Cluny Cement Tiles and Coffee


When people think of coffee and our tile, Fez has been the pattern that usually comes to mind. But lately, we’ve seen a new combination: our Cluny tile has popped up in a couple of coffee bars and we couldn’t be happier with the result!  (take a look at how that wall tile pops against the simple wood shelves and the white counter)

At Olympia Coffee in Washington State, Cluny adds a touch of elegant whimsy to the otherwise spare space.  In fact, it’s such a great pairing that the design shows up on the cafe’s resusable to-go cups!  Talk about the best part of waking up!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.44.08 AM


Over on the other side of the country, at New York City’s Blue Bottle Coffee, Cluny dances with Fez across the shop’s tile floor for an eye-popping combination that shook our design mind wide awake.



Isn’t that beautiful?  We even created a little tutorial on how to recreate the look in your own home.

Looking for a way to wake up your home?  Consider our Cluny tile.  And did we mention that it’s easy care, low maintenance and long lasting?



Behind The Cement Tile: Badajoz


With its striking geometric cross, Badajoz conjures up the city at the intersection of Moorish and Catholic Spain.  Nestled against the border of Portugal, Badajoz was a major Moorish center beginning in the 8th century, when it was conquered by the Moors and remained under their rule until 1086 when it was invaded by Christian rulers under the reign of Alfonso IV of Castile.  In black and white, it offers a striking underline to the strong lines in this Portland kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Design.

700_500_1396830266Of course, the other beautiful qualities of our cement tile is that its easy care, long lasting and low maintenance.  All great reasons to consider concrete tiles for your next project.


4 Great Granada Cement Tile Kitchens To Inspire You

Is your plain Jane kitchen bringing you down?  Often, all a dull kitchen needs is a shot of our tiles in the backsplash, or a wash of their color and pattern across the floor, to bring it to joyous, glorious life.  Just imagine how these kitchens would’ve looked if they’d decided to go with white tiles instead!



Our Fez tile in black and white makes this kitchen glow with exotic possibilities.



Black and white Cluny tiles unify a farmhouse sink and a modern stainless steel stove.




Normandy tiles in white and grey let this streamlined kitchen show off its country side.



Badajoz tiles in black and white make this kitchen dance with personality

And, of course, cement tiles have the added bonus of being easy care, low maintenance and long lasting.  Need help picking out the best concrete tiles for your kitchen?  Call us on 213.482.8070 and we’ll be happy to help you bring your kitchen to life.

4 Restful Granada Cement Tile Bathrooms



Here at Granada Tile, as you might imagine, we are firm believers that a restful retreat doesn’t have to be white.  If you don’t believe us, just check out these four bathrooms with their luxurious tubs   They’re proof that an imaginative blush of color mixed with an analogous neutral can provide as much of a respite against the worries of the world as a monochrome palette.  And what better way to add life to your bathroom than with our beautiful cement tiles?


Cluny cement tile, take us away!  Paired with a clawfoot tub and a sunny setting?  Cares begone!

P-St. Tropez bathroom Marcia IMG_6934

St Tropez cement tiles give this bathroom a je ne sais quoi.


Chantilly cement tile gives this bathroom the decadence of a Roman bath.

P-AlexandraBecket-GranadaTile Sofia HR Clawfoot tubSofia cement tile floor plus green tiled walls plus Staghorn ferns equal zen calm.

And, of course, encaustic tiles have a other qualities that make them a natural and beautiful choice for a bathroom floor or a bathroom wall: easy care, long lasting and low maintenance.  Need help finding the concrete tiles that will bring out the best in your bathroom?  Call us for assistance: 213.482.8070.


Cluny Cement Tiles and Olympia Coffee

We love our coffee over here at Granada Tile so we’re always delighted to be selected to shine in another coffee shop, whether in a tile floor or on a tile wall.   From Fez at Intelligensia in Los Angeles to a mix of Fez and Cluny at Blue Bottle Coffee in New York, Granada tile and coffee are a match made in caffeine heaven!  To add to the list, Olympia Coffee in Washington State.  Here our Cluny tiles not only add a note of old world charm to the otherwise stark, modern space, but the tile’s design also appears on the shop’s popular, reusable coffee cups.  Check out their tile walls!




Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.44.08 AM


Of course, concrete tiles have three other qualities that make them a natural choice for any home or restaurant project: they’re easy care, long lasting and hard wearing.

Breaking News: Custom Kitchen Cement Tiles On The Cover of Tribeza Magazine

Last week we shared about the custom cement tiles we created for the wall and backsplash of a Texan kitchen that propelled it onto the cover of Bungalow.  Here’s another view of that same kitchen, this time gracing the cover of the January interiors edition of Tribeza, another Austin-based publication.  In this photo, the concrete tile backsplash shares center stage with the smiling family.  We’d smile too if we were waking up to these kitchen tiles!  They’re modern, with a hint of deco jazziness, and the black, white and grey color scheme is a great counterpoint to the simple cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, adding warmth and playfulness to a space that’s all about bringing the family together to nourish body and soul.  On our part we’re over the moon that this kitchen (and our custom cement tile) made the cover of two magazines.  Perhaps we should hashtag it Texas Tile Tuesday?



Cement tiles are perfect for any kitchen project not just for their beauty but for the other qualities that make it perfect for this hardworking room: they’re easy care, long lasting and low maintenance.  Not quite sure which encaustic tiles to pick for your own kitchen?  We found this post on Houzz to be quite useful.  Start with our Echo Collection’s interactive catalog: pick the design you like and play with the colors you’re thinking about. Save your personalized tiles to my portfolio.  Of course, we’re always here to help you create the perfect concrete tile design for your space.

In The News: Custom Kitchen Cement Tiles On The Cover Of Bungalow Magazine

Talk about a terrific tile Tuesday!  The custom cement tiles we created for a Texan kitchen designed and built by Adam Talianchich of Austin-based Hatchworks, added up to more than just great style.  Coupled with pale blue walls and sleek cabinetry, the bold pattern of this concrete kitchen tile backsplash has a big impact.  In fact, their one two punch of bold pattern landed us on the cover of not one but two Texas-based magazines.  Here we share the first: Bungalow, A Texas Guide To Urban Living.


Are you looking to add a touch of beauty to your kitchen?  Cement tiles are not only reknowned for their unique pattern and vivid color but for three other qualities that make them the perfect choice for a kitchen, one of the hardest working room in your house. Easy care, long lasting and low maintenance they’ll look beautiful in your home for years to come.  Call us today at 213-482-8070 to discuss bringing the beauty, timelessness and easy care of concrete tiles into your home.

Our St. Tropez Cement Tiles Add Up To A Beautiful Bathroom Floor

Klara Phillips of 1TwoThree Home Design in Burbank, California recently completed this bathroom update.  A carpet of our St. Tropez tiles turns a stock bathroom into something beautiful, timeless and endlessly delightful.  Which cement tiles are you going to use to bring some life to your bathroom?

master bath


master bath vanity

master bath entry door


Whether on the floor or on the wall (or both!) concrete tiles bring beauty to your bathroom. Adding in their other qualities — long lasting, easy care and low maintenance — equals a space that you’ll love and enjoy for a long time!  Call us at 213-482-8070 today to discuss how cement tiles can add beauty to your home.