Get to Know: Our Echo Collection


Spend some time on Granada Tile, and you’ll see that we love pattern. The Echo Collection, our flagship collection of cement tile, offers a wealth of different tile designs—from classic takes on age-old looks to thoroughly contemporary styles to fit the most modern of interiors. Even our other collections of concrete tiles offer a range of shapes and sizes. But what if you want some pure color? What if you just want some rich, deeply saturated cement tiles to make a statement either by themselves or to enhance a cement tile installation? Have no fear. We’ve got that base covered. We offer solid color concrete tiles in seven sizes. There are cement tile squares ranging in size from a generous by 12-by-12-inch down to petite four-by-four-inch. Then there are the rectangles, available as 12-by-eights or eight-by-fours. All are available in any of our 32 standard shades (of course, if you’ve got your heart set on a custom color, we can help with that too). Say you’re looking for an unbroken expanse of blue for your bathroom tile installation. Just visit the Echo Collection’s interactive catalogue and you can choose among a rich midnight shade to a barely-there mist. Then consider the size. Are you thinking along the lines of wall tiles? Opt for one of our rectangular shapes to get a subway effect. Want a lovely cement tile installation on your floor? Then go for one of our larger-sized squares.

Solid in Blue
 Granada Tile’s Echo Collection of cement tiles offers richly saturated solid-color cement tiles in a range of sizes including a versatile eight-by-eight square. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Want to create a chic concrete tile carpet effect? Our solid tiles work perfectly. Take a tile design you love and then decide on a solid for a polished look around the border. You can experiment with matching the solid tile to a shade in the tile design or go more dramatic and choose a complementary on contrasting hue. It’s up to you.

Boston with border
 Take our Boston tile design, surround it with a solid border in the same shade. Voila! You get the feeling of a flat-weave carpet. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

How about mixing and matching to create a dynamic cement tile installation? You can really let your creativity soar if you go this route. Try alternating solid and patterned cement tiles to create a lively tile installation for your kitchen tile backsplash.

Serengeti takes on a whole different feel when mixed with solid cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.
Serengeti takes on a whole different feel when mixed with solid cement tiles. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

With so many sizes and colors to choose from, you can amp up your cement tile installation so easily using our solid color cement tiles. It really gives you yet one more tool in your concrete tile toolbox. [subscribe2]


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