Breaking News: Echo Collection Cement Tiles at Rancho Santana


Nicaragua has no shortage of amazing scenery. There’s the Pacific on one side. The Caribbean on the other. The two largest freshwater lakes in Central America in between. Not to mention stunning inland areas rich with plant and animal life. It’s in these magical surroundings where Granada Tile‘s president and co-founder, Marcos Cajina, grew up. Here, too amidst the glorious scenery, is a wonderful new concrete tile installation featuring some of our most recent cement tile designs. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, the residential community of Rancho Santana offers an extraordinary experience. Residents can enjoy fishing, snorkeling and world-class surfing. There are nature trails and horseback tours. Even a market to stock up on essentials. The community’s planners didn’t overlook the social, though, with a sprawling clubhouse and restaurant that serves as a hub for residents and guests. That’s where our tile designs come in. Your first glimpse of Granada Tile’s striking cement tiles comes outside. Lining a covered walkway is a tile installation featuring our Salamanca tile design (our Bursa Border, a fun, tile design of interlocking zigzags surrounds the tile carpet). It’s a pattern, with hints of classic Spanish design, that strikes just the right note against the round arches and brick and rough-hewn stone of the architecture.

 The lively starburst pattern of our Salamanca tile design animates a covered walkway at Rancho Santana. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

One of our more recent tile designs finds a home at Rancho Santana’s clubhouse too. Santiago, a chic quatrefoil pattern stars as wall tiles in a clubhouse bathroom. In shades of green and yellow, it too echoes the stunning lanscape just outside. As with the the floor tiles outside, a strip of our Bursa Border tile design runs above the rest of the bathroom tiles. It’s a lively, bold effect for the small room.

 The clubhouse’s designers chose one of our newer tile designs, Santiago, for the wall tiles in a bathroom at Rancho Santana. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

No matter where you are—a chic cafe in Los Angeles or a dazzling resort on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast—you never know where you’ll spot a Granada Tile installation. Stay tuned for more dazzling tile pictures coming soon! 


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