Get The Look: Granada Tile’s Normandy Cement Tiles For Good Kitchen Design

Granada Tile’s Normandy Cement Tiles Are The Foundation For Good Kitchen Design In This Brooklyn Renovation

Are you considering a new kitchen? Is your Pinterest board full of kitchen design ideas? For this reason, you might want to add this gorgeous Brooklyn kitchen renovation. Seen in Architectural Digest, the kitchen design rests on its cement floor tile. The kitchen floor tile is very similar to our Normandy cement tile. Custom-colored in black, white and grey they’re an outstanding foundation for this kitchen design.Get the look of this kitchen, designed by David Natasi, using Granada Tile's Normandy Cement TilesDavid Natasi of Natasi Vail combined the exuberant pattern of the concrete tiles with steely grey cabinetry. Furthermore, he added the jewelry of gold hardware. Then he brought in industrial lamps, white subway tiles and a large butcher block center island.Get the look of this kitchen, designed by David Natasi, using Granada Tile's Normandy Cement TilesUltimately, it’s the ebullient, feminine design of the tile pattern that ties it all together. For instance, it balances the sombre grey of the cabinets. Similarly, it’s a good counterpoint to the studiousness of the black accents. Get the look of this kitchen, designed by David Natasi, using Granada Tile's Normandy Cement TilesFurthermore, the joyous design makes the kitchen welcoming.Get the look of this kitchen, designed by David Natasi, using Granada Tile's Normandy Cement TilesWhat are your kitchen design plans? We’ve got over 40 colors and 400 designs for you to choose from. Check out our interactive catalogue. Many of our most popular styles are in stock. Our handmade encaustic tiles are long lasting, easy care and low maintenance. Need help picking the perfect design for your home or restaurant tile project? Call us at 213-788-4238. In our opinion, we’re sure you’ll fall in love before the grout even dries.

photos: Genevieve Garruppo

Installation Equation: In a Brooklyn Kitchen, Cluny Sets a Chic Tone

Have we mentioned lately how much people love Cluny? Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. It seems like hardly a day goes by without one of Granada Tile‘s clients sending us new tile installation photos of projects with our Cluny cement tile design front and center, and we in turn share the projects with you. Earlier this week we showed you a non-traditional use of Cluny—in a fireplace installation. Today, we’ve got a project that showcases Cluny in a kitchen tile back splash with absolutely terrific results.

Today’s new concrete tile installation featuring Cluny comes out of Brooklyn and is a ravishing cement tile back splash. The feel of the space is distinctly traditional and simple, though a few modern touches add a bit of unexpected flair. Cabinets have inset panels and are enlivened by more contemporary hardware, while the sink feels as if it could fit happily into a country kitchen somewhere. Our clients relied on our Cluny cement tile design (along with a a collection of plates hung across the soffit) to bring color and pattern to the space. The juxtaposition creates a fun contrast between the more abstract design on the plates, and the concrete tiles’ more traditional pattern.

Brooklyn Cluny Kitchen

Our clients kept things simple, palette-wise, in their Brooklyn kitchen, going for a simple yet graphic black-and-white, which extends to the Cluny cement tiles they chose for their tile back splash. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Are you interested in using our Cluny cement tile in an upcoming project? We carry it in stock in three sensational color combinations: classic white and black; chic neutral taupe, chocolate and coffee; and bold chocolate, white and sky for when you really want to make a statement with your tile installation. Of course, you can also work with us to create the concrete tile design in a custom color way so you can make your project as unique as you are.