Cement Tile Spotlight: Our Four-by-Four Decos—Tiny But Mighty Cement Tiles


Yesterday, we shared with you some of Granada Tile‘s large-scale cement tile designs. In the interests of fairness, we thought it might make sense to look in the other direction today—to our Echo Collection’s small, decorative concrete tiles. They may be little, but the still pack a really stunning, dramatic touch. First up is a great cement tile installation by designer Jennifer Hamelet, of Mirador Builders, which showcases a perfect use of one of our concrete tile designs. We haven’t shown too many of these installations, but it’s incredible. You see, she faced the risers of a staircase in a grand Houston house with our Regal Clover tile design. That’s right! Each stair  features a row of the cement tiles, offering a jolt of color and pattern in an otherwise formal setting.

Jennifer Hamelet Regal Clover staircase
 A grand formal staircase in a house designed by Jennifer Hamelet, of Mirador Builders, gets the Granada Tile treatment, with risers featuring our Regal Clover four-by-four inch tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Don’t have a sweeping formal staircase in your pad? No matter. You can still use these little guys from Granada Tile in all sorts of tile installations. You just need a few ideas to get you started. In the kitchen, why not try adding them to your cement tile backsplash. Pair larger, solid color concrete tiles with our tiny decos to get subtle or not-so-subtle hits of contrast and pattern. In that case, Maldon could be a great bet . . . it’s simple and geometric and can be rotated 45 degrees to create interesting angles within the tile installation.

 Granada Tile’s Maldon tile design, a pattern of four triangles, could be a great choice to add spice to your kitchen tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another fabulous use of Granada Tile‘s decos would have to be in floor tile installations. Say you’ve got a kitchen tile floor, covered either in a solid color tile design from Granada Tile or in tiles from maybe our Rustico or Antique collections. In that case, you can also add try adding decos into the mix. They provide that same jolt of color and pattern to the rich color and texture of the surrounding field, adding just a touch more complexity to your design. If your space has a traditional feel, something like our Santiago tile design might be the perfect way to go. Looking for more small but mighty inspiration? A visit to our Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue will have what you’re looking forward. Take a moment to drop by and create your own cement tile masterpiece with our adorable decos. [subscribe2]


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