OLVERA Collection

Olvera Collection

For lasting, welcoming rustic floors, choose your desired combination of Rustico colors and shapes for your home or business. Combine the Olvera Collection tiles with Echo Collection accent tiles and create a knock-out patio, porch, or restaurant floor.

Why choose Olvera over terracotta or saltillo tiles? Terracotta and saltillo tiles are both made from clay. The composition of the clay and the way it is shaped and fired determine its final appearance and durability. Unfortunately, this is often difficult to ascertain in advance of purchasing and installing the material. Many homeowners have bought Terracotta and Saltillo tile, only to find that the tiles crack and chip easily. Olvera  concrete tile is made with a consistent cement-based mixture and will not crack and chip easily. Enjoy the Olvera difference.

Olvera Collection Terracotta-Like Tile Specifications

The Olvera Collection tiles are hand made and have a very slightly undulating surface. These terracotta - like tiles come in a range of shapes and sizes, not only square and rectangle but also hexagon, picket, diamond, and dulcimer.They are through body tiles made with cement/concrete, sand, color pigments and stone aggregate.

  • Use: Residential and Commercial
  • Installation Locations: Interior and Exterior (except in areas subject to freezing) / Floors and Walls
  • Surface Texture: Slightly rough
  • Colors: Please see the Olvera Catalog for the available colors.
  • Grouting: Typical grout joints are 1". Sanded grout is usually preferred. For more tile specifications about installing Olvera Collection tiles, please read the Installing Olvera Tiles Section.
NameSquare foot quantity in box
Box Weight (lb.)Box height (feet)Box length (feet)
Box width (feet)
Type of box
Zamora Cuenca------


Santillana4.50 / 822.8 / 150.820.670.5620x20
Pizarra7.5 / 0.3622.2 / 301.15 /0.821 / 0.670.32 / 0.5630x30/20x20
Melilla4 / 411.74 / 19.420.820.670.5620x20
Castellón3.0 / 912.3 / 15.060.96 / 0.820.67 / 0.840.36 / 0.5625x25/20x20
Castilla4.5 / 9 21.9 / 15.60.820.670.5620x20
Calar3.42 / 2.798.94 / 17.540.960.840.3625x25
Tudela3 / 3 7.23 / 12.90.820.670.5620x20
Lugo2.79 / 2.798.2 /16.90.820.670.5620x20
Oropesa4.8 / 818.5 / 33.41.1510.3230x30
Tenerife4 / 513.1 / 13.10.960.840.3625x25
Montoro6.66 / 6.6620.3 / 28.31.1510.3230x30
Antequera5 / 516.9 / 15.71.1510.3230x30

Granada Tile
Colección Olvera

Soria4. / 224.3 / 14.70.820.670.5620x20
Mijas4. / 5 20.3 / 5.91.1510.3220x30
Candelario5 / 2.5 13.9 / 12.51.1510.3230x30
Candelita6 / 6.6621.3 / 21.31.1510.3230x30
Sagunto6 / 4.521.3 / 20.21.15 / 0.820.670.5620x20
Huesca6. / 324.3 / 12.90.96 / 0.820.84 / 0.670.36 / 0.5625x25/20x20
Tarazona6 / 25 / 2514.1 / 23.3 / 20.30.96 / 1.15 / 0.960.84 / 1 / 0.840.36 / 0.32 / 0.3625x25/30x30/20x20
Cuadrado 2x23.5720.30.960.840.3625x25
Cuadrado 3x33.7527.31.1510.3230x30
Cuadrado 3.5x3.56.37311.1510.3230x30
Cuadrado 4x43.3326.41.1510.3230x30
Cuadrado 5x56.9422.51.1510.3230x30
Cuadrado 6x62.517.11.1510.3230x30
Cuadrado 8x8436.30.820.670.5620x20
Cuadrado 10x104.1628.51.1510.3230x30
Cuadrado 12x12525.31.1510.3230x30
Cuadrado 16x16------
Altea4.5 / 3627.3 / 31.50.820.670.5620x20
Ávila2.5 / 14420.3 / 31.5 1.15 / 0.821 / 0.670.32 / 0.5630x30/20x20
Rectangle 2x42.6618.50.820.670.5620x20
Rectangle 2x83.3323.11.1510.3230x30
Rectangle 3x63.7524.91.510.3230x30
Rectangle 4x8427.30.840.670.5620x20
Rectangle 4x12436.31.1510.3230x30
Rectangle 4x16------
Rectangle 6x12532.71.1510.3230x30
Rectangle 8x12430.311510.3230x30
Rectangle 8x16------
Hexagon 6x71.8310.30.840.670.5620x20
Hexagon 8x92.2225.30.960.840.3625x25
Hexagon 12x14------
Hexagon 14x16------
Note: Shaded designs cannot be packed in boxes as they exceed the dimensions of the existing boxes, these designs will be shipped in bulk, with protection at the base (Poroplast), cardboard separators between the pieces, strapping and pallets

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all non-stock and custom orders to begin production. The balance will be paid upon reception of your order. Granada Tile maintains the lawful ownership of all products until they are paid in full. Be sure to read the Terms of Sale before making your purchase.

Warranty Information

Granada Tile will replace or refund the purchase price of any defective tile. However, Granada Tile has no control over and is not responsible for the materials used to install our tile, the method used or the skill of the installer, type of maintenance, usage or amount of traffic. We do not therefore guarantee our tile against chipping, cracking, discoloring, wearing, or scratching once it has been installed. We assume no obligation beyond the purchase price of products supplied by Granada Tile and assume no liability for damages of any kind.