Breaking News: A Patchwork of Wall Tiles


Yes. We’ll agree. Maybe two Breaking News posts in a week could be considered overkill.  But we’ve got some amazing projects prominently featuring Granada Tile‘s cement tile that are just too great to keep to ourselves, so please indulge us if you will and stay tuned for some amazing tile photos. Now it’s a given that Granada Tile’s cement tiles can give a jolt to any design. Need a little pop of color to get the kitchen to the next design level? Call us! Want to bring even more authenticity into a classic Spanish style–bungalow? Call us! Want to do something totally unexpected, playful and fun? Well, you’re in the right place, as Suchitra Parthasarathy demonstrates in a bathroom in Los Altos, California. Rather than settling for just one of our cement tile designs for the bathroom tiles in a house in Los Altos, California, Parthasarathy went for three different Granada Tile designs: Cluny-888C, Athens-875A and our signature Fez-928B. All three tile designs are distinct and bring their own unique feel to the project. Fez has its geometry and hints at classic Moroccan tile design; Cluny suggests the elegance of French tile design; Athens comes along and adds a midcentury vibe with its pattern of diamonds and intersecting circles.

 Suchitra Parthasarathy chose three Granada Tile designs for the bathroom tile in a Northern California house. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Any time multiple patterns are introduced into a small area, there’s a chance for visual overstimulation. Keeping this in mind, Parthasarathy kept the palette for the wall tiles to just a few shades. Sticking with just black, white and gray means that the tile installation stays in balance and harmonizes with the fixtures and accessories in the rest of the bathroom. The result is wall tiles that are fun and unusual but not overpowering.

 A closer image of the patchwork wall tile design. It’s playful, fun and unexpected. Image, Granada Tile.

Want to try your hand at creating a wall tile quilt? Start by saving your favorite tiles from our interactive Echo Collection catalogue in your portfolio. Then use your tile portfolio to create custom layouts yourself. Let us know about them, too! We love looking at tile photos! 


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