Get to Know: The Minis Collection


Go to Morocco and you’ll immediately see the most recognizable feature of the country’s architecture: the zellige. A type of ceramic tile work that dates from the 10th century, zellige are laid out in elaborate, often multicolored patterns and adorn countless surfaces. Here at Granada Tile, our passion for tile has taken us all over the world, including Morocco, and we of course fell in love with zellige! In fact, we liked them so much that zellige inspired one of our newest lines of cement tile—our Minis Collection of concrete tile.

 Inspired by Moroccan zellige, the Minis Collection of cement tile is one of Granada Tile’s newest collection of concrete tile. Image, Granada Tile.

Unlike their Moroccan counterparts, though, Granada Tile crafts the Minis Collection of cement. It’s a key and important difference, because concrete makes the tiles stronger and less like to chip, offering superior durability. They’re also a more eco-friendly choice, since the cement tiles are air-cured rather than kiln-fired (no thick, choking smoke from our production process). Granada Tile offers two patterns and multiple color options to choose from, which means the Minis Collection of concrete tile offers plenty of choices for every project, be they residential or commercial. Try the Star Cross pattern for a traditional zellige look and then tweak it by using unexpected color combinations. For a wave-like effect, the Escama pattern is just the ticket.  Use the Minis Collection of concrete tiles inside and out (except in areas prone to freezing), on floors and walls. With a slightly undulating surface, they bring a dynamic feel to backsplashes, bathroom floors and walls, and fireplaces. Mix them, match them, you can have tons of fun making your project unique using Granada Tile’s Minis Collection of cement tile! To order a sample, contact us today!  


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