Cement Tile Spotlight: Concrete Tile Favorites in Small Packages


While Granada Tile‘s most popular Echo Collection cement tile size is our eight-by-eight inch, we’ve got other sizes for when your project demands something larger or smaller in scale. Today, we wanted to highlight some of our littler guys: our six-by-six inch collection of cement tiles. While the collection features several designs exclusive to the range (see Santiago and Lis for example), it also includes cement tile designs in some of our most beloved patterns, making it a cinch to bring your favorites into your design scheme. Love Fez? We have great news—it’s one of Echo Collection favorites that’s also available as a six-by-six tile. It has the fantastic, dynamic and bold look of our signature cement tile design—just downsized. If you’re looking to tile a smaller space, say a kitchen backsplash, it’s a great choice. it would be a great, too, for a little pony wall in a kitchen.

Small Fez
 Our flagship tile design, from our flagship Echo Collection, Fez also comes in a smaller size—perfect when you want the look but not the scale. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Recently, we’ve seen our clients going gaga for Cluny. It’s the type of cement tile that has just the right balance of simplicity and pattern. Even better, it really lends itself to some great color combinations, depending on your needs. (As with all of our Echo Collection cement tiles, you can customize our six-by-six tiles’ palettes, creating something wholly unique.) And, it also comes in a smaller size, so you can bring classic French style into any space.

Small Cluny
 We’ve been thrilled to see our clients use Cluny in lots of projects lately. They’re loving its classic look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The take-away from all of this? No matter what your cement tile installation needs, you can be sure that Granada Tile will have the perfect option for you—and you can customize just about anything.


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