Cement Tiles Around the World (Infographic)

Cement Tiles Around the World (Infographic)


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Get Inspired: From Morocco With Love

Few places are more synonymous with tile—all types of tiles—than Morocco. Your mind (at least our cement-tile-obsessed minds here at Granada Tile) immediately conjure up images of stately riads with their dreamy interior courtyards and surfaces covered with jewel-like tiles.

Over the years, Marcos and Melanie have made several trips to the country, traveling throughout for inspiration for our own collection of cement tiles. (You can take a look at some of their wonderful cement tile photos here.) The colors and patterns they’ve discovered have informed many concrete tile designs in our collection and the stunning cities have even lent their names to a few.

There’s Fez, of course, our Echo Collection‘s flagship cement tile design. It’s a simple pattern of small squares and diamonds that looks sensational just about anywhere. Installed in a kitchen tile backsplash it strikes just the right note of sophistication and fun. It also looks amazing placed just about anywhere else, from bathroom tiles to floor tiles lining an exterior entrance—when you want to make just the right statement.


With our Fez cement tile design, your next tile installation will brim with chic. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

Rabat is another wonderful cement tile design that takes its name and much of its inspiration from Morocco. The trellis pattern is low-key but elegant and fits just about any cement tile installation need you might have. Looking for some cement tile for your bathroom tile or for your kitchen tile? It’s a great choice and can be customized to match your preferred palette (as you know all of our cement tiles can).


A trellis pattern, such as our Rabat tile design, is always a great choice for your next concrete tile installation. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little bolder that can capture the intensity of color and pattern that overflows in Morocco, look no further than Tangier. For this concrete tile design, dynamism is the name of the game. With its swooping, graceful curves, it’s a complex cement tile design worthy of center stage in your next tile installation.


You can get much more bold and animated than our Tangier concrete tile design. It’s a look that calls for a prime location in your next project. Cement tile photo, Granada Tile.

Our other concrete tile collections also bring some of the flavor of Morocco. Both our Minis collection, with its zellige-like small cement tile tiles, and our Mauresque collection have a feeling for Morocco. Explore them all as you plan your next cement tile installation.

For some further reading about Granada Tile and our wonderful concrete tile, be sure to check out this coverage of our Stripes collection in the Houston Chronicle. They’re big fans of the cement tile named after their city!


Get the Look: Inspired by the Sensational Cement Tile of Morocco

Last week we shared some mouth-watering cement tile spotted on one of Melanie and Marcos’s trips to Morocco. (As you might recall, we have so many great tile pictures, we just couldn’t resist showing you a few more.) This week, as we often do, we wanted to give you some pointers on how to get the look of some of those concrete tiles using Granada Tile‘s own cement tile designs. Not surprisingly, it’s a cinch, given that so many of our concrete tile designs have a decidedly Moroccan flair.

One of our favorite tile installations happens to be a creative use of border tile found on a shop floor on Rabat. Rather than having the border serve as the accent, it serves as a subtle focal point of the tile installation. Getting the look from Granada Tile means choosing a solid tile such as a one in an earthy terracotta from our Echo Collection and pairing it with our Saragosa corner and border tiles.

Echo Border

Pairing a solid tile from Granada Tile’s Echo Collection with the range’s corner and border tile offerings creates a look similar to one spotten in Morocco. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another favorite tile photo from the visit has to be the simple concrete floor tile installation featuring simple geometric forms in blue and white. The tile carpet created is elegant and can be effortlessly recreated using our Torino tile design in just two hues.


To capture the look of a cement tile floor in Morocco, try using Granada Tile’s Torino tile design—a classic tile pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For more Moroccan inspiration visit our Echo Collection catalogue of cement tile and be sure to visit our historic tile installation pages, where you can find all sorts of ideas. Who knows, your next backsplash tile project or bathroom tile installation might just have a little bit of Morocco in it.

Living History: More Sensational Cement Tile from Morocco

If you love tile in all its shapes, sizes, colors and media, there are few better places to soak it all up and get inspired than in Morocco. The country has such a rich tradition of tile that it’s impossible to spend any time there without being delighted by its stunning variety. Besides the traditional glazed-and-fired ceramic tiles for which it’s rightfully famous, Morocco has a wonderful tradition of cement tiles too. A while back we shared some tile photos of concrete tiles found around the country. At Granada Tile, we have so so many tile pictures, though, that we thought it might be nice to share a couple more tile pictures with you to get inspired.

We thought this cement tile pathway was totally dreamy. Spotted in Marrakech, it’s a simple tile installation, but its classic decorative motifs make it a knockout and show how fantastic borders can be—really upping the visual ante wherever they’re installed. You can also see just how effective sticking with a simple palette in just several shades of a single color can be.

blue tile

Simple geometric patterns make for a stunning tile installation in Marrakech. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We seem to be a little obsessed with borders these days. Maybe it was Tuesday’s post featuring all of Granada Tile‘s great cement tile border and corner options, but we can’t seem to get enough of them. If you’re looking for a creative, out-of-the-box way to do a concrete tile border, look no further than this tile picture of a concrete tile floor in a Rabat bookstore. Instead of framing a cement tile installation, the border tiles become the focal point themselves as they snake along the floor against a solid field. The tile design provides just a hint of color and a dollop of visual interest—perfect when you’re interested in making a low-key statement.

Morocco border floor

A subtle tile installation featuring border tiles flows across a Rabat store floor. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Check back soon for some ideas on how you can bring the look of Morocco into your next cement tile installation using tile designs from our Echo Collection as well as some of our other sensational cement tile lines. Given that it’s a tile hotspot, you won’t be surprised to find many of Granada Tile‘s cement tile designs take their cues from the country.


Living History: On the Hunt for Cement Tile in Morocco

When you think of cement tile, you immediately think of Granada Tile, and when you think of historic tile design, we’re sure that the vivid colors and exciting patterns of Moroccan tile installations springs to mind. Did you know that Morocco has a rich tradition of cement tile too? Today, we’ll take you on a tile photo tour of the country and introduce you to some of the amazing concrete tiles found there.

Our intrepid cement tile–spotters spied this one on the floor of a bookstore in Rabat. It’s got the lively, intricate pattern that’s a hallmark of Moroccan tile design, but it’s rendered in concrete.

A classic Moroccan tile design rendered in cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

As luck would have it, we’ve also got a wonderful cement tile design very similar to this. It’s Alhambra, and it’s fantastic. From our Echo Collection, the concrete tile pattern would make a stunning bathroom tile installation or kitchen tile installation.

Alhambra, inspired by traditional Moroccan tile designs, makes a lovely statement in a tile backsplash. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another wonderful tile installation we ran across in Morocco popped up on a floor in Marrakech. It departs from the country’s traditional tile designs. Instead it’s reminiscent of fireworks, with the bright pops of red against the earthy green.

Bright cement tiles found on a floor in Marrakech, Morocco. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to our historic tile installation page for more tile pictures of Moroccan cement tile installations. Be sure to also check out our Minis Collection, which also takes its cues from traditional zelliges.

Granada Tile’s Minis Collection has a Moroccan flavor. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

They come in a range of vibrant colors and some stunning neutrals and are a great choice for kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles. Happy looking!


Get to Know: The Minis Collection

Go to Morocco and you’ll immediately see the most recognizable feature of the country’s architecture: the zellige. A type of ceramic tile work that dates from the 10th century, zellige are laid out in elaborate, often multicolored patterns and adorn countless surfaces.

Here at Granada Tile, our passion for tile has taken us all over the world, including Morocco, and we of course fell in love with zellige! In fact, we liked them so much that zellige inspired one of our newest lines of cement tile—our Minis Collection of concrete tile.

Inspired by Moroccan zellige, the Minis Collection of cement tile is one of Granada Tile’s newest collection of concrete tile. Image, Granada Tile.

Unlike their Moroccan counterparts, though, Granada Tile crafts the Minis Collection of cement. It’s a key and important difference, because concrete makes the tiles stronger and less like to chip, offering superior durability. They’re also a more eco-friendly choice, since the cement tiles are air-cured rather than kiln-fired (no thick, choking smoke from our production process).

Granada Tile offers two patterns and multiple color options to choose from, which means the Minis Collection of concrete tile offers plenty of choices for every project, be they residential or commercial. Try the Star Cross pattern for a traditional zellige look and then tweak it by using unexpected color combinations. For a wave-like effect, the Escama pattern is just the ticket.  Use the Minis Collection of concrete tiles inside and out (except in areas prone to freezing), on floors and walls. With a slightly undulating surface, they bring a dynamic feel to backsplashes, bathroom floors and walls, and fireplaces.

Mix them, match them, you can have tons of fun making your project unique using Granada Tile’s Minis Collection of cement tile!

To order a sample, contact us today!