Breaking News: Cement Tile at the Dog Ranch Bed & Biscuit


Granada Tile‘s clients have been busy lately! They’ve been using our products as kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles you name it—they’ve been tiling it. Recently, we’ve seen our cement tiles used in private houses and restaurants (the usual suspects) and in one very special location. The Dog Ranch Bed & Biscuit in Laguna Beach, California, features our tiles throughout its space. The Dog Ranch, to the uninitiated, serves as a daycare, hotel and spa to the canines of Orange County, so the design of the space had to be pleasing to two- and four-legged types alike. And, it almost goes without saying, durability would be paramount to withstand the patter of dozens of paws a day. Fariba Kashef, of Archarium in Dana Point, devised a tile installation that makes beautiful use of Granada Tile’s Echo Collection of cement tiles, featuring them in several spaces around the Dog Ranch. In the Dog Ranch’s office and nerve center, Kashef set the tone with floor tile in our Castelo-1026 tile design. Rendered in blues, coral, yellow and white, the strapwork floor tile pattern takes on a lighthearted feel, with the central floral image looking like cheerful daisies. Even better, no matter the beating it takes (from chairs, from claws or other onslaughts from furry companions), the floor tiles will keep there stunning looks.

Dog Ranch Office
Fariba Kashef installed Granada Tile’s Castelo 1026 as floor tiles at the Dog Ranch in Laguna Beach, California. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Kashef gave the kitchen the Granada Tile treatment, too, with kitchen tiles in our Toulon-455, Tulips Border-481 and Tulips Corner-441. Set atop rough-hewn wood cabinets and against a paneled and white-painted wall, the kitchen tiles’ feel perfectly befits a place known as the Dog Ranch. It’s a fun, rustic take for a business in this beachside community.

Dogs need beautiful kitchens, too. Three different Granada Tile designs for the kitchen tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For the bathroom tile, Kashef also incorporated Granada Tile, using more of our Tulips Border-481 and along with our simple, elegant Santiago-458. The tile installtion is rendered in blues, mustard, coral, and white, matching the tile palette found throughout the rest of the project.

Even the bathroom tile installation got its share of Granada Tile with our Tulips Border-481 and Santiago-458. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

At Granada Tile, we always say that one of the hallmarks of our products is their versatility, perfect for home or business, inside or out. At the Dog Ranch, our words have been put to the test and look beautiful! 


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