Breaking News: Granada Tile’s Sensational Cement Tile around the Web!

We might be repeating ourselves just a bit, but we’re really blown away by people’s growing passion for cement tile—it might be close to reaching our levels of concrete tile love. It seems like not a month goes by without another magazine feature or article online about concrete tile—and specifically cement tile from Granada Tile. In just the last couple of weeks alone, we’ve been featured twice.

She Knows Home & Garden did a great interview with Melanie and showcased some favorite cement tile installation photos. In the conversation, Melanie touched on some of the trends we’ve been seeing over the last few months: Our clients are really flipping for our graphic cement tile designs rendered in black and white. (Think Cluny, Santander and Badajoz.) Melanie also gave some helpful tips for those wanting to experiment with color, pattern and cement tile for the first time. She suggests starting small, if you’re hesitant, using concrete tile in a laundry room installation first, before moving on to bigger, more public spaces. Using a tile palette that echoes other colors in your space is also a great idea, Melanie points out.


Our cement tile is part of a new trend on Instagram—#floorcore. Find out what it’s all about. Image via Instagram.

Our sensational cement tile also made a guest appearance on Lonny recently on a fun new trend on Instagram—#floorcore! For the uninitiated, #floorcore means photographing your feet standing on a cool surface (maybe wearing a sassy pair of flats or some really great boots). Included in the slideshow are floors covered in leopard print carpet, particle board, even stone in Italy. Granada Tile makes an appearance, with a Lonny editor standing on the now-iconic Fez cement tile installation at Intelligentsia Coffee in Silver Lake.

Stick around! Given that our concrete tiles are flying off the shelves, we’ll have lots more tile installation photos to share with you. Who knows, you’re project might be one of them! And, it goes without saying, that we’d love to see your #floorcore shots! Send them our way!

Installation Equation: Where Barbeque Meets Cement Tile

If you love barbeque and cement tile and happen to live in Los Angeles, run, don’t walk to Horse Thief BBQ. It’s a new joint for ribs, brisket and all the trimmings located at the historic Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.

Horse Thief BBQ also, if you haven’t guessed already (given how transparent we are), has a fabulous cement tile installation featuring Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tile. For the bar back splash tiles, the owners chose our stunning, graphic Santander tile design for the space, and it really captures what we love about these particular concrete tiles.

Horse Thief Santander

One of the new additions to the burgeoning Downtown LA dining scene, Horse Thief BBQ brings awesome ribs, not to mention stunning cement tile, to the mix. The owners chose our Santander tile design for the bar back splash tiles. Tile photo courtesy Horse Thief BBQ.

If you check out the tile design on our Echo Collection‘s interactive catalogue, you’ll notice that it’s a very simple pattern—just a series of four wide lines set on the diagonal. On the site, we show it in graphic black and white (that’s what they chose at Horse Thief too), but it’s a great tile design to use if you’re interested in playing with some color. It also has virtually limited layout possibilities, as you can see from the Horse Thief tile installation photo. You can create an interesting diamond pattern or lay them out going the same direction to create a chic diagonal effect. Even installing them in a random pattern is a fun option (check out this tile photo if you don’t believe us).

For folks who haven’t been down there in a while or if you’re planning a visit to LA, definitely check out Horse Thief BBQ—it’s right across from Angel’s Flight aka the Shortest Railway in the World. And don’t forget to explore. Downtown is totally having its moment and the ribs give you one more reason to mosey on down—and not just for the cement tile.

There is an Amazing Array of Colors and Styles Cement Tiles have to Offer

So you finally decided to change out that old and outdated tile in your master bathroom. You were hoping to get at least 20 more years out of it, but the spouse vehemently disagreed. Well, we have to side with the wife on this one. If your tile is that old, there could be leaking that you are unaware of. Not only that, there is an amazing array of colors and styles cement tiles have to offer. Here are a few tips when considering new tile for your bathroom.

You will no doubt take your time and choose your tiles very carefully. You should take equal consideration when discovering the correct adhesives, mattings and profiles to ensure your new tiles will give you years of trouble-free pleasure.

It is essential in wet rooms, such as showers, that you tile onto a water resistant background. Those who don’t heed this advice will discover why this is the most common cause of tiling failures in bathrooms.

Not all that long ago, tiling on suspended wood floors was impractical and inadvisable. But the advancement of adhesive technology has changed this rule. Today, the vast majority of wood floors can be tiled.

Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on those bold and bright tiles. We think you should choose a tile that makes a statement. Choose a tile design that expresses your personality. Be a trendsetter.

Prepare to spend both time and money. You are adding value to your home so you want to make sure to do it right. In the end, you will discover that once again, your spouse was right.


Cement Tile Spotlight: Drawing on Italy and France for Cement Tile Inpsiration

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared many new introductions to Granada Tile‘s flagship Echo Collection of sensational cement tile. If you thought we were finished, though, think again! We’ve been really busy coming up with fabulous new concrete tile designs meant to expand and enhance our current offerings of cement tiles.

Let’s start with Mimbres, which blends star and strap work motifs to create a complex, elegant cement tile design. With a large scale pattern such as this, it’s an obvious choice for a floor tile installation so you can see its strong lines across a wide space. We’re also intrigued by the use of black and silver—black for the ground and silver to outline the strap work design. Paired this way, it lends a blurring effect and softens the crispness of the concrete tile design.


Granada Tile’s new Mimbres cement tile design blends two traditional motifs—strap work and star patterns—into a bold, complex tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re interested in a large scale cement tile design but are looking for something with a little less pattern, you might want to consider Napoli. We think this cement tile design would lend itself well to a floor tile design in an entry way—you could also try it in a bathroom for a chic, formal feel.  Here were show it in midnight and white, but it would also be terrific done in simple black and white to really evoke Neapolitan roots.


A pattern of circles inset with abstract motifs, Napoli is a stunning, large scale tile design that would fit in myriad spaces. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Last but not least, we’re pleased to introduce you to Pontedera. In contrast to Nimbres and Napoli, Pontedera offers a smaller-scale design, which would shine in more compact spaces—think tile back splash or bathroom tile to name a few spots where you could use this shield-shape cement tile design.


Using Pontedera, one of Granada Tile’s other new cement tile designs, in your next tile installation would bring a dash of elegant simplicity. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We’ve got lots more to come. This year promises to bring every more sensational cement tile designs to you—and not just from our Echo Collection. Look for new cement tile designs from our other ranges as well. There will be color and pattern galore.


Cement Tile Spotlight: Even More Sensational New Cement Tile Designs

If you hadn’t noticed it by now, the last few months have been busy ones for Granada Tile, design-wise. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve introduced you to several of our newest members of our Echo Collection.

How about bringing the flair of Spain to your next wall tile installation? If so, we’ve got the perfect suggestion: Toledo. How can you not love a concrete tile design that brings the flavor of classic Spanish tile designs into your project? With a simple geometric pattern, the pattern is lively and energetic. Even though its sources are centuries old, it looks fresh and modern—at home in pretty much any style of space.


Granada Tile’s new Toledo cement tile design will bring the feel of classic Spanish design to your next cement tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another new addition to our Echo Collection is Perpignan, which takes its name from the city in southern France, not too far from the border with Spain. It too gathers ts inspiration from traditional motifs, with the result being a chic, formal look that lends itself to a floor tile installation or even a wall tile installation when you want a depth and richness that wallpaper doesn’t offer. While we show it here in three colors, this would look terrific in just two contrasting shades. Or, you could really go wild and add several more hues to your palette.


For a more complex, traditional cement tile installation, Perpignan offers classic motifs and elegant formality. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Stay tuned! We’ve got lots more big cement tile news to share with you in the coming weeks and months. From new tile designs to a new way to shop for cement tile, we’ve got some big announcements brewing. Keep checking back frequently to get the latest from Granada Tile.


Cement Tile Spotlight: Meet Some New Cement Tile Additions to Our Echo Collection

Last week, we had the pleasure of introducing you to several of Granada Tile‘s newest sensational cement tile designs from our flagship Echo Collection. Inspired by the decorative motifs of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico, the concrete tiles offer an assortment of simple, stunning geometric looks. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to two more cement tile designs. This time, though, they take they’re decorative cues from across the Atlantic. We mined the traditions of Ireland to come up with a pair of 10-by-10-inch concrete tile designs that capture the essence of Irish design.

First up, there’s Connemara, a cement tile design that takes its name from the district in western Ireland. It has the hallmarks of Celtic design, albeit pared down a bit, with its pattern of repeating geometric forms (octagons, diamonds and squares). Given its size and complexity, this is a fabulous option for your floor tile. We could easily see it covering the kitchen floor in a countrified space, complete with rough-hewn wood surfaces, for a symphony of compelling textures.


One of Granada Tile’s newest sensational cement tile designs, Connemara blends geometric shapes for a contemporary take on classic Irish design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For serious Gaelic flavor, there’s also Galway, the namesake of the city known as Ireland’s cultural heart. As befitting the city itself, the concrete tile design speaks to the rich decorative tradition of the country. The concrete tile design features a complex pattern of Celtic knots and strapwork that suggests the illuminated manuscripts and silver work of centuries past. As with its fellow Irish-inspired design, its large-scale pattern makes it a wonderful choice for a floor tile installation. It also lends itself to lots of compelling palette ideas—from simple neutrals to bold contrasting shades.


For a more traditional take on Irish motifs, our new tile design Galway is the perfect choice. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

What if you love both cement tile designs and can’t choose between them? Well, it just so happens that these patterns looks absolutely wonderful when paired together. If you decide to do it, you’ll have a cement tile design that’s unique, complex and totally phenomenal.

Connemara-Galway carpet

Want to go bold with your cement tile installation? Try using both Connemara and Galway for a really amazing look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The possibilities with these two tile designs are pretty endless, as you can see. Head over to our interactive catalogue to experiment with color and layout to create your own vibrant cement tile installation.


Installation Equation: Cluny Adds Flair to a Houston Bungalow

We were so thrilled when our client, designer/builder Elena deLaunay sent us photos of a kitchen tile installation in a Houston bungalow that we had to learn more about the hows and whys of the project—because it’s simply smashing. With a simple palette and simple materials, she made a small space come to life and showcased Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles, in our Cluny pattern, in a ravishing way.

It turns out this wasn’t the first time she had used our concrete tiles, which she had first come across in a magazine, in a tile installation. “I used them first in an entryway at a house I was helping decorate—and then in a more extensive installation ,” deLaunay reports. “I chose them because, one, they’re durable, and, two, because of the range of colors and their matte finish. I love how you  can do different patterns within the space. On a porch, I did two ‘area rugs.'”

For this project, the cement tiles were originally specified for her own bathroom floor and back splash, but, since this project happened to have priority, “I thought I’d try it in this house first,” she says. “It adds a pretty striking pattern and the large tile keep it from being too busy.”

Houston Cluny tile isntallation

Designer/builder Elena deLaunay covered the walls on either side of a Houston bungalow’s kitchen with cement tile in Granada Tile’s Cluny tile design. Tile photo, Elena deLaunay.

The space, in what she calls a “nondescript” 1,300-square-foot house, takes its design cues in part from the California-Mediterranean–style entryway. “We redid the interior with that as the theme, stained the floors dark and tiled around the fireplace,” she says. She chose a black-and-white palette throughout and opted for the kitchen’s cement tiles in the same shades. In a clever touch, she used the same cement tile from the back splash on the kick plates below the cabinets, creating a seamless look with the tiles.

Now the kitchen is light and bright, due to a new set of French doors on one end and the removal of a wall, and has a hint of dynamic pattern with our cement tiles prominently featured. The result is a knock-out of a kitchen.









One Way to Add a Little Pizzazz Back into Your Kitchen is by Simply Changing or Adding Backsplash Tile Around Your Sink

Remodeling your kitchen will set you back quite a few dollars. It’s something that you cannot afford to do every few years. However, one way to add a little pizzazz back into your kitchen is by simply changing or adding backsplash tile around your sink. This is an inexpensive undertaking that can be completed without moving cabinets or appliances. And with the limitless assortment of available cement tiles, any look can be achieved.

Keep in mind that complex and colorful tiles look best when paired with solid colored countertops. This way you avoid clashing, not unlike wearing plaid pants with a striped shirt. So if you have counters that lack in charisma, spice them up with colorful and daring tiles.

Wrapping backsplash tiles around the entire kitchen will give a sense of visual continuity. This will give a small space a larger look. This is also an excellent way to make your bathroom look bigger than it really is.

Ask any interior designer about an inexpensive way to add color and style to your kitchen and they will tell you to create a focal point around your cooking area. We think this is a fabulous idea. Cement tile can be utilized around your stove for an expensive look that didn’t empty your wallet. With the array of vivid colors and unique patterns, you will find it quite easy to discover a look that is right for you.

If you are ready to give your kitchen a new look without spending thousands of dollars, give us a call. Better still, check out our full line of sensational cement tiles online and discover a look that is perfect for you.

Get Inspired: Meet Some Additions to Our Echo Collection’s Line of Sensational Cement Tiles

If you’ve spent some time on Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection catalogue in the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve added some sensational cement tile designs into the mix. And, as you probably could guess, the tile patterns range from crisp, geometric looks to more classic designs. If you’ve got a back splash or bathroom tile or floor tile project, or if you’re looking to spice up a wall with tile, you should take a look at these concrete tile designs.

Today, we thought we’d show a few of our new tile designs with a Western flair. Named after places in the United States (and Mexico), they have a graphic sensibility that calls to mind the landscapes from which they take their names. First up, there’s Four Corners, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this tile design—it features a pattern of squares inset with squares and finishing with a diamond shape in the center. The simple pattern belies the level of complexity you can create with this tile design. It would be a great one to really experiment with color.

Four Corners

With a simple, effective pattern of squares inset with squares, Four Corners is a quiet, yet graphic tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

When we first saw Yuma, we went tile-wild! We adore the exaggerated pinwheel pattern that the concrete tiles takes on. If you like, though, you could also install the cement tiles so that the notches all go in one direction or face each other, two other options that can create a bold tile installation. Since it looks so good arranged with four tiles each to create the pattern, it’s a good choice to go over a lot of area, say a kitchen floor or an accent wall in another space.


Our Yuma cement tile design features an exaggerated pinwheel pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Last but not least on our Western adventure is Juarez, named for the city in Mexico right across the border from El Paso, Texas. Rather than squares, this concrete tile design gets its good looks from stripes (and suggests a kinship with our Stripes Range of Echo Collection concrete tiles). It’s another great cement tile that gives you plenty of ways to experiment with color and with layout.


Juarez, another new cement tile design, gets its good looks from stripes of color. Experiment with your palette to make this tile design distinctly your own. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Stay tuned. We’ve got so many more sensational cement tile designs, and we’re so excited to share them with you. In the meantime, visit our Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue for a sneak peak or to experiment with colors and layout ideas. And, given how chic these designs are, you can be certain you’ll see them featured here in our clients’ new installations in the coming months—not to mention on the pages of magazines.


Installation Equation: Normandy for a Refined Cement Tile Backsplash

Peruse Granada Tile‘s interactive Echo Collection catalogue of sensational cement tile designs, and you’ll see patterns galore. Some are thoroughly modern, with a hip geometric feel that would be right at home in a midcentury modern bathroom tile installation, while others boast classic motifs that could have plucked right from the floor of an ancient castle. Regardless of your design sensibility, our selection of concrete tile can’t be beat. What if you want to bring a touch of tradition into a modern space, though? As you can imagine, we’ve got a great idea for that, too.

For this kitchen tile installation, our clients opted for sleek, European-style cabinetry in a warm gray shade, pairing it with neutral tiles on the floor and a counter top in an equally muted hue. In a space that could have been very stark, though, they brought in elements to warm things up. The Shaker-style stools at the bar provide a dose of texture with their woven seats, and the farmhouse table brings a fun, lively pop of color to the room.

Normandy kitchen

More traditional elements, including Granada Tile’s Normandy tile design on the back splash, combine to temper the sleek, contemporary look of the cabinets in a kitchen. Photo by Leo Wesson.

Bringing more texture and a little pattern is our favorite element: the back splash’s Granada Tile cement tiles in our Normandy tile design. The pattern works really well in this installation because it has a great, traditional feel—think the pattern’s quatrefoil shape that suggests Gothic design—but has been pared down to its essential elements. The result is a modern take on an antique look, making it a great match for a more contemporary space. What’s more, the clients’ choice of a neutral palette means it harmonizes well with the kitchen’s other features and makes a quiet statement.

Want to see how you can experiment with color and pattern in your project? Explore our cement tile catalogues online. Our flagship Echo Collection offers your countless combinations for every conceivable style. No matter your needs—bathroom tile, kitchen tile or floor or wall tile—we’ve got some great choices.