Get Inspired: Welcome Spring with Cement Tile


Spring finally, officially sprung last week, and we here at Granada Tile couldn’t be more excited. While we’ve seen reports of snow in some parts of the United States, our social media feeds have been happily filling up with photos of blossoms, buds and flowers. With so much beautiful foliage making a very welcome appearance, it got us thinking (of course) about cement tile. As we showed you last week, our palette offers lots of bright and sunny shades for you to choose from when selecting the perfect colors for your next concrete tile installation, but, you guessed it, we also have lots of cement tile designs in our flagship Echo Collection that feature spring-like, flowery patterns. For example, meet Castelo. This is one of Granada Tile’s larger cement tile designs, measuring a substantial 10 by 10 inches. With its strapwork pattern, it’s pretty traditional, but what we love about this concrete tile is the daisy-like flowers scattered around the design. Clients of ours used this tile design for floor tiles at the Dog Ranch Bed & Biscuit. Not only is the cement tile the perfect choice for a canine hotspot (what with it’s tremendous durability), it’s also cheery and fun—the perfect choice when entertaining doggy charges.

Castelo Dog Ranch
 At the Dog Ranch Bed & Biscuit, our Castelo cement tile design adds a bright, springy dimension to the floor. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If something a bit more diminutive is more your style—and with more overall flower power—check out our Catarina cement tile design. This cement tile design offers all sorts of customization options, since the pattern is bold and full of life. Try it with pink flowers or yellow. Get inspired and go blue for a cornflower effect. It’s completely versatile and lovely, and a great option for bathroom tile.

 For a little more flowery punch, give Catarina a shot. It’s fresh and bright. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

As you can imagine, this is just the tip of the flowery iceberg here at Granada Tile. We’ve got so many cement tile designs to choose from and lots with all sorts of different floral interpretations. Take on spin on our interactive catalogue and come up with your own take on flower power for your next cement tile installation.


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