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Another month, another very busy time on Share Designs. It never ceases to amaze us just how creative and inspired Granada Tile‘s clients and fans can be when experimenting with color ideas using our Echo Collection‘s interactive catalogue. From riffs on our large-scale designs to takes on our small, decorative tiles, the level of thought is really something—month after month. This month is no exception, so we’ve got a few cement tile photos to help you get inspired. When we spied Rhonda Rasmussen’s interpretation of our Bilbao cement tile design, we were smitten. Often we see it done using more high-contrast colors, but this subtle take was remarkable. We love how the barest hint of light blue inside the cross pattern gives it just a touch of color, making what could be a very strong pattern more ethereal. It’s a sophisticated choice that would be outstanding when used for the floor tiles in an entryway.

Rhonda Rasmussen Bilbao
A subtle addition of a color makes Rhonda Rasmussen’s take on our Bilbao cement tile design pop. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

From subtle, we head to bold and Cynthia Sweeney’s compelling Lille idea. With a pattern that abstracts more elaborate European-style motifs, it stand to reason that the tile design can stand up to a big dose of contrast—in this case dramatic black and white. While it’s a traditional enough look that would look great in a classic interior, say a country-inspired kitchen, it would also be a great counterpoint as a tile backsplash in a more modern space.

Cynthia Sweeney Lille
Looking to make a splash? Cynthia Sweeney’s brilliant, bold Lille is just the ticket. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Of course we didn’t forget our more mod cement tile designs. In particular, we loved Elise Flashman’s groovy Vegas idea. The great thing about this particular cement tile design, which we think is well-suited for the wall tile in a bathroom for example, is its amazing three-dimensional effect. With the addition of blue, it changes the look just a little, adding a fun degree of contrast.

Vegas Elise Flashman
Elise Flashman’s three-color idea for our Vegas cement tile design gives it an added kick. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

  This is quite honestly just the tip of the iceberg on Share Designs—the ideas for colors and patterns you can discover there are truly remarkable. For more great cement tile design ideas, head over to Share Designs and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.


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