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Tile Design Layout - Design Custom & Personalized Tile


Not only can you create a wide array of custom tiles, but you can also do tile layouts out in an exciting variety of personalized ways. The Echo Collection has the most robust options for custom tile layout of all of the collections. For that reason, we created a custom tile layout tool within My Portfolio. You can use it to do any of the following types of tile layouts or invent your very own.


1. Patchwork - a mix and match collection of different designs and solid color tiles


For this personalized tile layout, we focused on have pine and sage green as the principal colors and mustard and yellow as the secondary colors. The overall effect is cheerful and energetic.




2. Rug - a field of tile with a contrasting tile, usually bordered to accent the rug


In this custom tile layout, we have created a small rug in a field of chocolate colored tile. The components of this particular rug include a field of Torino in white, taupeand chocolate, surrounded by a border of Tulips in white, taupe, coffee and chocolate.



3. Wall to wall - a field of tile sometimes with a border at the perimeter and/or a skirting board


In this wall to wall custom tile layout, the room is primarily filled with the main field tile, in this case Toscano in yellow, white, teal and coral. Four inches from the perimeter of the wall, the layout calls for an 8" x 8" border tile, shown here as Saragosa. Finally, we used a 4" x 8" solid color tile to a but the wall as the finishing touch.



4. Backsplash - typically on the wall above the coutertops in a kitchen


The custom tile layout shown here was created by Design Vidal with Granada Tile's in stock Fez tile in blue and white.



5. Bathrooms - self explanatory!


There are bathroom layouts and bathroom layouts. On the left, you have one type of personalized bathroom tile layout created by Mission Tile West with Granada Tile's Chantilly used just on the floor. On the right is a custom bathroom tile layout by Hope Alexander which carries the Alhambra bathroom tile from the floor to the walls and around every nook and cranny.




6. Wall Art - a small or large installation of tile used to decorate a wall


Here's a great example of a custom tile layout that uses the tile as wall art. The Taberna Mexicana in Beverly Hills, designed by Bar Napkin Productions, employed the Serengeti tile as the main decorative wall covering. Wow!



7. Accents and Frames - Splashes, dashes, and lines of tile


Decorative cement tiles can work very well as accents and frames, often to complement a floor tile installation. Below are a couple of examples. The first use of tiles decorating a mirror was spotted at Porcão in Rio de Janeiro. The second example frames the bar at the Taberna Mexicana.




8. Rustico Collection Tiles with Echo Dots - This look is inspired by the traditional combination of terracotta tiles with hand painted ceramic tile dots except that, by working in concrete rather tan clay, the design stays intact without cracking, chipping and wearing down.


The Rustico Collection combined with the Echo Collection provides a multitude of personalized tile layout possibilities. One pleasing option is to combine 12" x 12" Rustico Collection tiles with 6" x 6" decorative Echo Collection tiles.




9. Rustico Collection Tiles with Echo Trim - using a fairly narrow rectangular decorative piece to highlight the contours of a room tiled with terracotta - like Rustico tiles.


Another way to spice up Rustico Collection tiles with Echo Collection decorative tiles is to use a rectangular Echo border as a liner to accent the shape of the area covered by the Rustico Collection tiles. The custom tile layout below was designed by Altevers International for the Rancho Santana Club House.


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