Get Inspired: Diamonds Are a Cement Tile


Diamonds look great in jewelry and diamond shapes look great in cement tiles. At Granada Tile, we offer a host of cement tiles that feature diamond designs. From subtle to bold, we’ve got a diamond for every occasion and every tile installation. Just look at some of these outstanding tile photos. Up first is an old favorite and one of our Echo Collection‘s stars. We’re talking about Fez. Countless clients have installed this wonderful tile design in everything from cement tile back splashes to bathroom wall tiles—it’s that versatile. You can’t miss the diamond design in the concrete tiles. They run throughout the pattern and give its graphic, bold pop.

 A can’t miss tile design, our Fez pattern is brimming with diamonds. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Want something with even more carats? Our Pamplona tile design is just the ticket. It has an all-over diamond pattern that offers nearly infinite opportunities for customization. Go with three shades of the same color, opt for a gray-scale look, go bold with bright contrasting colors, you can do so much with this diamond tile design. You’ll be thrilled with it and can have it look amazing for your kitchen tiles or your bathroom tiles.

 You can get endless iterations of diamond shapes in our Pamplona tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now don’t think that our other fabulous ranges of concrete tile don’t get into the diamond act. Our Rustico Collection of cement tiles (we love this collection, with its rich colors and texture that suggest antique terracotta tiles) features diamond shapes too. There’s a hexagonal pattern that can be combined with diamond-shaped tiles to create a lovely tile installation. Choose contrasting shades for the two cement tiles, and you’ve got even more visual charm.

Rustico diamond shape tiles
 Bring some diamonds into your Rustico tile installation with these great options. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re still looking for the perfect diamond-shaped tile design, head over to our online catalogues. You’ll be sure to find the perfect concrete tile for your next tile installation. If you’re a designer, architect or other design professional, don’t forget to visit Interior Designs and vote in their Best of Year Awards. Our new Echo Collection addition—the Stripes Group of cement tiles—is in the running in the Flooring: Tile and Stone category. You can send these sensational cement tiles into the BOY Award finals!


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