Cement Tile Spotlight: Cement Tile Borders Add Sophistication to Your Tile Installations


As Granada Tile‘s Marcos and Melanie travel the world, always on the hunt for sensational cement tile inspiration, one thing stands out—in some of the most beautiful and stunning concrete tile installations, it’s the ones with borders that often make the biggest impact. Simple or more elaborate, adding a border element to your next cement tile installation can be the difference between ho-hum and fabulous. And, of course, we’ve got you covered with lots of border tile options and ideas to make your next project shine. One way to add a border is simple and effective. You start with our Echo Collection and install a field of cement tile with a bold, colorful pattern. Now, play with it by surrounding the pattern with a solid color—perhaps one in one of the same shades found in the tile design. It really makes the tile design pop and lends a finished quality to the cement tile installation.

Bordeaux with mustard and pine border
 Two fields of Granada Tile’s Bordeaux tile design are framed with borders of mustard. The entire installation is set within fields of pine green. Though the space is informal, the sophisticated, layered tile installation lends a level of polish to the room. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If pattern and more pattern is more your thing, Granada Tile also offers many concrete tiles designed specifically to serve as borders in your tile installations.One of our favorites, which will really take your project to a whole new level, is our Nubes tile design. It comes with three options: a border and two choices for a corner treatment. In practice, it means you can make the border tile installation as complex or simple as you choose. For example, for a more low-key border tile installation, you can combine the Nubes Corner and Nubes Border to create a lovely frame. The tile design, with its overlapping half circles has an air of whimsy. You can fill it with a solid tile, or, if you’re feeling really bold, try adding a cement tile design for more pattern.

Nubes Corner and Border Tile installation
 To create a lovely tile border, try using Granada Tile’s Nubes Corner and Border Tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For something even more thrilling, try throwing another of our Nubes family into the mix. Use the Nubes Outside Corner tile at the the far edges. Then, rotate the Nubes Border tiles so that the trefoils face out. Add a second border inside the first, using the standard Nubes Corner tile and rotating the border so that the trefoils face in. Fill the empty field with a solid or go wild with another pattern.

Nubes Border, OUtside Corner and Corner
 For more cement tile fabulousness, try incorporating all three variations of our Nubes Border tiles to get a dramatic look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

There are endless ways to play with borders. The best way is to jump over to our Echo Collections’s interactive catalogue and just start experimenting. You’ll be able to find a tile design that matches your needs perfectly. [subscribe2]


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