Breaking News: Granada Tile Featured on Houzz


Houzz has become the go-to spot on the Web for all things home-design related. Need some modern inspiration for your kitchen? Browse through hundreds of high-res images to find the perfect paint color or sink or window treatment. Need a recommendation for an architect or interior designer—or for the perfect ottoman for your den? Houzz has you covered. Have an idea for your tile backsplash and need to bounce it off some fellow design lovers? The Houzz community can help. Here at Granada Tile, we’re big fans of Houzz and have been sharing some of our tile installation photos there. It’s a great chance for their readers to learn more about us. It also gives them a chance to see the many new and exciting ways our clients are incorporating concrete tile into all sorts of tile design projects. Needless to say, it was thrilling to see some tile installations featuring Granada Tile’s Echo Collection designs on Houzz this week, in writer Samantha Schoech’s paean to versatility and beauty of tile. Tile photos of two of our cement tile designs make an appearance. First up is the stunning bathroom tile installation by Hope Alexander that uses Alhambra on the floor, in the shower and for the backsplash. We’ve always loved the way the cement tile seamlessly runs throughout the room—truly a brilliant tile design idea, since it organizes and unifies the space so effectively. We’re delighted Samantha liked it too!

 Houzz picked two tile installations featuring Granada Tile for a feature on decorating with tile. Here, Hope Alexander’s stunning bathroom design features our Alhambra tile design. Image via

The second tile installation that caught Samantha’s eye is the great bathroom project by Adrianna Lopez, who covered the space’s walls and floor in our blue-and-white Fez tile design. With greenery on all sides, the tile installation shouts tropical getaway.

 Adrianna Lopez’s Fez-clad bathroom design caught the eye of a Houzz writer this week too. Image via Houzz.

Be sure to visit Houzz and take a look at the tile post. Samantha has included some really wonderful projects that have some really great tile installation ideas—and Granada Tile would be perfect for them. And, don’t forget to visit our own tile installation pages for more cement tile design ideas and tile pictures. [subscribe2]


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