Get Inspired: Fall Edition


It’s fall. The air is getting crisp. The leaves are starting to change. And the cement tile designs are coming thick and fast on Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page. If there was one theme that seems to recur on the site in the last few weeks, it’s black and white. Some of the most interesting tile designs feature just a simple palette of black and white (maybe a hint of gray here and there). It’s pared down and sleek—the perfect feel for the reason. The first concrete tile design we spied and loved was one dreamed up by Cassie Bergstrom. It’s a riff on one of our larger-scale tile designs—the 10-by-10-inch cement tile pattern we call Malaga. A classic strawpwork design, it can be dressed up with multiple colors, but we like how Cassie went for just two—and chose to remove the central star pattern. It’s sophisticated and timeless and would make a great, bold statement for a floor tile installation, say.

Cassie Bergstrom Malaga
For Granada Tile’s riff on Malaga, tile-phile Cassie Bergstrom opted for a black-and-white palette for her take on the tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Besides a simple palette, another theme that seemed to pop up this month was our Share Designs users interest in transforming patterns by subtracting and adding colors. Typically, our Normandy tile design has a simple pattern of fleurs-de-lis inset in quatrefoils and medallions. Susan Calderon took it down to one of its essential elements, retaining the fleur-de-lis pattern and shedding the rest.

Susan Calderon Normandy
Susan Calderon pared down our Normandy concrete tile design to its essential elements. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Finally, Sophie Cunningham chose our Estrella concrete tile design to play with. We love the big, bold star design (hence the name “Estrella”), and we love the way she opted for a gray-scale for the the pattern, letting its essential graphic elements shine through. In a bathroom tile installation or a kitchen tile installation, this would look phenomenal.

Sophie Cunningham Estrella
Bold Estrella gets a great black-and-white makeover from Sophie Cunningham. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Curious to see more from Share Designs? Mosey on over and check out what else our dedicated tile-philes are up to. There’s plenty of color too and lots of beautiful patterns. Everything is designed to jazz up any fall tile installation plans you might have. [subscribe2]


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