Get Inspired: New Tile Designs


May has been an exciting month for us: We got to introduce you to some of our newest cement tile designs, and we got to see some of them on the page of one of our favorite design magazines. Our Share Designs page has been bouncing too, with tile-philes coming up with all sorts of interesting takes on our cement tile designs. Today, as we do most months, we’ve picked some looks that particularly caught our fancy to share with you. Up first is a riff on Jaen by Teri Zenger. We love the inset square pattern it features and think that it lends itself to lots of tile installation applications—bathroom wall tiles or kitchen backsplash tiles. It also is a perfect choice in just about any color combination you can think of. Doing it range of similar hues looks fantastic, of course, but we really loved Teri’s idea that incorporates red, white and blue. The contrast is stunning and would make it the perfect choice anywhere you want to stand out.

Teri Zenger chose contrasting shades to make our Jaen tile design really pop. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Even though Hokkaido takes its inspiration from traditional Japanese designs, it’s impossible to look at it and not think midcentury Modern design. There’s something about the simple geometry of its shapes that makes it seem like it would be right at home on the tile backsplash in a mod kitchen. In Nan Oshin’s green-and-white interpretation, there’s a bright freshness that feels timeless.

The bright greens Nan Oshin chose make for a fresh take on our Hokkaido tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Typically, our clients opt for our Serengeti tile design in just two colors—often black and white. It’s a pattern that just seems to lend itself to a limited palette. But we were intrigued by D Welch’s idea, which incorporates a touch more color into the cement tiles. To play up the color angle even more, you can layout the cement tiles so the contrast is even more pronounced.

Using multiple colors and toying with the layout, our Seregenti tile design becomes a lovely diamond pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

These are honestly just the tip of the tile-design iceberg from Share Designs this month. Be sure to visit the page and check out more of what folks are working on. It almost goes without saying too that you should definitely experiment with your own ideas! [subscribe2]


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