Installation Equation: Cement Wall Tiles Add a Lovely Layer in Chicago

At Granada Tile, we love seeing how our clients incorporate our sensational cement tiles in new and exciting ways. Don’t get us wrong—we love the backsplashes and floor tile installations that we see—but we go gaga when we see unusual cement tile installations. Take a new Chicago tapas place, Black Bull.

The restaurant bills itself as a hidden gem, and it is in more ways than one. Its big draw is its fabulous assortment of tapas and wine, but we think the space’s design is aces too. With a zinc-topped bar and classic Thonet-inspired chairs, it immediately conjures up an out of the way bôite in a fabulous European locale. Fun, industrial touches are at play too, namely the wonderful cage-like chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Sofia Black Bull Chicago

Granada Tile’s Sofia tile design, installed on walls, provides a stunning backdrop for the tapas served at Black Bull in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Photo courtesy Joseph Davis Castleberry.

Of course, given its deep Spanish roots, it’s no wonder Granada Tile is in the mix, since cement tiles were especially popular in both Spain and France in the 19th century. So, on the walls, our Sofia cement tile design appears. As you might have guessed, we absolutely love this idea.

Instead of being covered in wallpaper or paint, the concrete tiles offer both fabulous color and glorious texture. The tile installation proves once again that cement tile works in just about any application you can think of. What’s more, the bight colors of the pattern play off the heavier shades of the furnishings ensuring a truly lively experience.

Headed to Chicago soon? Be sure to check out Black Bull. Planning a tile installation project? Be sure to check out our interactive Echo Collection catalogue for more great cement tile inspiration. And, if it’s this particular take on Sofia you’ve got your heart set on, you’re in luck: this tile design happens to be one our in-stock patterns.


Installation Equation: Sofia Shines in a New Kitchen Backsplash

It’s amazing what you can come up with when pressed for time. Take our client John Hixson, for example. For his place in Redondo Beach, just south of Los Angeles, “I wanted to keep a Spanish flair in the kitchen and decided to an accent wall behind the stove,” he reports. Taking to Google image searches and to Houzz (one of our favorite sites and a great place to see all sorts of tile photos featuring Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tile) for inspiration.

Coming across our tile, he was smitten—”the design and sheen drew me toward it,” he says. The work, however, had to be done ASAP. Fortunately, Granada Tile keeps a great selection of some of our most popular concrete tiles in stock. He hit on Sofia and was off and running, using the cement tile design to set the palette for the rest of the materials. (He would also install it on small pony wall.)

Sofia Los Angeles Kitchen

Our client loved our Sofia cement tile design so much it inspired the rest of palette in his Los Angeles–area kitchen. Tile photo courtesy John Hixson.

The refreshed space is nothing short of a knockout. Cabinets with a traditional feel are painted in a creamy shade and a lovely sage green and graced with simple hardware. The Sofia-tiled backsplash is a great backdrop for the range and hood and provides a seriously amazing focal point for the space, with the splashes of red in the cement tile adding just the right amount of pizzazz, while traditional ceramic subway tiles offer a bit of shine to counterpoint the luxe texture of the concrete tiles.

As to what he likes best about the tile, Hixson says he loves the texture of the cement tiles—”it really gives an authentic, organic feel to the kitchen—unlike ceramic or glass tile.”

Have you recently completed a cement tile installation featuring Granada Tile’s sensational cement tiles? We’d love to see your tile pictures and share them with our readers and clients to inspire their own upcoming cement tile installations. 












Installation Equation: A Patchwork of Cement Tiles

Before we share a great new project, we wanted to toot our horn a bit. Design*Sponge recently did a q-and-a with Melanie and Marcos on cement tile—to reboot their Ask an Expert series. Be sure to check it out. They have some great words of wisdom to take with you as you choose your tiles or embark on a cement tile installation. There’s also a great rundown of some of our favorite cement tile installations from the past few years!

Now, on to the new project. Maybe it’s something in the air—the new trend we’ve noticed in the last few months is patchwork. Our clients have been really inspired by the look. It’s fun when you stick to a unified palette, but it’s also really fun when clients incorporate a broad mix of colors as in the project recently featured in HGTV Magazine.

For her tile project, our client Paola Devis was drawn to cement tiles, because, “I grew up in South America—this was the floor in my grandmother’s house as well as historic houses in my hometown,” she says. “I always loved it’s classic yet always ‘modern’ look.” She was also in the market for something contemporary and unusual and that led her to a patchwork design. After doing a lot of research, she decided on Granada Tile’s sensational cement tiles because of our quality and selection. Then, she was off and running.

Arizona patchwork tile installation

Planters faced in a patchwork of various cement tile designs from Granada Tile do double duty—functioning as a seating area. Tile photo courtesy Paola Devis.

The completed project is really something. The cement tiles face planters, which function as a seating area to boot. It’s a fun, lively use of the stunning concrete tiles, and, as Devis points out, the bright colors of the tiles are a great contrast against the desert landscape of Tuscon.  No matter where you look, there’s something engaging to catch your eye.

If you’re interested in creating your patchwork cement tile installation, watch this space. We’ll have more information soon!



Installation Equation: Vintage Charm in a Northern California Bathroom

In any context, Jude Mooney’s Sonoma County bathroom would be a knockout. But as the product of a first-time renovator? It’s exquisite. Simple and elegant, it has tons of vintage charm. Of course, we’re partial to the fabulous cement tile from Granada Tile that covers the floor.

When it came time to choose her flooring, Mooney says, “I wanted something unusual.” A visit to a brick-and-mortar showroom left something to be desired. She kept searching for the perfect tile, that is until she remembered a Granada Tile brochure she had picked up at a home improvement store before the renovation was a reality. From there she was off and running.

Mooney explored our Web site and found several cement tile designs that struck her fancy, including Cluny and Sofia, and ordered samples. Once she had the chance to see them in person, she decided on Sofia. It brings the vintage vibe she was aiming for (Mooney counts classic Spanish, Victorian and Art Nouveau design as favorites), while bringing modern durability to the project.

Northern California Sofia bathroom

Our Sofia cement tile design brings a dash of color to the bathroom. It also inspired the pale green blue of the vintage claw foot bathtub. Tile photo courtesy Jude Mooney.

The cement tiles also inspired the blue-green hue of the bathtub, an antique that had belonged to her great aunt. Relegated to the backyard until the renovation happened, the formerly pink-painted tub had been used on hot days and showed much love and wear. Mooney had it repainted, inspired by friends who had done the same, and had the claw feet re-chromed. It looks perfectly at home on the cement tile floor and mixes happily with the sink and lighting.

“I was thrilled the second it went in,” Mooney says of the concrete tile. “Everyone who sees it is wowed. The tile is best thing about the bathroom.”


Breaking News: Granada Tile’s Sensational Cement Tile Gets More Magazine Love

Our year is off to a big start! Last month, we filled you in on Granada Tile‘s appearance in January’s issue of Family Circle as one of designer David Stark’s top picks. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Our sensational cement tile also appears in two other publications this month.

First up, Signature Kitchens & Baths magazine chose Granada Tile’s smashing concrete tiles for their round-up of environmentally friendly products for kitchens and baths. We’re delighted to be in the company of other green-minded manufacturers and singled out for our commitment to earth-friendly practices in the production of our cement tiles. To illustrate the feature, they chose one of our favorite recent projects—one of the smashing bathrooms conceived by designer and builder Ken Koonce. It’s a knockout that incorporates our Normandy cement tile design into a space with a traditional feel.

Signature Kitchens & Baths

Granada Tile appears in the January 2014 issue of Signature Kitchens & Baths in a feature on environmentally-friendly home products. Shown is a stunning cement tile installation by designer and builder Ken Koonce.

HGTV Magazine has an amazing kitchen where concrete tile takes a starring role—in one of the most smashing tile installations we’ve seen recently. Often, our concrete tiles cover walls in bathrooms or are used for backsplashes. Here, though, you get an amazing cement wall tile idea that would work in any space where you want to make a big statement. The story focuses on a Denver couple’s kitchen, where they’ve created a dining nook with a wall covered in a fabulous patchwork of tiles. Included in the installation are our Chantilly, Fez, St. Tropez and Kiev concrete tile designs. (If you’re interested in creating a cement tile patchwork of your own, visit our Web site for some more ideas.)

HGTV Magazine

In the new issue of HGTV magazine, A patchwork of cement tiles covers a wall in a Denver dining nook.

If you thought 2013 was a big year for Granada Tile, stay tuned for what this year is going to bring. More new cement tile designs and lots more fabulous cement tile installation ideas are in store so keep checking back regularly!


Installation Equation: A Custom Tile Floor

Granada Tile is starting out 2014 right—we’ve got lots of news to share and tons of great new cement tile installations to share. In the latter category, we’ve got a fabulous one to show you today. It’s a concrete tile carpet in James Toomey’s Los Angeles–area kitchen.

He came across our cement tiles “either through Yelp or Googling. It was all in a blur of Web searching when I was trying to find something artistic and different than the usual marble and single-color tiles that predominate at tile shops,” recalls Toomey. Our Web site caught his fancy, since it shows lots of complete cement tile installations rather than just single tiles. It gave him a great sense of what the cement tile designs might look like in his own project.

With so many concrete tile designs to choose from,”The hardest part is just narrowing it down to one because you keep going back and looking again, visualizing how other styles might look,” says Toomey. He and his wife eventually settled on Normandy since it reminded her of her childhood. (For a future project, though, he’s thinking he might go a more Moroccan route.)

Normandy James Toomey

James Toomey’s cement tile carpet (in our Normandy concrete tile design) in his Los Angeles–area kitchen adds a vibrant dash of pattern and color to the space. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Cement tile design selected, Toomey and his wife settled on a palette that works in harmony with the surrounding tiles. A perimeter of bright blue tiles frames the Normandy installation, making it an immediate conversation starter. “The neatest thing about the tile installation is how festive it makes the kitchen feel,” says Toomey. “We’ve had linoleum, tile and hardwood floors in the kitchen over the past 12 years, but this is the first time where I’m actually excited about a floor long after it’s gone in. Most floors tend to fade to the background to the point where you don’t notice them anymore. They’re utilitarian, and as long as they don’t give you splinters or catch your toe you’re satisfied with them, but they usually don’t make you happy, which something colorful and pretty like these can do.

“The cement tiles fascinate me because I never even knew such a thing existed until I stumbled onto these. I always assumed it was ceramic or clay, and then to find out all the amazing styles they can create with cement was like finding a chest of delights in the attic,” says Toomey. “They’re a marvelous conversation piece, and it’s fun to find another uninitiated victim whom I can school for 20 minutes about this whole other world of tile that they probably don’t know about.”


The Year in Cement Tile

As years go, 2013 was a pretty fantastic one for Granada Tile. Our sensational cement tiles were featured in some stunning concrete tile installations, from chic, retro-inspired bathrooms to stylish restaurants. We also got some serious love from some of our favorites magazines—editors at Dwell, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and more all featured our concrete tile designs. We also had some exciting new introductions to crow about.

As far as cement tile installations go, it’s almost impossible to pick our favorite from the past year. One of them has to be at Marea, a boutique at Terranea Resort, which featured our Cluny concrete tile design in a custom palette. The elegant combination included blue and warm brown shades on a white ground, setting a perfect stage for the lovely items in the shop. We also absolutely loved how the quatrefoil design of the cement tiles was repeated in plaster at the sales counter.

Cluny Marea Terranea Resort

South of Los Angeles, Terranea Resort features many surfaces covered in Granada Tile’s sensational cement tiles, including a floor in our Cluny tile design at the Marea boutique. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

While Granada Tile got plenty of love inside shops and restaurants, it also appeared in many, many wonderful residential cement tile installations too. We’re very partial to designer Tim Balon’s cement tile installation, which appears in the kitchen of an extensively remodeled San Francisco Victorian. He played with the pattern, Santander, creating a bold cement tile backsplash that added an extra dimension to the pared-down feel of the space.

Santander Tim Balon

Santander makes a bold statement in a minimalist San Francisco kitchen designed by Tim Balon. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

We were delighted by all of the press coverage Granada Tile received in the past 12 months—there were features on the tiles themselves as well as tile installations in many shelter and home design publications. We were really thrilled, though, to see our cement tiles in the pages of Vogue. Among features on cutting edge fashion, a home that included an outdoor fireplace faced in Granada Tile’s Serengeti tile design was a thrill. We also think it’s a great use of our cement tiles, and one we hope we’ll more of our clients trying in the coming year.

Vogue Seregeti firepit

Granada Tile’s cement tiles made an appearance in that bible of fashion, Vogue, in 2013.

At Granada Tile, we’re not content to rest on our laurels, and that means Marcos and Melanie are traveling and on the lookout for more great design inspiration for new cement tiles. This year, we introduced an entire range of new cement tiles—the Stripes Group—inspired by the life and culture of some great American cities. They’re simple yet versatile and make a unique statement no matter where they’re installed.

Stripes Group

Our new Stripes Group joined the Echo Collection and made a splash in 2013. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you can believe it, 2014 is looking to be even more exciting! We’ll be introducing many more fantastic cement tile designs. Even better, we’ve got some great new concrete tile installations to share with you in the coming weeks. It has been been a pleasure sharing 2013 with you, and we can’t wait for this year to unfold.