Checking In: A Busy Fall on Granada Tile


If you’ve taken a peak at Granada Tile‘s Share Design page recently, you’ve noticed that folks have been busy coming up with stunning cement tile designs for their next tile installations. Seriously, these people have some amazing ideas. Some of the color combinations they choose for our concrete tiles really blow our minds and get us thinking about our cement tile designs in new ways! The pattern found on our cement tile Ardoz is a simple and effective zigzag. It looks great in strong contrasting colors, of course, but we were really intrigued by what Sharon Marcus came up with last month—a scale of white, yellow and ochre. We always thought Ardoz had a bit of a Missoni vibe, and Sharon’s tile design really brings that home. We hope she uses it for a kitchen tile backsplash!

 Sharon Marcus chose a subtle gradation of yellows for her take on our Ardoz cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Joan Kincaid recently came up with a really nifty interpretation of our Istanbul tile design. The tile design itself suggests the graceful patterns found on traditional tile found around its namesake city. Joan’s use of ochre and blue, though, totally changes things up. The result has a cool, mod vibe we’d love to see as a large-scale wall-tile installation.

 We were smitten with Joan Kincaid’s mod interpretation of our Istanbul tile design. There’s something very Mad Men about the whole thing. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Another tile design in blues and ochres caught our eye on Share Designs. In this case, it was Stacey Szabo’s experiment with Santander, a simple tile design incorporating strips of color. We took the design a step further using our layout tool and created a tile design of diamonds of varying sizes. We love how the four-color palette is at once warm and inviting but sophisticated. The tile design would also work well in a large scale tile installation—such as a entry way floor.

 Santander creates a diamond pattern. The rich palette of ochres, blue and chocolate Stacey Szabo chose is beyond chic. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Have you created a tile design that you want to share with us? Let us know by leaving a comment here at the blog. In the meantime, keep designing and sharing at the Share Designs page. Or just keep checking in at Share Designs for more tile pictures and inspiration!


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