Breaking News: Granada Tile

Granada Tile Lookbook 2013
 Granada Tile’s new lookbook features new cement tile designs, great design ideas, and, of course, divine cement tile installations. Cover photo courtesy designer, builder, and photographer Ken Koonce.

 Granada Tile has some big news! Our new Lookbook is now live on our Web site, and it’s filled with some special treats. Probably the biggest news is the seven additions to our flagship Echo Collection of cement and concrete tiles. The new concrete tiles were inspired by the travels of the company’s owners and founders, Marcos Cajina and Melanie Stephens. Included in the volume are Connemara and Galway, which take their cues from traditional Irish designs. French design gets a nod in the form of Lille, Carcassone and Limoges, while North Africa is represented by Tunisia and Central Spain by Toledo. They range from abstract and geometric to more traditional—regardless they will add plenty to whatever your next cement tile installation may be. Look for more on these fabulous new cement tile designs here in the coming weeks and months. The Lookbook also includes one of our favorite features from the blog. Some of our most beloved cement tile designs also appear in the Lookbook but are reinterpreted by Share Designs users. The new color combinations will inspire you and show you once again them just how transformative it is to play with Granada Tile’s standard palette of 32 shades. Of course, the best way to appreciate Granada Tile’s fabulous cement tile offerings is in finished projects, and the Lookbook offers two. The work of designer and builder Ken Koonce, the bathroom tile projects shown illustrate just how versatile Granada Tile’s cement tiles are. While both include our Cluny cement tile design, the color changes in each yield utterly distinctive looks. Be sure to check out the Lookbook and be sure to come back here, where you’ll be able to check out just how smashing our new concrete tiles are.


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