Get Inspired: Perfect Circles


Spend a few minutes on Granada Tile‘s interactive Echo Collection Web site, and you’ll see that we love pattern and we love color in our tile designs. Spend a little more time, and you’ll see that we really love concrete tiles with abstract and geometric forms too. There are the bold triangles of Khufu, the varied squares of our flagship Fez or our Rabat tile design. Today, though, we wanted to draw your attention to Io, Leda, Metis, Europa and Athens. If you’re up on your Greek mythology and history, you’ll see they all have names inspired by the country. You’ll also notice that they share a similar round sensibility. Take Io, for example. The tile design takes its name from the story of the priestess of Hera, who was changed into a heifer by her seducer, Zeus. Our version of Io is anything but bovine. Instead, it’s a lovely tile design that features a single circle within a circle on each tile. It’s a simple pattern that would make a lovely kitchen tile installation for a tile backsplash in a contemporary house.

Simple circles within circles mark our Io tile design, part of the Echo Collection of cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

 Leda (the name’s derived from yet another Zeus/animal seduction story) features a similar circle-within-a-circle tile concept, but the cement tile design tweaks the idea just a bit. Instead of being squarely in the center of the concrete tile, the circles are placed off-center. it adds just a bit of extra visual flair perhaps in a bathroom tile installation.

 Try changing the orientation of the tiles in your tile installation for an even more dynamic look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Further building on the theme of inset circles is the tile design dubbed Metis, after one of Zeus’s wives. The tile design includes four small circles-within-circles. To add some extra interest to your tile design, varying or alternating the colors in the pattern would be an effective tool.

 Our Metis tile design packs four inset circles into each tile for an elegant look. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

With an all-over pattern of open circles, our Europa tile design has a distintive, animated quality that’s thoroughly modern. We love how the circles just barely touch each other and that they’re laid out in an off-set pattern, giving it a fun sense of motion. This is a tile design, though, that could be totally re-imagined and reinterpreted by playing around with our custom palettes.

The all-over circles off-set from each other in our Europa tile design make for an animated tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Last but not least is our Athens tile design. The only one named for a city and not a mythological character, the the pattern is also the only one to incorporate another design element besides the circle. In the tile design, the circle interlock with one another and at the corners, square elements appear. If you look closely, the interlocking circles also form these square elements, making for a very visually complex tile design.

For a stunning and unusual tile installation, try including our Athens tile design with one or two or more of our other tile designs to create quilt-like tile installation. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Their names might be inspired by ancient Greece, but these tile designs are anything but stodgy. Instead the range captures a fun, playful spirit that would work well in a host of tile installations and in environments that lean modern or contemporary. Experiment with them, and see what you can make of these wonderful tile designs.


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