Get Inspired: Cement Tile Developments on February’s Share Designs Page

With cement tile firmly part of the zeitgeist—we’re seeing it on the pages of design magazines and, more importantly, on walls, floors and backsplashes, it’s no surprise that February has been another particularly busy month on Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page. We also happened to notice our dedicated concrete tile-philes leaning toward springy hues, an impulse that’s partly aesthetic, and, we’d imagine, inspired by a desire to get over winter already.

Today, we thought we’d lead off with a couple of small-scale cement tile designs that caught our attention, timely, given the subject of our most recent post. The first concrete tile installation idea comes courtesy of Julie Wolle, who experimented with Santa Fe, in our six-by-six inch size. For her spin with the cement tile, she chose a range of blues and greens, from a dark midnight to teal and aqua to create a stunning look. The dark blue of the outline really makes each individual concrete tile pop.

Julie Wolle Sant Fe

A range of blues marks Julie Wolle’s interpretation of our Santa Fe cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Tara Robinson was also thinking small in the cement tile design that grabbed our attention. She took another six-by-six inch tile, this time a sweet little concrete tile pattern by the name of Astorga. The simple quatrefoil pattern gets a boost in the form of the yellow crosses at the center of each, while round designs, also in blue, punctuate the field. One look at this tile design, and it just seems to want to be a part of a tile backsplash in a country-French inspired kitchen.

Tara Robinson Astorga

Astorga also gets a jolt of blue, along with some yellow, in Tara Robinson’s take on this smaller-scale cement tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, we can’t let the little guys have all the fun, and so that’s why we were delighted by this combination put together by Micaela Clark, using our Santander tile design. Santander has a special place in our heart, because it is just so versatile in terms of tile installation. In a two-color palette, you’ve got something simple and graphic that would fit into lots of settings. What Micaela does, though, is use several colors, creating a tile design that’s totally mod and perfect for wall tiles when you’re looking for a strong accent statement. (It’s also a great tile design to play around with its layout—you can completely transform the tile design.

Micaela Clark Santander

Using a varied palette, Micaela Clark ups the glamour of Santander, turning it into a bold showpiece that demands attention. Tile photo, Granada Tile.


Stay tuned for more great cement tile installations and tile design tips and ideas in the coming month. There are sure to be some great ones, and we might have a few surprises up our sleeves. Stick around!


Cement Tile Spotlight: Concrete Tile Favorites in Small Packages

While Granada Tile‘s most popular Echo Collection cement tile size is our eight-by-eight inch, we’ve got other sizes for when your project demands something larger or smaller in scale. Today, we wanted to highlight some of our littler guys: our six-by-six inch collection of cement tiles. While the collection features several designs exclusive to the range (see Santiago and Lis for example), it also includes cement tile designs in some of our most beloved patterns, making it a cinch to bring your favorites into your design scheme.

Love Fez? We have great news—it’s one of Echo Collection favorites that’s also available as a six-by-six tile. It has the fantastic, dynamic and bold look of our signature cement tile design—just downsized. If you’re looking to tile a smaller space, say a kitchen backsplash, it’s a great choice. it would be a great, too, for a little pony wall in a kitchen.

Small Fez

Our flagship tile design, from our flagship Echo Collection, Fez also comes in a smaller size—perfect when you want the look but not the scale. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Recently, we’ve seen our clients going gaga for Cluny. It’s the type of cement tile that has just the right balance of simplicity and pattern. Even better, it really lends itself to some great color combinations, depending on your needs. (As with all of our Echo Collection cement tiles, you can customize our six-by-six tiles’ palettes, creating something wholly unique.) And, it also comes in a smaller size, so you can bring classic French style into any space.

Small Cluny

We’ve been thrilled to see our clients use Cluny in lots of projects lately. They’re loving its classic look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The take-away from all of this? No matter what your cement tile installation needs, you can be sure that Granada Tile will have the perfect option for you—and you can customize just about anything.

Breaking News: What’s New with Cement Tile in Print and Online

The Pacific Northwest is synonymous with coffee—some great brews come from the upper left corner of the United States. If you happen to be in Olympia, Washington, near Seattle, be sure to pay a visit to Olympia Coffee Roasting Co., an award-winning micro-roaster with three locations around the city.

Of course, we wouldn’t just be telling you about the place if not for one other, very important detail: The company’s newest outpost just so happens to feature a stunning wall installation of Granada Tile‘s Cluny cement tile design. (You can also check out the design in the new issue of Gray, a title devoted to Pacific Northwest Design, which includes the new space in a round-up of tile ideas.)

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

At the newest Olympia Coffee Roasting location, a wall behind the bar is clad in Cluny cement tiles, creating a lively backdrop for exceptional coffee. Image courtesy Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

Housed in the historic Wildwood Building at the heart of four bustling neighborhoods, the new spot is the first location to be custom-designed and built to the company’s exact specifications and boasts a look that blends minimalism and warmth. There, pale woods and creamy walls offer an elegant space to enjoy a cup. Into this serene environment, Cluny cement tiles add just the right note of flavor, goosing the surroundings with some delicate pattern.

As with some other recent cement tile installations featuring our concrete tiles, this project also has them cladding walls. We love how designers are taking the idea of wall tiles beyond the backsplash and bathroom and bringing them into spaces where paint or traditional paper or fabric wallcoverings would be more often used. It’s a lovely, durable method of bringing color and pattern to walls

If a brand new wall tile installation and magazine coverage weren’t enough, check out Domaine today (if you’ve never visited, you’re in for a treat—the site has everything a home design–obsessed person might need, from fabulous houses to great product ideas). They have a great article on cement tile’s renaissance with a few fabulous shout-outs to Granada Tile’s sensational concrete tile. It seems like all sorts of spaces are coming up cement!

Get Inspired: Recent Happenings on Share Designs

If your New Year’s resolutions included a tile installation project, you’re not alone. It seems that a lot of our intrepid cement tile-philes had cement tile projects on their lists as well. At least that’s what it seems like on Share Designs since the beginning of 2014. Just as the year is shaping up to be a big one for us here at Granada Tile, it looks like it’s going to be a great one for you too! WIth that in mind, we thought we’d show you some of our recent favorites that we spotted on Share Designs.

Frequent readers will know that Fez just got some love in the form of a cement tile installation at the new Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs. The design firm, Mr. Important Design, chose our classic blue-and-white colorway, but there a lots of ways you can tweak the design. For example, Ann Wolf came up with a take that retains a bit of the classic blue but punches it up with some yellow for a sunny concrete tile that would put a bit of spring into your tile backsplash.

Fez Ann Wolf

Ann Wolf added a dose of sunny gold to our Fez cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another fabulous new cement tile installation featuring our concrete tiles can be found in Chicago’s Black Bull. As you might recall, this is a standout project, because of its really inventive use of our cement tiles in the Sofia pattern—they line most of the restaurants’s walls standing in for more traditional paint or wallcoverings. While Black Bull’s designers opted for a bright palette, Kate Flynn went with a primarily pink and rose combination. If you’re thinking of redoing a powder room, say, this delightful color combo would be smashing for the wall tiles.

Kate FLynn Sofia tile design

For Kate Flynn, Sofia becomes soft and subtle in pinks and roses. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Be sure to visit our interactive Echo Collection catalogue—we’ve got some tile designs we think will really float your boat. And be sure to play with colors and layouts to your heart’s content. You will find the ideal concrete tile design to fulfill your own resolution.


Installation Equation: Fez in the Desert

This time of year, snowbirds are flocking to desert locales—Phoenix, Scottsdale, Palm Springs—drawn by the promise of warmth and, this year, a break from the frigid Polar Vortex. If you happen to be one of them and find yourself in Palm Springs, then you need to check out the Hard Rock Hotel there, the newest addition to the Hard Rock family. It also happens to boast a must-see cement tile installation featuring Granada Tile‘s own Echo Collection‘s Fez cement tile design.

As with their other locations, the vibe is glam rock-and-roll, and extends to every corner of the hotel, including Sessions, the pool-adjacent restaurant and bar. Serving a fabulous menu of fresh, local fare with a Southern flair, it’s a hotspot, made hotter by its great design, the work of Mr. Important Design, a firm known for creating glam hospitality spaces.

Fez Sessions Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

A course of Fez, our flagship cement tile design, marks the bar area at Sessions, the restaurant at the new Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs. Image courtesy Mister Important Design.

Walking in, it’s a mix of warm browns and luxe textures. The floors are covered with a rich, distressed looking wood. On the walls, irregularly spaced and sized carved panels add dimension and an unexpected twist to the typical treatment, and turned-wood spindles serve as screens.

Fez appears at the bar, adding a jolt of color to the otherwise neutral palette. The velvety feel of the cement tiles also plays well against the more rough-hewn textures of the woods on the walls and floors. It serves as an inviting path to the bar itself—the cement tiles cover a portion of the floor and run up the wall, providing an unbroken line of stunning pattern..

As the new Hard Rock Hotel proves, Palm Springs isn’t your grandparents sleepy desert town anymore. It’s brimming with the chic details that the city is now known for. If you’re in Palm Springs, be sure to drop by. And, if you love Modern design, be all means try and plan a trip in the next couple of weeks—the city’s legendary Modernism week is kicking off February 13 and will showcase some of the best and most iconic design around.


Get Inspired: Big in 2014!

As you’ve probably noticed, 2014 is shaping up to be a big year here at Granada Tile. We’ve already had some amazing coverage of our sensational cement tile in magazines in the last month, and we’ve been delighted by tile pictures our clients have been sending us of their own concrete tile installations. Is it something in the air? It sure could be.

If you happened to check out Apartment Therapy recently, then you might have seen their list of top bathroom trends. Since you’re reading the Cement Tile Blog, you can probably guess why we were so excited: The site’s editors included cement tile floors as one of the top five trends for the year, noting they take “otherwise simple rooms, and make them feel handmade and special”—and they included a link to Emily Henderson’s fabulous Country Living House of the Year, which features Granada Tile’s Fez cement tile design.

Of course, while cement tiles are a wonderful choice for bathroom floor tiles, that doesn’t mean they don’t have oodles of other applications. As we’ve recently seen, seemingly the only limit to creating a marvelous cement tile installation is your own creativity. Cement tile works in a kitchen—in any space where you might need a little dash of color and pattern.

Design Vidal kitchen

Have a spot that needs a little spicing up? Cement tile is a great choice to liven things up as Karen and Guy Vidal, the minds behind Design Vidal, did in a Los Angeles kitchen. Photos by Design Vidal.

Outside, cement tiles can make quite an impact too, when you use them in expected ways. We’re big fans of tables topped with cement tiles. Just take a simple metal frame and top with cement tiles and voila! A custom table. Not to mention, you can create a knockout fire pit.

Granada Tile fire pit Vogue

Irene Neuwirth’s Granada Tile–faced fire pit adds an extra dimension to an outdoor seating area. Image via Vogue.

We also noticed a great kitchen tile backsplash featuring cement tile in the February issue of House Beautiful. The project isn’t online yet, but try and hunt down a copy for yourself. It’s a great concrete tile installation and could easily translate using some of Granada Tile’s own cement tile designs. Backsplashes are just one more spot where some concrete tile can completely transform a space.

Keep your eyes on this space! We’ve got plenty of news coming in the next few months. It’s going to be a great year!