Get to Know: Granada Tile


Our post earlier this week rounding up some of our favorite Granada Tile designs from the last month on Share Designs got us thinking about flowers in a big way. After a quick on our interactive Echo Collection catalogue, we realized just how many of our tile designs feature floral motifs—and got us wondering how many of you have yearned for tulips on your kitchen tiles or daisies for your bathroom tiles? Savoie, for starters, packs quite a flowery punch. We love the play of geometry in the form of squares and hexagons and more representational design (tulips, anyone?) across the tile design. It really bridges the gap between fun and formality. It’s a great large scale design that would look in a wall tile installation, where its rhythm could be appreciated.

 Tulips arranged in circles across our Savoie tile design add a playful touch to a formal cement tile pattern. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

For a more all-over floral look, a great option to consider is our Iznik tile design. There’s something about this tile that makes us think it would be simply stunning in a traditional-style kitchen. In an earthy palette, it would make everything seem warm and inviting.

 Another great mix of flowers and formality. Flowers interlace around quatrefoils on this exuberant tile design. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

Now, if you really want some serious flowers, look no further than our Medina cement tile design, with its lush pattern of lilies. It’s like looking at a glorious bouquet—one that changes from life-like to abstract depending on where you stand. Install it for your bathroom tile and start every morning off with flowers.

 Lavish bouquets of lilies mark our Medina cement tile design. Play with color combinations to create an amazing floral arrangement. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

We hope these piqued your interest and got you thinking about adding a little flower power to your next cement tile installation. We’ve got plenty of other floral designs to explore all across our Echo Collection—from decorative tiles to our largest 10-by-10s and even our corner and border tile designs. Take a moment and take a look.


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