Cement Tile Spotlight: Inspired by France


Few countries boast a richer design tradition than France. From textiles to furniture to fashion to architecture, it simply can’t be beat—there’s beauty around every corner. France also has a phenomenal tradition of innovation, which is particularly meaningful to us here at Granada Tile, since cement tile was first developed there in the 19th century. Over the years, Melanie and Marcos have been inspired by French design as they’ve created sensational concrete tiles of their own. In fact, one of the company’s newest tile designs takes its name and design cues from French design. Meet Lille. Our new cement tile strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. While the foliate motif suggests Old World designs, it’s abstracted to such a degree that it would be right at home in a more modern setting. The discreet geometry of the pattern would work well in a floor tile installation—anywhere a bold, large-scale pattern is needed.

 One of Granada Tile’s newest cement tile designs, Lille is inspired by classic French design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Lille isn’t the only fabulous cement tile design that comes with French roots. Granada Tile offers several inspired by the country. Take Bayone. It’s a departure from Lille, offering a bit more curve, but it still has a great, pared-down feeling. We love the circles surrounding the flowers, and it can be endlessly tweaked by experimenting with the palette.

 The simple pattern of circles, diamonds and flowers allows endless opportunities for experimentation with Bayone. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, if you want something that blends a bit of the geometry of Lille with some of the elements of Bayone, Provence fits the bill. There’s a formal feel—especially with the diamond shapes that crop up. But, there are surprises. The quatrefoils are shell-shaped, adding just a bit more to the pattern, and the small details at each of the corners are another fun touch.

 Provence, another French-inspired cement tile design from Granda Tile, combines formal elements with a dash of playfulness. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

These are just the tip of the French-inspired cement tile iceberg. Check out our Echo Collection‘s interactive catalogue for more sensational concrete tile with French accents. [subscribe2]


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