Breaking News: Normandy makes the scene in a condo remodel


Few things are more satisfying than seeing a major renovation wrap up. All the months of headaches, decisions, mess, noise and more decisions in the end are more than worth it—after the last nail is hammered and the last knob screwed in. We here at Granada Tile love these projects and are delighted to be part of a recent one! If you regularly check out Apartment Therapy, then you’ve probably been following Dabney Frake and Ann Manubay’s long-distance renovation of a Florida vacation condo owned by Ann’s parents. Beloved by the family, it hit a rough patch while being rented a while back. Afterwards, Dabney and Ann were given the go-ahead to shake things up and undertook a pretty serious remodel of the very early-’80s place. They focused a good portion of their efforts on the kitchen, which was a riot of laminate surfaces: backsplash, countertops, cabinets, you name it. Not to mention the fact that the palette languished in the drab brown end of the spectrum. Fast forward to today and look what they’ve done.

 Gone is the laminate backsplash. Now, Granada Tile’s Normandy tile design covers the backsplash in a Florida condo. Image, Dabney Frake for Apartment Therapy.

Frake and Manubay effectively erased all traces of the old kitchen. Instead, it’s a light, bright space befitting its sunny Florida location. They chose sleek, white cabinets and installed elegant Cararra marble for the countertops. The brass hardware adds glamour and just a subtle touch of color. Of course, we’re partial to the tile backsplash. For the kitchen tile, they opted for our Normandy cement tile design. While the motif is traditional, harkening back to old French designs, the grey and white color scheme they chose is fresh and contemporary—right at home in the minimal yet inviting kitchen. So, if you’re in the market to freshen up your kitchen or start over, talk to us at Granada Tile. We can help you find the perfect kitchen tile for your project.


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