Get Inspired: A Quick Look at Khufu


In the world of geometry, few things are more lovely than a triangle. Coming in all shapes and sizes, there’s something about their sturdy elegance that makes them a divine decorative element. At Granada Tile, our Echo Collection of cement tile features a particularly delightful take on the triangle: Our concrete tile design known as Khufu. Now Khufu, as you might have guessed, actually takes its name from the Egyptian pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. Not so much is known about his life or reign, but one thing seems pretty certain—he’s responsible for the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Not such a minor thing to be remembered for to be sure. Our take on Khufu, then, is an homage to the pharaoh, and a testament to the brilliant versatility of a great shape. Just look at these tile pictures and see for yourself. First up, try taking a page from Barbara Bestor‘s book and install our Khufu tile design the way she did at the AIA-LA-award winning Beachwood Cafe. We love how she chose to lay out the tile installation so that the shapes end up as solid equilateral triangles. In the warm, homey environment of the cafe, the effect reminds us of vintage quilts.

Khufu at Beachwood Cafe
Granada Tile’s Khufu tile design in a cheerful mix of blue and yellow welcomes patrons at Los Angeles’ Beachwood Cafe, designed by Barbara Bestor. Tile photo, Granda Tile.

If diamonds are more your thing, Khufu is the tile design for you, too! Try flipping the script and doing your tile installation so that you create chic attenuated diamonds. It’s another tile design that looks fantastic in spaces both large (wall tiles in bathrooms or covering floors) or in small spaces (maybe a kitchen tile backsplash.

Khufu diamonds
 Try changing up your Khufu tile installation to create a diamond effect, perfect for wall tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

As always, you can continue tile design fun by heading over to our interactive catalogue to play with color combinations using our varied palette. Then, experiment with layouts using our layout tool and browse Share Designs for more inspiration.


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