Color Change: While We


The other day we shared the wealth of amazing cement tile color palettes Granada Tileoffers—everything from vivid blues and rich reds in our Echo Collection to a range of chic neutrals in our Milano Collection. Practically speaking, though, how do you start putting these together for your own tile installation? As an answer, we thought it might be a good idea to check in with the savvy concrete tile-philes over on our Share Designs page to see what they’ve been cooking up recently. One of the newest tile designs we ran across was a fun take on Alicante by Sarah Tucker that takes full advantage of our enormous variety of hues. When we saw it, we immediately thought: kids’ bathroom.

 Alicante becomes a fun riot of color as interpreted by Sarah Tucker. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The multicolored checkerboard design would be a perfect graphic addition when installed as wall tiles or bathroom tiles elsewhere in the space. And, given out tiles’ durability, a perfect choice when contending with lots of little hands and feet. There’s something about the greens, blues and yellows in our palette that really gets people excited. As we poke around Share Designs, it seems like a lot of folks are drawn to creating cement tiles in those shades. This version of Compostela by Liz Einwiller is a great example.

 Liz Einwiller took full advantage of the complexity of our Compostela tile design, choosing a chic palette of blues, greens and yellows. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

It’s a complex, formal tile design and would be the perfect addition as floor tiles in a dramatic entryway or courtyard—or as wall tiles in a stunning library. We want you to experiment with our wonderful, colorful concrete tiles, too. Start by visiting our interactive Echo Collection catalogue, then save your cement tile designs and share them with us (and others) on our Share Designs page. Maybe your tile design will make it on to this blog!


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