Breaking News: Celebrating the Bounty of the Northwest (and Cement Tile) at Marché


At Marché, a bistro in Eugene, Oregon, the emphasis is on fresh, local fare. It almost couldn’t be any other way, given its location in the heart of the food-savvy Pacific Northwest—and its name, which is French for market. For a winter dinner you might order a simple, glorious bowl of roasted hazelnuts along with roasted steelhead. For your wine, you could choose from a list that boasts an intriguing selection from the region, as well as French ones, as befits an Oregon restaurant with a French soul.

Sofia Tile Design
Granada Tile’s Sofia tile design covers the floor at Marché, a new French-style bistro in Eugene, Oregon, where the emphasis is on fresh, seasonal food. Tile photo courtesy Marché.

Running a very close second to the compelling food is the bistro’s stunning design, with a look that immediately conjures classic French forms—the result of the efforts of the work of designers John Hurst and Brett Schiewe, of  Portland, Oregon–based John Hurst Design, who redesigned the restaurant in 2006 and who were responsible for the new bar in 2011. It’s a great space, with a metal-topped bar, mirrors and vintage posters that immediately call to mind the best bistros of France. What really sets Marché apart, and delights us here at Granada Tile, is the emphasis on well-crafted materials from smaller producers. Several Northwest firms were called on to create custom work, including Alexander-Walker Fine Woodworking in Eugene for the cabinetry and 47 Productions Studio in Seattle supplied a range of metalwork, from the wine storage racks all the way down to the bar’s purse hooks. We’re thrilled to be a part of this illustrious company. For much of the flooring, the restaurant features our Catalina cement tile design. In warm orange and muted olive tones, it warms up the space and adds rich color. It also contributes to the air of authenticity since many French bistros had and still have beautiful, durable cement tile floors. Elsewhere our Badajoz tile design livens things up, a spare pattern with a more medieval vibe. If you find yourself in Eugene (just a short two-hour drive south from Portland and nestled in particularly lovely part of the Willamette Valley), take a moment and treat yourself at Marché. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can take in some amazing cement tile while you’re at it. This post has been edited to reflect the work of John Hurst and Brett Schiewe, of  Portland, Oregon–based John Hurst Design. An earlier version omitted their participation. We regret the error. [subscribe2]


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