. Simple or more elaborate, adding a border element to your next cement tile installation can be the difference between ho-hum and fabulous. And, of course, we’ve got you covered with lots of border tile options and ideas to make your next project shine.

One way to add a border is simple and effective. You start with our Echo Collection and install a field of cement tile with a bold, colorful pattern. Now, play with it by surrounding the pattern with a solid color—perhaps one in one of the same shades found in the tile design. It really makes the tile design pop and lends a finished quality to the cement tile installation.

Bordeaux with mustard and pine border

Two fields of Granada Tile’s Bordeaux tile design are framed with borders of mustard. The entire installation is set within fields of pine green. Though the space is informal, the sophisticated, layered tile installation lends a level of polish to the room. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If pattern and more pattern is more your thing, Granada Tile also offers many concrete tiles designed specifically to serve as borders in your tile installations.One of our favorites, which will really take your project to a whole new level, is our Nubes tile design. It comes with three options: a border and two choices for a corner treatment. In practice, it means you can make the border tile installation as complex or simple as you choose. For example, for a more low-key border tile installation, you can combine the Nubes Corner and Nubes Border to create a lovely frame. The tile design, with its overlapping half circles has an air of whimsy. You can fill it with a solid tile, or, if you’re feeling really bold, try adding a cement tile design for more pattern.

Nubes Corner and Border Tile installation

To create a lovely tile border, try using Granada Tile’s Nubes Corner and Border Tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For something even more thrilling, try throwing another of our Nubes family into the mix. Use the Nubes Outside Corner tile at the the far edges. Then, rotate the Nubes Border tiles so that the trefoils face out. Add a second border inside the first, using the standard Nubes Corner tile and rotating the border so that the trefoils face in. Fill the empty field with a solid or go wild with another pattern.

Nubes Border, OUtside Corner and Corner

For more cement tile fabulousness, try incorporating all three variations of our Nubes Border tiles to get a dramatic look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

There are endless ways to play with borders. The best way is to jump over to our Echo Collections’s interactive catalogue and just start experimenting. You’ll be able to find a tile design that matches your needs perfectly.


Cement Tile Spotlight: Our Four-by-Four Decos—Tiny But Mighty Cement Tiles

Yesterday, we shared with you some of Granada Tile‘s large-scale cement tile designs. In the interests of fairness, we thought it might make sense to look in the other direction today—to our Echo Collection’s small, decorative concrete tiles. They may be little, but the still pack a really stunning, dramatic touch.

First up is a great cement tile installation by designer Jennifer Hamelet, of Mirador Builders, which showcases a perfect use of one of our concrete tile designs. We haven’t shown too many of these installations, but it’s incredible. You see, she faced the risers of a staircase in a grand Houston house with our Regal Clover tile design. That’s right! Each stair  features a row of the cement tiles, offering a jolt of color and pattern in an otherwise formal setting.

Jennifer Hamelet Regal Clover staircase

A grand formal staircase in a house designed by Jennifer Hamelet, of Mirador Builders, gets the Granada Tile treatment, with risers featuring our Regal Clover four-by-four inch tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Don’t have a sweeping formal staircase in your pad? No matter. You can still use these little guys from Granada Tile in all sorts of tile installations. You just need a few ideas to get you started. In the kitchen, why not try adding them to your cement tile backsplash. Pair larger, solid color concrete tiles with our tiny decos to get subtle or not-so-subtle hits of contrast and pattern. In that case, Maldon could be a great bet . . . it’s simple and geometric and can be rotated 45 degrees to create interesting angles within the tile installation.


Granada Tile’s Maldon tile design, a pattern of four triangles, could be a great choice to add spice to your kitchen tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another fabulous use of Granada Tile‘s decos would have to be in floor tile installations. Say you’ve got a kitchen tile floor, covered either in a solid color tile design from Granada Tile or in tiles from maybe our Rustico or Antique collections. In that case, you can also add try adding decos into the mix. They provide that same jolt of color and pattern to the rich color and texture of the surrounding field, adding just a touch more complexity to your design. If your space has a traditional feel, something like our Santiago tile design might be the perfect way to go.

Looking for more small but mighty inspiration? A visit to our Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue will have what you’re looking forward. Take a moment to drop by and create your own cement tile masterpiece with our adorable decos.


Cement Tile Spotlight: Thinking Big with Our 10-by-10 Cement Tiles

Do you have a lot of ground to cover, as it were? Are you looking for cement tiles but maybe ones that are of a slightly larger scale? Granada Tile has the perfect solution for you. Not only does our Echo Collection of concrete tiles offer stunning tile designs in an eight-by-eight size, but we’ve got some other sizes and shapes to choose from. We’ve got our sweet, tiny decos measuring just for by four all the way up our big kahunas. At 10 by 10, these guys pack a punch both in terms of size and pattern.

One great choice, which just happens to be a pattern exclusive to our 10-by-10 range has to be Castelo. The cement tile design really takes advantage of its large scale, with an elaborate strapwork pattern dotted with flowers in roundels. While it could be a fairly formal tile design, choosing a light, bright palette tempers that and the floral pattern also makes it more relaxed. It would be a great choice for kitchen tiles, adding a little sunshine.


Striking a balance between playfulness and formality, Castelo is a large scale design that would work perfectly as kitchen tile in a more traditional setting. Tile photo, Granada Tile. 

Want a a cement tile idea for something simple, crisp and geometric? Say for a bathroom tile installation or a chic entryway? Another pattern exclusive to the range is Geneve, and it fits the bill nicely. The tile design features a pattern of four squares on each tile with a wide border separating each. In sophisticated brown tones, it’s elegant and showstopping—the ideal choice for a tile installation when you want to make a big impact.

For crisp geometry that covers a lot of territory, look no further than Geneve. This 10-by-10 tile design is a stunning choice when you want simple impact. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For crisp geometry that covers a lot of territory, look no further than Geneve. This 10-by-10 tile design is a stunning choice when you want simple impact. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

No round-up of Granada Tile’s 10-by-10 tiles would be complete without our Salamanca tile design. It has the perfect combination of geometry and embellishment. The tile design is really a riff on some classic concrete tile designs seen throughout Europe and Latin America. As such, it has a deliciously timeless flair and would make a strong statement in pretty much any tile installation.

For a classic tile design with a large scale, Salamanca is the concrete tile design for you. It features a classic star pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a classic tile design with a large scale, Salamanca is the concrete tile design for you. It features a classic star pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Intrigued? Looking for ideas for cement tiles to cover your kitchen floor or entry or pool deck, maybe? Swing by the interactive catalogue and explore all of our 10-by-10 concrete tile options. You’re sure to find something perfect for your next tile installation project.