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Ever wondered how cement tiles are made? Take a peak behind the scenes at this remarkable technique developed a century and a half ago. This tile video shows you the steps in the process from creating a custom metal design mold to curing and packing the tiles.

Need some guidance on how to install your tile? Check out the tile installation video.This tile video gives you step-by-step audiovisual instructions and tips to make tile installation a breeze. Also, don’t miss the written installation instructions.

Video - Granada Tile Company Revives the Fine Art of Making Cement Tile

Granada Tile creates sensational, handmade, eco-friendly cement and concrete tiles. We work closely with architects and designers on their resorts, spas, restaurants, stores, and office projects. Homeowners and interior designers have chosen Granada Tile for their kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, pools, and patios on floors and walls.

Our Echo Collection uses a technique developed in France in the late 1870s. The key elements are the plate, the crown, the lid, the design mold, the ladle, and the press. In addition to a vast collection of historic bronze design molds, Granada Tile also make new molds constantly so clients can match their tile to their style.

Each area of each tile is handpoured. We have bestsellers that we keep in stock. We also do custom tiles. Clients use our online Echo Collection Catalog to color their tiles.

Each tile is pressed to 2,000 PSI. This fuses the layers and makes the tile very strong. The finished tile is 5/8" of an inch thick and the color layer is 1/8". Once the tile has cured, it will be packed, shipped, and installed. The result is a floor or wall that will last a life time.

Because of the handmade process and natural ingredients, these tiles exude an organic beauty. So go ahead. Fall in love...

Video - Learn How to Install Granada Tile Company's Encaustic Cement Tiles

Granada Tile Revives the Fine Art of Making Cement Tiles

How to Install Cement Tile