Get Inspired: Spring Granada Tiles


It must be spring. Why else would Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page be bursting with a garden’s worth of cement tile designs featuring some of our favorite floral motifs? Our fellow concrete tile-philes have been busy, it seems, creating cement tile installation ideas that capture the spirit of the season—and in palettes ranging from the palest pastels to warm, bright shades that are kissed by the sun. Few things suggest the spring and summer months more perfectly than daisies, and our ten inch-by-ten inch Castelo cement tile design incorporates stylized versions of the flower into the tile design. A tile lover with the user name DK played around with Castelo and came up with a version in blues and greens punctuated with dots on yellow in the flowers’ centers and elsewhere on the cement tile. We think it would be tremendous for a kitchen tile installation.

Castelo by DK
Stylized daisies add a touch of softness to the strapwork motif of our Castelo tile design, here interpreted by “DK.” Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Pamela Zaragoza got into the swing of spring with a tile design featuring Cambria. The pattern is composed of an X shape with small flowers at the ends of each. Other foliate motifs punctuate the pattern as well. Like Castelo, we love how the floral elements break up and soften the formality and geometry of the design, giving it a light, playful touch—a good choice for backsplash tile, perhaps.

Cambria by Pamela Zaragoza
Pamela Zaragoza chose white for the flowers at the points of the Xs in our Cambria tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you want a cement tile design with a bit more of a curve that incorporates floral motifs, we’ve got plenty of those too. This month, one of our favorite ideas comes from Yvonne Hoffman, who came up with a riff on our Segovia tile design. She really highlights the pattern, choosing a bright, sunny hue for the interior ground and framing it with white. The blue flowers at the corner really pop!

Segovia by Yvonne Hoffman
For her cement tile design idea featuring Segovia, Yvonne Hoffman opted for a rainbow of bright shades. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

If you’re looking for cement tile inspiration for an upcoming concrete tile installation, be sure to regularly visit our Echo Collection and Share Designs page. It’s brimming with a bouquet of stunning tile designs perfect for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles and beyond.


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