Environmentally Friendly Tile for Homes and Businesses

Granada Tile crafts its hand made eco friendly cement and concrete tiles in Nicaragua, a land of spectacular natural diversity. Preserving that natural beauty by producing environmentally friendly products is a vital part of the company's values and practices. Granada Tile's environmentally friendly floor and wall tile contribute significantly to creating eco friendly homes and businesses. With their hand made cement floor and wall tile, these environmentally friendly houses and workplaces look and feel organic and welcoming. Furthermore, they do not let off toxic gases like many mass-produced floors, so eco friendly homes and businesses not only help preserve the environment but also your health.

Founder and President, Marcos Cajina, derives constant inspiration from the varied and vibrant colors and textures of his native Nicaragua. He recognizes the importance of producing sustainably and has developed three main themes to guide the company:


  1. Manage Nature's Resources Responsibly to produce environmentally friendly products
    • Sun dry and cure hand made cement and concrete tiles
    • Recycle water from production process
    • Recycle and salvage molds
    • Use sparingly hydraulic energy
    • Use local materials: sand, soap stone, limestone

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  3. Do Not Contribute to Landfills to protect the Nicaraguan environment
    • Production process creates minimal waste
    • Loose cement and concrete mix is swept up and re-used
    • Tiles not passing quality control are broken up and used in mix
    • Left over sand is used for on-site construction projects
    • Tiles are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes
    • Tiles are very long lasting. They do not have to be ripped out and replaced; at the end of their life cycle, they can be broken up and re-used for paving.

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  5. Do Not Use Toxins to contribute to eco-friendly homes and businesses
    • Achieve slip resistance without the use of acid chemicals
    • Pigments are from naturally occurring iron oxides
    • No lead

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