Get Inspired: Cement Tile Developments on February


With cement tile firmly part of the zeitgeist—we’re seeing it on the pages of design magazines and, more importantly, on walls, floors and backsplashes, it’s no surprise that February has been another particularly busy month on Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page. We also happened to notice our dedicated concrete tile-philes leaning toward springy hues, an impulse that’s partly aesthetic, and, we’d imagine, inspired by a desire to get over winter already. Today, we thought we’d lead off with a couple of small-scale cement tile designs that caught our attention, timely, given the subject of our most recent post. The first concrete tile installation idea comes courtesy of Julie Wolle, who experimented with Santa Fe, in our six-by-six inch size. For her spin with the cement tile, she chose a range of blues and greens, from a dark midnight to teal and aqua to create a stunning look. The dark blue of the outline really makes each individual concrete tile pop.

Julie Wolle Sant Fe
 A range of blues marks Julie Wolle’s interpretation of our Santa Fe cement tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Tara Robinson was also thinking small in the cement tile design that grabbed our attention. She took another six-by-six inch tile, this time a sweet little concrete tile pattern by the name of Astorga. The simple quatrefoil pattern gets a boost in the form of the yellow crosses at the center of each, while round designs, also in blue, punctuate the field. One look at this tile design, and it just seems to want to be a part of a tile backsplash in a country-French inspired kitchen.

Tara Robinson Astorga
 Astorga also gets a jolt of blue, along with some yellow, in Tara Robinson’s take on this smaller-scale cement tile. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, we can’t let the little guys have all the fun, and so that’s why we were delighted by this combination put together by Micaela Clark, using our Santander tile design. Santander has a special place in our heart, because it is just so versatile in terms of tile installation. In a two-color palette, you’ve got something simple and graphic that would fit into lots of settings. What Micaela does, though, is use several colors, creating a tile design that’s totally mod and perfect for wall tiles when you’re looking for a strong accent statement. (It’s also a great tile design to play around with its layout—you can completely transform the tile design.

Micaela Clark Santander
Using a varied palette, Micaela Clark ups the glamour of Santander, turning it into a bold showpiece that demands attention. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

  Stay tuned for more great cement tile installations and tile design tips and ideas in the coming month. There are sure to be some great ones, and we might have a few surprises up our sleeves. Stick around!


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