Breaking News: Cement Tiles Shine at the New Rubix in Hollywood


Hands down, the best part of making cement tiles has to be seeing Granada Tile‘s products installed in finished projects. We’re always in awe of the creative, dynamic ways our clients use our concrete tile. You can imagine how excited we were to see Ariel Fox‘s amazing use of our cement tiles in a new project in Hollywood. For the outdoor spaces around the pool at Rubix, a new luxury apartment building, she turned to our concrete tiles for needs big and small. On the bigger side, she faced the bar fronting the pool’s community barbecue area with our Fez tile design in black and white. It’s really a classic use of our flagship cement tile design from our Echo Collection and looks amazing, adding just the right dash of pattern to the space—there are plenty of big colors and bold forms all around.

Fez bar
 Fez cement tiles in black and white face the barbecue bar at Rubix, a new luxury apartment building in Hollywood. Designer Ariel Fox came up with some fabulous tile installation ideas. Tile photo courtesy Ariel Fox.

Ariel didn’t just stop at the bar. Granada Tile features into her scheme in two other ways. In the first, she covered particle board cubes in Fez as well. They resulting tables are sturdy and waterproof and make the perfect poolside addition. Her client can rest easy knowing that these adorable tables can stand up to the elements—and a cold drink or two.

Fez little tables
 For a bold pop of pattern by the pool, Ariel covered cubes with our Fez cement tile design, creating more great pattern—not to mention a very durable surface. Tile photo courtesy Ariel Fox.

Finally, Ariel also used our cement tile, in Fez yet again, to cover a table top by a lovely fountain. She didn’t stop there. The benches on either side of the table, scaled down versions of the table itself, are covered in our Parla tile design. The slightly off-kilter squares of the tile design are a great contrast to the more regimented geometry of Fez. In black and white for both, the tiles are all of a piece.

Parla and Fez
 For a secluded dining area, a table gets covered in our Fez tile design; our Parla tile design covers the flanking benches. Tile photo courtesy Ariel Fox.

There’s a reason why Ariel returns to our cement tiles time and again. She recently told us, “Granada Tile is number one for design, quality, lead time, pricing and customer service. I rest easier knowing my budgets and deadlines will be met. Their customization options allow me to dream big, so the application has been limitless.” [subscribe2]


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