Breaking News: Cement Tile for Your Laundry Room


Cement tile from Granada Tile is great for all of the usual suspects: kitchen tile backsplashes, bathroom wall tiles, patio floors, you name it. What if we told you that same versatility and durability that made our concrete tile such a great choice for those more obvious spaces also made it a fantastic choice for some—how shall we put this—unheralded spaces? If you’re thinking laundry and utility rooms, you’re thinking right. Two of our clients just shared new laundry rooms with us and both incorporate our Sofia tile design to create workaday spaces that are anything but. We’re so excited to share some tile photos of the projects with you! In Tustin, California, the house’s owners chose Sofia for their laundry room. It’s no ordinary space, however. Instead they’ve transformed a utilitarian room into a chic, inviting area that makes daily chores a pleasure. For starters, light floods into the room via a large window. Traditional Shaker-style cabinets are painted a cheery yellow—that suggests more sunshine—and feature sturdy Arts & Crafts–style hardware. They’re topped with marble for a sleek, finished look. For the tile installation, they opted for Sofia in a palette of bright hues that perfectly complement the cabinet color.

Sofia in Tustin
 For the laundry room in their Tustin, California, house, the owners chose a tile installation featuring Granada Tile’s Sofia tile design. Tile photo courtesy owner.

Remarkably, another client also chose our Sofia tile design to brighten up a laundry and utility room. This time the house happens to be in Anchorage, Alaska, and, rather than a traditional vibe, the architecture firm Red House Workshop, aimed for a contemporary feel in a space that also gets plenty of light during the warmer months. The room is all clean lines and light-colored wood. Juxtaposed against the white walls, the Sofia cement tile installation brings stunning warmth and color to the space.

Anchorage Sofia
 The warm shades Red House Workshop chose for the Sofia cement tiles they used in an Anchorage, Alaska, laundry and utility room bring warmth to a chilly locale. Tile photo courtesy Red House Workshop.

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