Get Inspired: Geometric Patterns for Cement Tiles


Have a midcentury Modern house that needs a little boost? Or do you just love clean, lines? Are you somewhere in the middle? At Granada Tile, we offer plenty of tile designs with a geometric, modern flair. Of course we have Fez, which installed as bathroom tile, kitchen tile or wall tile, gives a Modern boost, but you can choose from many other options! Take a tour of tile photos with us—to get your creative juices flowing for your next tile installation. First stop on our itinerary is Khufu, a wonderful tile design of triangles. Using just two colors, you can create a positive and negative pattern of isosceles triangles.

 Bold triangles compose our Khufu tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Shift the pattern a bit, using our custom layout tool, and you’ve got something completely different—a diamond tile design. Either tile design would be a great choice for kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles. Used for wall tiles, it would add a unique visual dimension to any room. Triangles are always lovely, but what about circles? We’ve got plenty of fun cement tile designs that incorporate circles, too, including Europa, a charming tile design of all-over circles on a solid background.

 With dozens of custom colors to choose from, you can make Granada Tile’s Europa cement tile design your own. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Europa would be a great choice for bathroom tiles in a midcentury-Modern house. It could also smarten up other rooms in the house when used as wall tiles. Now our Nara design is a little different, but still has a distinct geometric feel. It’s a pattern of interlocking circles. A slightly more complex concrete tile design, it can be customized with many different color combinations.

Design Vidal incorporated our geometric Nara tile design into a kitchen’s tile backsplash. Tile photo, Guy Vidal.

Our friends at Design Vidal used Nara in black, grays and white to create a graphic tile backsplash in a kitchen they redesigned. The tile design works perfectly in the retro-inspired space (complete with an aluminum sink and formica countertops) We’ve got plenty more where geometric cement tile designs came from, so if you’re still trying to find that perfect tile with a geometric bent, head over to our interactive Echo Collection catalogue and look to your heart’s content! 


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