Get Inspired: The Pamplona Playbook


It never fails. Whenever we explore Granada Tile‘s Share Designs, it gives about 200 ideas for concrete tile designs and Cement Tile Blog posts. Our foray on to Share Designs earlier this week to check in with our fellow cement tile-philes was no exception. There were plenty of great tile installation ideas that caught our eye, but the one that really got us thinking was Pamplona. You see it’s a remarkably simple tile design—just a repeating pattern of small-scale diamonds. In reality, it can be transformed in all sorts of dynamic ways. Maybe the simplest choice for Pamplona would be to choose only black and white for the diamonds. The rhythmic pattern is a classic and would look fantastic in a floor tile installation in an entryway. Though ever so simple, it’s bold and graphic and makes a really strong opening design statement.

 A simple cement tile design of alternating diamonds of black and white is a simple and bold choice for a concrete tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Ready to mix our Pamplona tile design up just a little bit more? Try incorporating another shade into the mix. Rather than using just two colors, try throwing in a third. This was the tile design that caught our attention over on Share Designs and got us thinking more about what you can do with Pamplona. This would also be a great cement floor tile installation, although we could just as easily see it as a kitchen tile backsplash.

 Adding a third color to our Pamplona tile design makes for an even more eye-catching tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

See what happens when you use a gray scale in a slightly different way. You get a cool shadow effect that suggests the argyle patterns of wool socks and sweaters. A tile design like this would be fantastic for bathroom tiles in a bath designed for boys or even as a kitchen tile backsplash.

 Using several shades of gray creates a stunning shadow effect on our Pamplona tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Honestly, this is just a hint of what you can do with Pamplona. Change colors, bring in a blue or a yellow or a red. Play with the cement tiles’ orientation using our layout tool. You really can let your imagination run wild with all the options Granada Tile gives you. Happy tiling!


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