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If you’re stumped on your latest tile installation or just curious about what fellow tile design lovers have been thinking about, look no further. As always, our Share Designs users have been busy cooking up some truly wonderful cement tile design ideas, with fresh and unexpected takes on dozens of Granada Tile‘s flagship Echo Collection looks. Mary Young, for example, took our Hokkaido tile design and incorporated cool blues and teals for a watery vibe. There’s something about this tile design that just begs to be used for a wall tile installation—maybe on an outside wall near a swimming pool at a midcentury modern house.

 Cool blues and teals dominate Mary Young’s experiment with Granada Tile’s Hokkaido cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Of course, working at Granada Tile means you’re surrounded by stunning cement tile on a constant basis, so it’s no wonder we love playing around with concrete tile designs. To wit, our own Lupe Guzman has come up with some great tile looks. We particularly loved her interpretation of our Pamplona tile design. She went with a rhythmic gray-scale palette and played up its simple pattern of small-scale diamonds (this tile design is great to play with—you can even create a great argyle pattern). It’s something we could easily see as a kitchen tile backsplash or bathroom wall tiles.

 A gray-scale for Granada Tile’s Pamplona tile design is a simple, yet effective tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

It’s not just geometric patterns that catch our fancy. Some of our Share Designs users have done tremendous things with our more elaborate tile designs. Donna Stovesand, for one, came up with a gorgeous take on our Iznik cement tile design. It’s one of our more detailed tile designs—with beautiful pattern of swooping curves and flowers. It’s lovely in a just a few colors, but Donna’s take really makes it sing by using a range of colors to pick out the floral details. The quatrefoils all have morning glories in blue, a shade that repeats on the tile design’s outside edges. With a large-scale tile design such as this, it really should be used in a floor tile installation for a carpet effect.

 Donna Stovesand captured all of the wonderful detail in our Iznik cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Truly this is just the tip of the tile design iceberg on Share Designs. There are so many great cement tile looks on there, it’s almost impossible to keep track. In the meantime,  add your own and keep checking back here for highlights. If you’ve got one that’s really sensational, let us know so that we can feature it right here. [subscribe2]


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