Get Inspired: The Echo Collection


Why should Granada Tile‘s eight-by-eight Echo Collection cement tiles get all the glory? Sure, they’re stunning, versatile and beautiful, but they’re just one part of the Echo Collection story. Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of our smaller, but just as mighty, concrete tiles from the collection. We’re talking, of course, about the six-by-six, four-by-four and four-by-eight decorative tiles. Despite their more diminutive size, you can do a lot with them. For instance, maybe you love the look of cement tiles, but feel like the scale of an eight-by-eight tile might be too much for your space—say a small bathroom tile installation or a kitchen tile project in a little galley-style set-up. If that’s your story, we can help. Our smaller tile designs come in a range of patterns, including Fez and Cluny, two of our most popular.

Smaller Fez
 If you love Fez, but want a slightly smaller-scale tile design, the pattern comes in a six-by-six inch size as well. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The medallion-like forms of some of the other tile designs in the range are also fantastic. We love them as a solid field in a wall tile installation or as accents. You can choose from the same assortment of colors as the rest of the Echo Collection, allowing you to exercise your creative muscles any which way.

 Santiago is one of several tile designs specific to its size range. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Of course, our smaller cement tiles look fabulous when paired with our larger Echo Collection tiles or with tiles from our Rustico, Antique and Mauresque collections. One of our clients sent along a tile picture featuring 12-by-12 squares of orange-red Rustico Collection interspersed with six-by-six Toulon and Santa Fe squares from our Echo Collection. It adds just the right note of playful color to what would otherwise be a vast solid-color expanse.

Rustico and Echo
 Tiles from Granada Tile’s Echo and Rustico Collections look fantastic when mixed together on a patio floor. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Visit our Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue today, and pay special attention to our  smaller-scale tile designs. Inspiration might just strike. [subscribe2]


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