Cement Tile Spotlight: Bring a Little Bit of Italy into Your Next Tile Installation


We love Italy. The food. The fashion. The cars. The architecture. Given our fondness for the things Italian, it’s not surprising that several of Granada Tile‘s Echo Collection cement tile designs incorporate a bit of the country’s fabulous decorative traditions. These concrete tiles are just the ticket, if you’re interested in bringing some Italian flair into your next cement tile installation, be it a wall tile installation in a bathroom or a kitchen tile backsplash. One of our newer tile designs happens to be Firenze, named for the city that most consider at the heart of the Renaissance. It’s a classic cement tile design that has great flexibility. Using several colors, it’s a terrific choice for a cement tile backsplash where you want to add some visual interest and pattern. In a more monochromatic palette, it could even work in a more contemporary decor, lending just a touch of period authenticity.

Firenze cement tile design
Firenze captures some of the flavor of Italy in a Renaissance-inspired tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Moving east, our concrete tile design Venezia captures the drama and majesty of its namesake city. A more complex tile design, it incorporates both foliate and geometric elements to create a bold pattern sure to make a splash in a tile installation. Try it on the floor in an entryway for maximum impact.

Venezia tile design
 To make a dramatic statement, Venezia is the perfect choice for your next tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Italy’s not all palazzos and cathedrals, though. For something a little more modern, that captures some of the 20th-century vibe, look no further than Torino. It’s simple and geometric and can be dressed up or down depending on the colors you choose. A pattern of circles inset with diamonds is a great option, when you want some color and pattern but don’t want to go too wild. It too is a great kitchen tile backsplash idea. It would also look great in a bathroom tile installation.

Torino cement tile design
 With a more contemporary feel, Torino still gives you a sense of Italian decoration. Tile photo, Granada Tile. 

Love these cement tiles? Want to make them more personal? Experiment with colors using our interactive catalogue to recreate the feel of Italy in your home. You simply can’t go wrong.   [subscribe2]


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