Color Change: Transforming Granada Tile


What makes Granada Tile‘s cement tiles so special? Lots of things. Their durability is certainly high on the list. Their fabulous, sensuous textures is surely another. The sheer variety of our concrete tiles, though, might just be the best thing about them. We have so many concrete tiles to choose from—from our MauresqueRustico and Antique Collectionsto our Minis to our flagship Echo Collection—there’s something for everyone. Even within those collections, the sheer variety of color is tremendous. With that in mind, we thought we’d show you once again how just changing a few colors can totally alter the look of your cement tile design—and your tile installation. Today, we thought we’d show you this using our Normandy tile design. We were inspired by a couple’s bathroom , which we showed you a few weeks back. As you may recall, they used Normandy in black, gray and white for their bathroom—from there, we started experimenting.

Normandy two color tile design
 In two colors, especially pale neutrals, Normandy’s pattern is understated and restrained. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now take it a little farther. Add another color—say something with a bit of contrast. In this case, we simply added black, which now defines the quatrefoils and roundels. The ground is still white and there are still wisps of gray, but it looks completely different—bolder, stronger—the perfect choice if you really want to make your cement tile installation pop in a kitchen tile backsplash or in your bathroom wall tile.

Normandy three color
 By adding just one more color, you can totally transform our Normandy cement tile design, immediately making it bolder and more visually dynamic Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now for the big finale: Go all out with a bright and zesty palette with a big mix of colors. Use eight colors and let your imagination go wild. Need something to add zing to an otherwise visually quiet space? This is just the ticket—you can really let your color personality shine when you combine some of your favorites in this tile design.

Normandy eight colors
 Using eight shades makes Normandy shine. It’s a riff that will add personality and flair to any space that needs a dose of color. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For more inspiration for your next cement tile installation, mosey over to our Interactive Echo Collection catalogue, where you can experiment with color yourself. If you need even more, there’s always Share Designs, where you’re sure to find intriguing and surprising takes on many of your favorite Granada Tile Designs. [subscribe2]


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