How To Give Your Kitchen Backsplash A Unique Touch

A Custom Colored Cement Tile Kitchen Backsplash

A new backsplash is an easy way to give your kitchen a dramatic update. And, actually, while you can chose from our large selection of in-stock cement tiles, custom color is as simple as a few clicks of a mouse and a conversation with our team. Consider this kitchen from customer Joanna Barsch

A custom colored Cluny cement tile backsplash is the focal point of a kitchen renovation A custom colored Cluny cement tile backsplash is the focal point of a kitchen renovation

“I love my 1939 adobe home and our renovation. Grenada Tile helped me with our kitchen. There are so many wonderful and vintage- feeling designs and color waves to use! I loved working on a custom design. The team stays with you until you get it right. And their love for the product is infectious. If I didn’t have amazing original floors, I’d work with Grenada to tile them all. This is not decor. This is creative expression disguised as decor. I hope you agree that the results speak for themselves. Thank you, from a very happy customer.”

A custom colored Cluny cement tile backsplash is the focal point of a kitchen renovation A custom colored Cluny cement tile backsplash is the focal point of a kitchen renovation

The colors used for both Regal Clover-450 and Cluny-688 are Cordoba, Cream, Coral, Yellow, Terracotta. The bullnose is solid Terracotta.  A custom colored Cluny cement tile backsplash is the focal point of a kitchen renovation

Of course, these two designs are not the only one of our cement tile patterns that can be custom colored. Actually, many of our over 400 designs can change their look depending on their colors. In fact, you can see for yourself via our interactive catalogue which lets you play with colors. And there are plenty in stock encaustic tiles in black and white in our cement tile shop. Need help making a decision? Call us on 213-788-4238. We’d feel happy to help you decide which of our encaustic tile designs would be perfect for your project. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with your new cement tiles before the grout dries.

Cement Tile Spotlight: Our Four-by-Four Decos—Tiny But Mighty Cement Tiles

Yesterday, we shared with you some of Granada Tile‘s large-scale cement tile designs. In the interests of fairness, we thought it might make sense to look in the other direction today—to our Echo Collection’s small, decorative concrete tiles. They may be little, but the still pack a really stunning, dramatic touch.

First up is a great cement tile installation by designer Jennifer Hamelet, of Mirador Builders, which showcases a perfect use of one of our concrete tile designs. We haven’t shown too many of these installations, but it’s incredible. You see, she faced the risers of a staircase in a grand Houston house with our Regal Clover tile design. That’s right! Each stair  features a row of the cement tiles, offering a jolt of color and pattern in an otherwise formal setting.

Jennifer Hamelet Regal Clover staircase

A grand formal staircase in a house designed by Jennifer Hamelet, of Mirador Builders, gets the Granada Tile treatment, with risers featuring our Regal Clover four-by-four inch tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Don’t have a sweeping formal staircase in your pad? No matter. You can still use these little guys from Granada Tile in all sorts of tile installations. You just need a few ideas to get you started. In the kitchen, why not try adding them to your cement tile backsplash. Pair larger, solid color concrete tiles with our tiny decos to get subtle or not-so-subtle hits of contrast and pattern. In that case, Maldon could be a great bet . . . it’s simple and geometric and can be rotated 45 degrees to create interesting angles within the tile installation.


Granada Tile’s Maldon tile design, a pattern of four triangles, could be a great choice to add spice to your kitchen tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another fabulous use of Granada Tile‘s decos would have to be in floor tile installations. Say you’ve got a kitchen tile floor, covered either in a solid color tile design from Granada Tile or in tiles from maybe our Rustico or Antique collections. In that case, you can also add try adding decos into the mix. They provide that same jolt of color and pattern to the rich color and texture of the surrounding field, adding just a touch more complexity to your design. If your space has a traditional feel, something like our Santiago tile design might be the perfect way to go.

Looking for more small but mighty inspiration? A visit to our Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue will have what you’re looking forward. Take a moment to drop by and create your own cement tile masterpiece with our adorable decos.


Installation Equation: Good Things Come in Small Packages

We’ve talked about Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection‘s 10-by-10-inch concrete tiles for large-scale tile installations and often show you examples of our 8-by-8 collection of cement tiles—a perfect, versatile size that works for floor tile installations as well as wall tile installations. Our four-by-four-inch tile designs are small but mighty (not to mention versatile and lovely) in their own right.

Of course, they are a great choice if you’re looking for a just a splash of something different in your overall tile design. When you combine them into a tile backsplash, though, they pack a great punch, especially when the space calls for something a little smaller in scale. One great option is our Maldon tile design. A simple pattern of triangles, you can play with color to match your space and play with the orientation to create a fun, mod wall tile backdrop in your kitchen or bathroom.


Alternating orientation of our Maldon cement tile design creates a lively, animated tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a complete 180, there’s always our Regal Clover tile design. This great cement tile pattern is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a small-scale tile design that has great visual flair and a traditional look. We can just imagine it as the kitchen tile backsplash behind a classic Aga stove.

Regal Clover

A traditional tile design, Regal Clover is a great choice for a space with a classic feel. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re tastes run toward the more transitional as we sometimes like to day, Santiago is a good bet. The quatrefoil pattern harkens back to medieval designs, but it’s a pared-down interpretation set against a generous solid ground. There’s just enough going on for it to be visually compelling, yet it’s simple enough to fit in a more modern space.


Santiago, another four-by-four tile design, offers a perfect balance of the modern and the traditional. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Be sure to check out more of our four-by-four-inch tile designs from our Echo Collection and experiment with tile installation ideas. One other thing: Don’t forget to set your alarms (at least your DVRs) for Monday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends. Coastal Living’s editor will be talking tile—and including some cement tiles from Granada Tile. Don’t miss our national TV appearance!