Color Change: Serengeti


It’s amazing how just changing the color of Granada Tile‘s cement tiles can transform a pattern—not to mention an entire space. Our concrete tiles in simple black and white might lend a classic feel to any wall, fireplace, floor or backsplash. Choose the same pattern but opt instead for a bright blue and white, and you’ve created a poppy, contemporary look. Take our pattern Serengeti, for example. At the Terranea Resort and Spa on the Pacific, just south of Los Angeles, the designers from BAMO specified our cement tiles for two different floors. For the Catalina Kitchen, which operates all day, the designers went for the  concrete tile design in cream and white. It’s a cement tile color combination that we carry in stock (we have stock of many of our most popular patterns), and in the casual, chic dining room, it’s an elegant addition.

 Serengeti in black and white looks flawless in the Catalina Kitchen at the Terranea Resort & Spa. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now look at what happens when the designers from BAMO covered the floor in the Terranea Grill in Serengeti—but in a custom blue and white color combination. Mixed with the comfy armchairs and blue Moroccan pendant fixtures, the concrete tile installation fits the restaurant’s casual feel.

 Casual and comfortable with Serengeti in blue and white. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

To see how a little color change can transform your tiles, don’t forget to try our custom design tool and be sure to share it on the Share Designs page. While you’re there, check out what others have done with Serengeti, too! 


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